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Attic Insulation in Ilderton

There are many projects in the marketplace that preach the virtues of energy efficiency through conservation. Some are good projects, others are less than desirable, but the overarching consideration is reducing fossil fuel consumption to reduce greenhouse gases. The most effective home renovation project to create energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel consumption is attic insulation in Ilderton. It doesn’t sound sexy, but it will stand the test of time providing cost savings on a home’s heating and cooling bills and is economical too.

Your roof is the biggest culprit of heat leakage in your home, if it was a crime it would felonious assault on your home’s utility budget. Major research papers that have been released over the years that have told us and continue to tells us that heat loss though our attics is upwards of 40 per cent of heating and cooling bills.

The reason, most homes in have no or inadequate attic insulation in Ilderton, and the extra use of fossil fuels produces unwanted greenhouse gases that pollute our air and cause health hazards for the populace. When you decide to take the plunge and install new attic insulation in Ilderton you can lower your heating and cooling costs in the 20-30 per cent range per year. The cost of an upgrade or installation of your attic insulation in Ilderton can be recovered in a span of 12-18 months and the savings will roll year after year and require no power or fossil fuels to power it.

When you make the decision to improve your attic insulation in Ilderton and you contact us AM Roofing Solutions, we will come to your home to provide a thorough inspection and investigation of your attic. If no insulation is present, we can install the barriers for moisture and vapour, then we will install the blown in, loose fill fiberglass insulation to establish a heat shield for your home.

At AM Roofing Solutions we have years of experience providing guidance and services for those who are committed to energy conservation and financial savings through attic insulation in Ilderton.

New attic insulation in Ilderton, an improvement whose time has come

  • YouTube is great for instructional videos and there are many that can show you how to install attic insulation in Ilderton, but the instructional videos are for simple work. If the installation becomes complicated, a video won’t help solve the problem. What does, is a certified, professional attic insulation installer who can deal with the problems as they arise and provide solutions that will satisfy the problem going forward.
  • What is at stake - when you ignore the problem of inadequate attic insulation in Ilderton - is many thousands of dollars in savings over the years when you fail to keep your attic as heat sealed as it can be.
  • With any product or service, warranties are a key element in any deal, if there is no warranty many times people will shun a product or service. In the roofing business, shingles come with a warranty and it could be a 50-year period depending on the product you purchase. Part of the conditions for the warranty to become active is the installation of insulation by a professional, certified contractor and the warranty is priceless for a homeowner that can be a selling feature should the home’s title be transferred during the warranty period. It is important to have satisfactory insulation in your attic to keep the shingles from becoming ‘fried’ due to excessive heat release through the decking to the shingles.
  • To spur energy conservation in the province to protect the air we breathe, the government of Ontario has instituted changes to the building code that affect attic insulation retrofits. The new mandate involves increasing attic insulation density to a level of R-60 value and something is better than nothing. But the new regulations are just the basis for new insulation and don’t take into account he following factors: building size, the lifestyle you lead and climate temperatures in your region. When installing attic insulation in Ilderton, more is always better because it lowers fossil fuel consumption while increasing your savings on the heating and cooling bills.
  • When we come to your home for attic retrofit, we will remove any insulation that is in the attic before we can start installing the new product. The process involves a vacuum that will take out all the fibres and sediments that have built up over time. Once the attic is clean, our installers will take a walking tour of the roofing structure to see if any damage has been sustained due to vermin. Also, they will look at the soffit and vents to guarantee they are functioning to help the air circulation.

In the insulation marketplace, there is Owens Corning and everybody else and their insulation products are the only ones we use. In 1934, Owens Corning developed fiberglass insulation and they have spent the last 70 years making it the gold standard on the market. It holds its R-value the longest and the best part, it is made up of 73 per cent recycled materials and that is beneficial to environment.

After over 60 years in existence, we at AM Roofing Solutions have cut quite a profile in our industry. Our dedication to workmanship and excellence over the years has earned our company a certification that no other Canadian roofing company has. We are certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all the products that Owens Corning sells that finds its roots in our incredible professional reputation.

Located in Middlesex County, the community of Ilderton has consistently turned to AM Roofing Solutions to satisfy their roofing and insulation needs. For a free inspection and no cost consultation, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Ilderton

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