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Attic Insulation in Glencoe

Major home renovation initiatives come with major financial outlays to produce energy efficiency that should provide some relief from our high-cost energy bills. But the timeline on the return sometimes makes the projects cost prohibitive not to mention the disruption caused major home renovations, and if you have ever lived through one it is the last thing you want to do again. There is one home renovation project that will produce energy savings through reductions in energy use and the project can be completed in a day or less. Installing attic insulation in Glencoe is an easy project to assume that comes with reasonable costs that return on the investment quickly. Studies released by scientific experts who study thermal heat loss have vehemently stated that a home loses 40 per cent of its heat through the roof. What that means is poor to no attic insulation in Glencoe and your money is going right through the roof. When you have attic insulation in Glencoe retrofitted to reduce your heat loss to a negligible level you are reducing your carbon footprint by protecting the environment through a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from your home. For the price of an installation of attic insulation in Glencoe you can reduce your home’s heating bill by 20-30 per cent every year and the costs can be recovered in 12-18 months, depending on your lifestyle. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are the experts in all things roofing and insulation and we can help you through the process with a home inspection.

Many homeowners have spent little or no time in their attic, so they aren’t aware just how much insulation may be present if any at all. When we check into the situation, sometimes we find no insulation in your attic and that makes our work relatively quick and easy. The process involves installing vapour and moisture barriers, then we install the blown in loose fill insulation to create the layer of air pockets of insulation that keep a home cozy and comfortable.

We will make energy conservation easy for you when you have us into your home to discuss potential avenues for attic insulation in Glencoe.

Attic insulation in Glencoe, more than just fibreglass

  • Experts have been telling the world that heat loss impacts home heating bills and the environment through excessive fossil fuel use. To reduce unnecessary costs to your home’s budget have experts like us install your new attic insulation in Glencoe and save precious dollars every year in the process.
  • When you install attic insulation in Glencoe, you are adding a layer of protection for the roofing system and a professional installation by certified professionals is akin to going to the doctor when you are sick. Mitigating excessive heat loss through the decking to the shingles is another byproduct of new attic insulation in Glencoe. Too much heat released through the roof will fry your shingles, leaving cracked curled and chipped shingles reducing their ability to move water to the ran gutters.
  • Another little known benefit of a professional installation for attic insulation in Glencoe is warranty protection for your shingles. Having certified professional on site installing loose fill fiberglass insulation will permit any warranties that came with the purchase of the shingles on your home to become active. The guarantee can range as long as 50-years with a provision for transfer of warranty should the house change hands during the warranty period.
  • Climate change is on everybody’s mind and for our provincial government in Ontario; climate change has come to forefront for mitigation. They have enacted many policies to protect the environment and changes to the building code will dovetail those efforts. The government has stated that any attic retrofits must have a minimum of R-60 insulation density, and that is just the beginning. Before you make a decision regarding the amount of attic insulation you wish to purchase the more you add the more you save through reduced energy consumption. Things like climate temperatures in your region will have an influence on your decision, as will your living habits and the square footage of the attic and home that will be retrofitted.
  • If your home has had attic insulation installed in the past it will have to be removed due to the fact the product is obsolete and the insulation has lost its R-value due to settling. What that means is the air pockets that provide the insulation have become flat and are of little or no value for insulation purposes. When we remove the old product, we use a vacuum to suck up the fill that is present and it leaves no fibres or sediment when we are finished. When the old insulation is gone, our installers can survey the attic for potential damage by vermin and inspect the soffit and vents to determine if air is moving at an optimal rate to keep the heat in the attic to a minimum.

When you select us as your insulation specialist, know that we won’t be using any white label products for your attic insulation; we will use only the best from Owens Corning. Their Ecotouch Pink insulation is the industry standard for insulation due to its longevity and it has the most recycled materials of any product available. Seventy-three per cent of all fibres in the EcoTouch pink insulation are made from recycled glass and that is the highest concentration of recycled materials available for consumer purchase.

Through our use of Owens Corning materials, they come to know us as the best roofing company in Ontario. They have recognized our expertise and experience with a prestigious certification, they have named us as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all their materials and our certification is only one in Canada.

Sixty years is long time to do anything, in the roofing business it is an eternity and we are stilling going strong as the go-to crew in the industry. When you purchase a roofing application from us, don’t fret on the price because is about how the application will solve the problem that is presented, not the costs involved.

For Middlesex County residents in Glencoe, AM Roofing Solutions is the only choice when insulation or roofing work needs to be done. To make arrangements for your no cost inspection, free estimate and consultation call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Glencoe

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