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Attic insulation in Komoka

Home renovation project generally improve the quality of life for the occupants of the home but generally cost money to perform with no financial reward insight. Other projects on the other hand can produce savings in a home’s budget, some of limited value others of more value. The best home renovation project a homeowner can take on is retrofitting attic insulation in Komoka a way of saving money and the planet from greenhouse gases. Studies produced by the energy industry implicitly state that a home heat loss is directly related to poor attic insulation or no attic insulation in Komoka.

The studies peg heat loss at 40 per cent and that is money going right through the roof due to less than adequate attic insulation. At AM Roofing Solutions we have been helping people for many years deal with their energy consumption and we have helped them reduce consumption through the installation of attic insulation in Komoka.

At AM Roofing Solutions we are the experts you need when you decide it might be time to upgrade your attic insulation in Komoka. All of installers are certified to provide the work we do and our expertise and experience is highly sought after by potential customers.

Having attic insulation in your home will protect your roofing system from all things heat. When you have little or no attic insulation in Komoka, heat buildup in the attic is released to the shingles and that can cause immense damage to the shingles and limit their ability to move water to the rain gutters. If you have damaged shingles it is a sure sign you need a retrofit and we can come to your home for an assessment of your situation and make recommendations to solve the problems.

If you have no insulation, the job becomes very simple for our crews - they will install vapour and moisture barriers then comes the loose fill blown in attic insulation to provide a blanket of protection for your home.

If your attic has the remnants of old stock insulation, we will remove it using a vacuum system that works quickly and painlessly for the homeowner and is of no inconvenience. Once the old insulation is gone we can take stock of the situation and engage in an action plan to restore your attic insulation to peak energy efficiency.

Hidden benefits of attic insulation in Komoka

  • The costs of attic insulation in Komoka are more than offset by the savings they produce. First off the reduction of energy consumption – 40 per cent of all heat loss is through the attic – and the savings going forward amount to about 20-30 per cent per year on a home’s utility bills.
  • DIY projects are all the rage, and in some instances an effective cost saving tool for a homeowner. But when it comes to attic insulation installation, let the pros handle it. We have a highly-skilled workforce that is well-schooled in all facets of attic insulation installation, and we do things right the first time.
  • When you use professionals for your installation of attic insulation in Komoka they look at the ventilation system in your attic to make it is working effectively. It involves a working soffit to draw cool air into the attic and vents on the roof to release hot air that has emanated from the house. When your attic has the required amount of insulation and it is installed by certified professionals any warranties that come with the shingles on your home are valid and some warranties span a timeframe of 50 years.
  • The Ontario provincial government has mandated a minimum density rating for all attic insulation installed across the province as a retrofit for homes. The province requires an R-20 density to be installed, but that is the bare minimum and other details need to be considered before you purchase any insulation. The size of your home is extremely important when evaluating the amount of insulation you purchase as is your lifestyle and the climate of the region you live as other factors to be aware of.
  • For older homes, old attic insulation needs to be removed because it has lost its R-value due to the fact that it has settled and no longer has the air pockets required to provide effective insulation. We remove it with equipment that was built for the purpose and once the old product is gone we can see if any damage to the structure of the roof. If there is any damage we can take proactive action before we install attic insulation in Komoka.

A visit from one of consultants, who will assess you attic insulation in Komoka, will produce a plan of attack to solve your current insulation woes that will be effective and stand the test of time. Attic insulation works 24/7/365 and needs no energy to provide efficiency and budgetary savings.

The product we use is only the best that the industry has to offer and that is Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation. EcoTouch pink has the highest concentration of recycled materials in the industry – 73 per cent recycled materials to be exact – and they discovered fiberglass insulation 70 years ago. Since then, they have been the industry leader in roofing supplies and they are the only supplier we use for insulation.

Our relationship with Owens Corning has netted our company a prestigious certification. We hold a Platinum Preferred Contractor designation for all their products based on an industry-wide recognition for quality-workmanship and expertise in the roofing business.

With over 60 year combined experience in the roofing and insulation business we have amassed quite reputation that continues to shine with every job we do for provincial homeowners.

When the community just west of London needs attic insulation they contact our company for all their needs. For a free inspection and consultation call today at 1.877.281.6900 to address your attic’s needs. 

Attic insulation in Komoka

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