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Attic Insulation in Lucan

Humans are engaged in projects big and small to increase energy conservation and reduce dependence of fossil fuels, and that is a good thing. The best home renovation project that has the highest degree of returns is new attic insulation in Lucan. Many homes of a certain vintage have little or no attic insulation and many experts have told us that poor or inadequate attic insulation in Lucan can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more on our energy bills. Measuring a home’s thermal heat loss reveals that up to 40 per cent of all heat loss occurs due poor attic insulation.

Installing new attic insulation in Lucan or have a professional provide and attic insulation top-up can help a home recover up to 20-30 per cent savings on a home’s heating bill and the cost of the installation can be made over a year or two.

If a home has inadequate attic insulation in Lucan it can put stress on other parts of the roof. Excess heat that vents through the shingles can cause damage to the shingles that will see them crack, curl or erode over time. It will effect the lifespan of the shingles as the heat deterioration will happen quickly and those 25-shingles will be effectively be useless in the span of a few short years due to poor attic insulation in Lucan.

Also, if you have poor ventilation in your attic it can spell trouble for your roof too. Having a working soffit to draw fresh air in and vents on the roof to release hot air will protect your shingles and keep ice dams from forming at the rain gutters and fascia.

Let us at AM Roofing Solutions take the guesswork out of the installation of new attic insulation in Lucan with all the expertise and experience our company has to offer any homeowner in need of advice.

When we come to your home to survey your attic situation, we will engage in a comprehensive investigation and look into all aspects of your situation. If no insulation is present, we can quickly install vapour and moisture barriers first before we install loose fill blown in attic insulation that will protect your home from the weather and provide energy efficiency.

Attic insulation in Lucan, just the facts

  • We all strive to improve our energy efficiency, and attic insulation in Lucan is the best way to make your home a dynamo in the area of conservation. High utility bills are the result of inadequate attic insulation in Lucan and best way to relieve the financial stress is through an attic retrofit.
  • Many of us would like to be DIY warriors servicing all our homes needs as a rite of passage. But when you are starting out on a project like attic insulation installation it is prudent to have certified professionals take on the project. At AM Roofing Solutions, all of our installers are industry certified and have many years experience working in many different situations and there isn’t too much they haven’t seen or worked on.
  • When attic insulation in Lucan is installed by certified professionals in the field of insulation like us at, AM, any shingle warranties that are valid come into force. Excess heat is the scourge of shingles far and wide and when heat is prevented from venting to the roof, via a professional installation of attic insulation, the shingles warranty of up to 50-years protect your roofing system.
  • The Ontario provincial government has amended the building code to reflect their commitment to reducing greenhouse gases through energy conservation and they have determined that the base for insulation density is to be at R-60 value. The R-20 rating is the recommended minimum for any attic retrofit and there are some details to review before you buy new insulation. First is the home size, how you live and how cold it gets in your region as potential measurements for the amount of attic insulation you install. Remember, when installing attic insulation in Lucan more is always better as it will increase your conservation and your savings will also increase.
  • Before we can install your new loose fill, we will remove any old insulation that is in your attic. Our vacuum system will suck up all the old insulation quickly, quietly and conveniently with little disturbance to the homeowner or the family. Once the old stock is out we can begin the process of air and moisture sealing the attic and then install the loose fill fiberglass insulation in a very short period of time, usually three-to-four hours for an average-sized attic.

Our insulation of choice comes from Owens Corning and their EcoTouch Pink insulation is the best available. The Ecotouch product is made up of 73 per cent recycled materials – that is the highest concentration of recycled materials on the market – and Owens Corning is famous for inventing fibreglass insulation over 70 years ago.

We have been working with Owens Corning products for many years and they have certified us a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all their materials based on reputation in the roofing industry for quality work and expertise in our business.

Our business’ longevity is 60 years in length and we have been working with homeowners all across the province to provide effective roofing solutions to any problems they are experiencing.

Lucan was a stop on the Underground Railroad for blacks escaping slavery and has rich history as one of the first if not the first town of its’ kind to provide refuge for blacks fleeing the US. When Lucan residents need new attic insulation they contact our office at AM Roofing Solutions. We offer a free inspection and a no-obligation consultation and inspection for any perspective customer; you can call us today at 1.877.281.6900 to start saving money on your home heating and cooling bills with new attic insulation.

Attic Insulation in Lucan

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