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Attic Insulation in Grand Bend

Residents all across Ontario are looking for opportunities to save money on expenses due to increased costs and slow wage gains. Making lifestyle changes is the first place to start and when those avenues are exhausted they look at their homes as a means to cut costs. Energy efficient appliances and things like energy efficient light bulbs will help but they are a slow return and in some cases come with a large financial cost upfront. The quickest and easily the most economical home improvement any homeowner can buy is new attic insulation in Grand Bend.

Experts have released studies that can demonstrate the perils of poor attic insulation in Grand Bend. Through their thermal heat loss studies they have determined that a home is losing 40 per cent of its heat through the roof due to limited or no attic insulation in Grand Bend.

Retrofitting your attic insulation in Grand Bend can create savings on your monthly heating and cooling bills of 20-30 per cent per year and the cost of the retrofit for new attic insulation in Grand Bend can be recovered within 12-18 months from the time of installation.

We are the experts in attic insulation and our company, AM Roofing Solutions can guide through the process from initial inspection to completion of the work. We can provide our expertise to help any homeowner make the right decisions when it comes to any questions about attic insulation in Grand Bend.

Attic insulation in Grand Bend, energy conservation made easy

  • Performing tasks around the house has always been the preserve of any homeowner, but unless you are an expert in all things insulation; it could be less than adequate. When you hire us as your insulation contractor for your attic insulation in Grand Bend we will provide you with a service that allows for energy conservation while protecting your most important asset.
  • Thousands of dollars over time can be saved when you have your attic retrofitted with new attic insulation in Grand Bend. The savings can be significant enough to help pay down a mortgage early or help with a child’s post-secondary education and that money is nothing to sneeze at.
  • Another important aspect of a professional, certified installation of attic insulation in Grand Bend is how it will affect any warranties that come with the shingles that are on your roof. If a professional installs attic insulation, any warranties become valid for the shingles you purchased or inherited when you purchased your home. Shingles ‘fry’ when too much heat is released through the decking and a certified professional will be able to install the loose fiberglass insulation in a manner that will cover the area and provide an even blanket of protection that will protect the structure of your roof.
  • In Ontario, changes to the building code by the provincial government have called for an increase of attic insulation for any attic retrofit – R-60 – and while that is a good start, it is just the floor for insulation density. Three things will affect he decision you make for the amount of attic insulation you purchase: the area that needs insulation and the size of the house you live in, the regional climate will be a driving force as will how you live and the energy you use as factors open to consideration.
  • Often times, old attics will have a semblance of insulation, but that insulation has seen better days and will have lost any of its R-value. When that is the case it needs to be removed before new insulation can be blown in. It is a simple process and as easy as vacuuming the rug in your living room. The process will remove any fibres or residue that has developed over time leaving the area clean for the installation. An advantage of the removal of the old insulation is it provides our installers a birds eye view of the attic and they can see if any damage had been done in the attic by vermin. Also, our installers to make sure you get maximum value from your retrofit when air circulation is working at an optimal level when conduct a quick inspection of the soffit and vents.

When you are the best in your field, you gravitate to others who are the top of their field also. That’s why we use Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation as the product for all the attic retrofits we provide. In 1934, Owens Corning discovered fiberglass in their R&D lab and it was ‘eureka’ moment in the industry. Over the last 70 years they have developed the product to the point where it provides the best R-value and is made with 73 per cent recycled material – the highest concentration in the industry.

As the leader in all things roofing and insulation products, Owens Corning has seen many roofing companies come and go, but they have seen our staying power over time. That is attributed to our commitment to quality workmanship and a dedication to excellence our competitors just can’t match. All our hard work and effort has earned our company a certification that no other Canadian roofing company has. As a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all Owens Corning products, it has established our place on the pantheon of roofing contractors in Canada, cementing our reputation as the best in the industry.

After 60 years in the roofing industry, our work speaks for itself – our company has provided hundreds if not thousands of roofing solutions to Ontario residents and we look forward to another 60 years as the premier roofing and insulation company in Canada.

On the shores of Lake Huron, cottagers and residents alike will contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when the need arises for roofing work and insulation. For a free estimate and no cost obligation consultation call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Grand Bend

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