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Attic Insulation in Mt. Brydges

Do you have money to burn?

If you have no or inadequate attic insulation in Mt. Brydges your answer will be a sheepish yes, won’t it?

Experts the world over have said time and again that thermal heat loss for any home is directly related to lack of proper insulation – in most cases 40 per cent of heat loss is through the roof, just like where your money is going with poor attic insulation Mt. Brydges. Attic insulation in Mt. Brydges is the most inexpensive home renovation that you can have for energy conservation that will reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. When you have a retrofit for your attic insulation in Mt. Brydges, you can save anywhere between 20-30 per cent on your heating and cooling bills every year depending on your lifestyle. One of the great things about attic insulation is it is ‘self-sufficient,’ because it needs no power or fossil fuels to produce the savings year after year. At AM Roofing Solutions, we have shown our customers all across the province how they can lower their energy bills and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with the installation of new attic insulation in Mt. Brydges.

As far as bang for home renovations buck, attic insulation in Mt. Brydges is the most economical and consumes the least amount of time to complete. Most attic retrofits can be done in less than a day and the cost recovery for an installation of attic insulation in Mt. Brydges is less than two years.

When you contact our company for a professional assessment of your attic insulation in Mt. Brydges, we come to your home to perform an in-depth investigation to determine the needs that are unique to your attic.

If the attic has no insulation, our work becomes very simple. We install moisture and vapour barriers all around then commence with the process of installing the blown in, loose fill fiberglass insulation and the process is complete.

Let us show you the way to energy efficiency when we go down the path of an attic insulation retrofit that will save money and the planet too.

Attic insulation in Mt. Brydges, a summary of the facts

  • When you have a toothache, you don’t call your mechanic, you go to the dentist. When you need attic insulation in Mt. Brydges, you contact a certified professional to provide all the necessary services to effect a quality installation. That is why a call to our company at AM Roofing Solutions is the best solution for retrofit situation.
  • Spending money that provides no value is money wasted, and inadequate attic insulation is just that – money through the roof. To save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year in energy costs a retrofit is the best answer to the question of energy efficiency that will help clear the air of harmful pollutants and that is ‘green’ thinking.
  • When you have an opportunity to protect an asset through a warranty there are usually conditions that come with it for the warranty will be valid. The shingles on your house come with a warranty but it is invalid if you attic insulation is installed by less than a certified professional in attic insulation. Shingle warranties run for a number of years and some as long as 50 years, so it pays to have a certified professional install your attic insulation. When a professional applies his expertise to your installation, it will mitigate heat released to the decking and shingles and prevent the shingles from being ‘fried’ by the excess heat release, extending the life of the shingles as result of installation.
  • At a governmental level, the province of Ontario is attempting to stimulate energy conservation through a number of programs designed to help homeowners cope with the high cost of energy use. They have instituted changes to the building code in Ontario that will see any new attic insulation retrofits see a minimum of R-60 density fill in all attics. Certainly an encouraging sign, but it is just the least that can be placed in an attic. When attic insulation is installed, the more the better, as it provides greater cost savings and reduces pollution in the atmosphere. When taking a decision on the amount of insulation you would like installed in your attic a few details will make the decision for you. Your home’s size in conjunction with the floor space of your attic would be the first point, the second is how you live and third factor concerns the temperatures in the region you live in.
  • If you have old insulation, it will need to be extracted due to couple of reasons. First off, if the insulation is 10 years old or more, it could obsolete by today’s standards and second the insulation will likely have settled reducing the R-value of the material to almost nothing. For the extraction, we use a high-speed vacuum that will take all the sediments, particles and fibres out of the attic quickly and quietly. After the extraction is complete, our installer will be able to take stock of any damage that vermin may have caused and they can assess the viability of the soffit and vents to make sure that air is circulating in the attic to keep temperatures under control.

Owens Corning is our supplier of choice for attic insulation and their signature product EcoTouch Pink insulation and it is the benchmark for insulation in our industry. It is made with 73 per cent recycled glass and has a history providing long-term protection for any homeowner who chooses the Ecotouch Pink fiberglass insulation. They have been producing quality roofing materials and insulation for well over 70 years, and in their lab they discovered fibreglass insulation in the 1930’s.

Our affiliation with Owens Corning goes back many years and they have recognized our abilities and expertise in our business with a very important certification. We have been certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all the Corning products we install, and that certification is the only one they have issued in Canada to date.

After 60 years or so, give or take a year or two, we are still the industry leader in the roofing industry and insulation installation in the province of Ontario. Our customers have been impressed with our professionalism and quality of workmanship that have set us at the top of the ladder as best in the business.

When you have roofing work or insulation installed at your home, don’t look at the price as a hardship, look at its value and what the work will do for your home.

Residents in Mt. Brydges can contact us at AM Roofing when they need attic insulation or a roofing application. For a free estimate and no cost consultation and inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Mt. Brydges

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