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Attic Insulation in Kilworth

Price increases and taxes are outstripping wage increases and that has poses a problem for many individuals. For homeowners this calamity has created a forever shrinking household budget to meet the expenses of civil society. In order the meet the ever-increasing demands of higher expenses; many have turned to home improvement plans as a means of blunting the increases that are eroding financial security. Many of the plans are based on economizing on the household budget, and while some offer immediate relief, others will take many years to realize a payoff. For any homeowner who wants to engage in a home renovation project, installing new attic insulation in Kilworth has financial rewards that will be felt many years after the projects completion.

Research studies have concluded that a home’s thermal heat loss is measured at 40 per cent of the total heating budget every month and this is like watching your money go up in smoke in the fireplace and through the roof. Many homes across Ontario are under insulated or have no insulation at all and that is the main driver of high costs not to mention the environment despoliation through the release of excess greenhouse gases from your home. 

Our company. AM Roofing Solutions can show you how to become more energy efficient with new attic insulation in Kilworth that will save money year after year. Installing new attic insulation in Kilworth, the return on your monthly heating and cooling budget will be around 20-30 per cent depending on your lifestyle. The cost of an attic retrofit that provides new attic insulation in Kilworth can be recovered through the savings you will enjoy going forward and that period is generally in the 12-18 month range.

The reduction of consumption of fossil fuels will have a positive impact on the environment also as we collectively lower our emissions with the installation of new attic insulation in Kilworth.

When you make arrangements to have your attic situation reviewed by one of our expert consultants, the first order of business is thorough inspection of the attic. If no attic insulation is present, we can get right to work. We will install moisture and vapour barriers and then the blown in, loose fill fiberglass insulation that will keep the heat in and cold out.

There are many benefits that come with attic insulation in Kilworth and our company can demonstrate how to access those benefits to make your home more energy efficient and it will add money to the family’s financial bottom line.

Attic insulation in Kilworth, a project whose time has come

  • Unless you’re a certified professional attic insulation installer, you might be a little out of your depth if you choose to engage in the project. For best results, it is important to use a professional to install you attic insulation in Kilworth to get the best possible results for energy conservation goals.
  • Over the course of 20 or so years of home ownership, a retrofit of attic insulation in Kilworth represents large financial savings that is equivalent of paying yourself while doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint that will help improve air quality.
  • When you use a certified professional like us at AM Roofing Solutions, a potential hidden benefit will be brought to the forefront. Shingle warranties are contingent on having adequate insulation in Kilworth and one of the conditions of the warranty is the insulation must be installed by a certified contractor. The warranty time limits can run 50 years and the warranty can be transferred if the home is sold during the warranty period. With adequate insulation the protection afforded to the shingles cant be understated. When excess heat is released to the shingles, they will ‘fry’ due to the heat and the damage will impact the lifespan of the shingles that is detrimental to the roofing system as a whole.
  • In Ontario, our provincial government has introduced changes to the building code that improve air and reduce fossil fuel consumption. The province has mandated that any attic insulation retrofit will require a minimum of an R-60 density rating for any insulation that is installed. In the event that something is better than nothing it doesn’t incorporate other factors that will impact the decisions to be taken. A home’s size and square footage of the attic are important, how you live, and the regional temperatures will have to be assessed when making the investment in attic insulation for your home.
  • If there was a previous installation of attic insulation – it could be obsolete now and may have lost its R-value due to a process called ‘settling.’ Settling happens when the air pockets of insulation have collapsed over time under the weight of the insulation blanket. The process is completed through a vacuum that will remove al the fibres and sediment that accumulated over time. This will provide two benefits that a homeowner will appreciate, first the installer will be able check for damage to the roof by vermin and they can inspect soffit and the vents to make sure that are circulating air to keep the attic temperatures at a reasonable level.

There are many attic insulation manufacturers who state that their product is the best available and will offer the best R-value available. Don’t be fooled by the hype, Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation is the only fibreglass insulation on the market that provides the best results and is the greenest of them all. EcoTouch pink insulation has excellent staying power holding its R-value for inordinately long period of time and it is made up 73 per cent recycled glass and that is the highest concentration of recycled material of all insulation on the market. Owens Corning was the primary driver of fiberglass insulation for insulation; they discovered the material in their R&D lab in the 1930’s and have pioneered its development over the past 70 years they have been in existence.

We have used their products for time eternal and they have certified out company with a certification that no other Canadian company holds. We are designated as a certified Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products because we have demonstrated time and again that our commitment to workmanship and excellence has set us apart from our competition. But after 60 years of getting things right on roofs all across the province has its advantages for us at AM Roofing Solutions.

When you want to reduce your energy costs through conservation, we will be there to help you. Attic insulation and roofing work aren’t projects to scrimp on; the results should always outweigh the costs when it comes to protecting your home.

In Kilworth, on the banks of Thames River, community members know that they can contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to solve all their roofing and insulation problems. For a free inspection and consultation that comes with no-obligation call us today at 1.877.281.6900

Attic Insulation in Kilworth

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