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Attic Insulation in Kerwood

As a homeowner, you seek ways to reduce your expenses without sacrificing any quality of life. You have looked at different projects that can be assumed with little or no commitment and the gestures, while purely symbolic have taken your thinking in a direction of greening your lifestyle. Bigger projects yielded bigger results, some come with a large financial outlay that will take years to recover, while others require little outlay but have limited returns. To make the most of your home renovation dollars that will have the highest rate or return on the money, new attic insulation in Kerwood is the best project a homeowner can enter into.

Major research studies in the field of energy conservation have reiterated time and again that a home’s thermal heat loss is pegged at a whopping 40 per cent of any home’s heating bill every month. What that says is many homes across the province have limited, inadequate or no attic insulation. To alleviate the problem, installing new attic insulation in Kerwood will return much needed dollars to your family budget and reduce your consumption of fossil fuels to heat and cool your home.

When you look into an attic retrofit for new attic insulation in Kerwood, one of the first things that you can expect is a 20-30 per cent reduction in your home’s heating and cooling bill per year and that rolls forward for the life of the new attic insulation in Kerwood and the best part of that is it uses no energy going forward also. Let us, the experts AM Roofing Solutions educate you in the benefit of new attic insulation in Kerwood with a consultation and review of your current attic insulation in Kerwood.

When we inspect your attic insulation in Kerwood, sometimes we find a home has no insulation in the attic. When that is the case it makes installation of new attic insulation in Kerwood a relatively simple task to accomplish. We will install vapour and moisture barriers to create a seal against the outdoors, then we will install the blown in loose fill fiberglass insulation to create a comfort zone of protection by eliminating heat loss.

For any homeowner who wants to engage in energy efficiency, we can demonstrate how new attic insulation in Kerwood will save them money while protecting their most important asset, their home from the weather.

What to know, attic insulation in Kerwood

  • Certainly many hardware outlets sell insulation and preach the gospel of DIY, but if you have never installed attic insulation, it can be fraught with pitfalls. For best results, it is best to have a professional install your attic insulation in Kerwood based on their experience and expertise in the installation of insulation.
  • Costs are always a consideration when we engage in home renovation projects. When you install new insulation you will reduce your costs, but the costs are more than made up for in the first year or two after recovery then any money saved will be like having an extra revenue stream for your household budget.
  • Using a professional insulation company like us at AM Roofing Solutions can provide an unexpected benefit for the homeowner. Any shingles that are purchased, come with a warranty provided any attic insulation installed is done by a certified professional. The warranty is directly proportionate to the quality of shingles you purchase and it could be a 50-year guarantee. If you sell your home during the warranty period, the warranty title is transferred to the new homeowner upon possession of the property.
  • The Ontario provincial government has re-enforced their commitment to the environment through changes to the building code that will improve air quality in Ontario. The code change involves the amount of attic insulation that is required in any attic retrofit and the new rating is for an R-20 density rating. This is target that has been set and it is the floor for any insulation installed but other factors can have an impact on your decision. The area you insulate relative to the size of home, your lifestyle and the climate in your region all play a part in the process. When you hire a professional contractor like us at AM Roofing Solutions, we can be your guide and help you determine what will work best for your home and family. Something to keep in mind, when you install insulation in your attic more is definitely better. It will increase your energy bill and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases through the furl usage reduction.
  • In the insulation industry, products have evolved through technological advances and insulation that was installed a decade or two ago is obsolete or has lost its R-value and will need to be removed before any new product can be blown in. We use cutting edge equipment to achieve this goal and the equipment leaves no dust or residue that can be harmful if there is long-term exposure to old materials. Removing old materials from the attic will provide access to areas that haven’t been inspected and our installers will be able to see if any damage has been done to the attic by vermin that may have invaded the old insulation. Another positive benefit of the removal is our installers will be able to inspect your soffit and vents to determine if they are providing he maximum amount of air return for your attic. You can retrofit all the attic insulation you want, but if you don’t have air circulation you will have heat damage as sure as the sun rises in the east.

One out supply chain partners will supply the insulation for your attic and we wouldn’t use anything else than Owens Corning Ecotouch Pink insulation. Owens Corning made their name in the last 70 years by providing top quality materials for our industry and they discovered fiberglass back in the 1930’s.

We have had a long and fruitful relationship with Owens Corning and their top-flight products. Owens Corning has provide our company with a certification as a Platinum Preferred Contractor and that certification hold prominence as the only one in Canada.

With 60 years in, our company has been providing solutions to residential homeowners, businesses and commercial interests alike through quality workmanship and expertise that is well known across the province. When you approach roofing and insulation solutions, costs should be the last thing to think about because it is never about the cost but the solution in the roofing and insulation business.

The community of Kerwood may be a little off the beaten track, but the residents there know that AM Roofing Solutions is the only choice when it comes to roofing and insulation solutions. To make arrangements for a commitment-free inspection and free consultation call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Kerwood

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