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Attic Insulation in Paris, ON

The importance of attic insulation can’t be understated or should we say adequate attic insulation. Most homes have little or no attic insulation in Paris, and homes with attic insulation in Paris may be under insulated due to technological advances or amendments to the to the building code that have called for an increase in attic insulation to help reduce energy use.

Experts have tendered reports that indicate that a home’s heat loss – 40 per cent – is right through the roof due to poor attic insulation in Paris. To remedy that situation a call to AM Roofing Solutions should be a top-of-mind item to help correct the problem and start saving money.

When you contact us the first order of business is an attic inspection to determine the situation and the inspection will help our consultant with the planning for your attic retrofit. If no insulation is in the attic, vapour and moisture barriers will be installed along with attic insulation in Paris to complete the work. If, upon inspection, old attic insulation is present and it has lost its R-value, it will have to be removed before the installation of new attic insulation in Paris can begin.

Once the barriers are installed, loose fill fiberglass insulation will be blown into the attic and creates an air and moisture tight seal the keeps attic temperatures relative. Having proper attic insulation in Paris will be beneficial to other areas of the roofing system. When excess heat buildup in the attic, it is released through the roof to your shingles. This in turn causes premature degradation to the shingles as they will crack and chip due to the exposure of the heat venting from the home. When you install attic insulation in Paris it is a form of preventative maintenance that will pay dividends down the line and prevent costly repairs to the roofing system.

Attic insulation, a necessity and how it works for a homeowner

  • Increasing or installing attic insulation in Paris will provide energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the homeowner. For the price of an attic retrofit, energy dollar savings can amount to 20-30 per cent a year on utliity costs. Also, using less fossil fuels reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted by a home and that protects the environment.  
  • Many homeowners try to DIY their attic insulation and it has disastrous consequences. When you choose to have loose fill blown in, contacting a professional is the best solution for your attic insulation retrofit. We have many years installing insulation and a strong reputation to doing things right the first time.
  • Working with attic insulation in Paris is proper attic ventilation and good ventilation can’t be underestimated. Apart from providing much needed energy conservation, ventilation will help protect your roofing system too. Excessive heat release can do great harm to the shingles on your roof and affect the shingles warranty too. Less than adequate insulation installed by a non-professional will void any shingle warranty and that could be 50 years of protection you aren’t getting.
  • Changes to the Ontario building code have seen a minimum increase for attic insulation in homes that are retrofitted to increase their insulation. The government states that a base of R-60 attic insulation is required to mitigate climate change. Installing any attic insulation in Paris is a good thing. For increased heating and cooling bill savings increasing the density of insulation in your attic is not a bad thing. There are a couple of considerations when evaluating the amount of insulation you are going to purchase, the first is lifestyle, climate temperatures in your area and the size of your home will impact your purchase.
  • To do the job right, we will take out your old attic insulation because it has lost its’ R-value, may have become obsolete or has been infested by vermin or birds. We have modern equipment that was designed for the process and the expertise and experience to get the old stock out without any problems is a byproduct of using our company. Once the old insulation has been removed, we can better assess the situation and determine whether the moisture barriers and vapour barriers need to be removed before we install new loose fill attic insulation in Paris.

A professional consultation from us will provide the best assessment you can have to determine your needs and the best part of the retrofit is we will be using the industry’s best to insulate your attic. We use Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation for any attic retrofit. Owens Corning invented fibreglass insulation and has 70 years providing roofing materials to our industry. We are certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all Owens Corning materials due to the high quality of our work and the expertise we have in our industry.

We have been servicing the roofing industry for over 60 years and we have three-generations of family oriented workmanship that has been our calling card in all the communities we work in.

When you have roofing work done at your home, never look to cut corners, because it is not about the costs but about what the work will do to solve any problems you are experiencing.

When community members on the banks of the Grand River need attic insulation in Paris they know to reach out to us. For a no cost, no-obligation, inspection of current attic insulation call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Paris, ON

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