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Attic Insulation in Forest, ON

Many home renovation projects can provide potential savings for a large investment with minimal returns that will help save the environment. Most of the claims are dubious in nature and designed to play on an individual’s social responsibility. The most effective home improvement with the highest rate of return on investment is installing new attic insulation in Forest. The savings can be between 20-30 per cent on a home’s heating and cooling bills every year when you upgrade your insulation.

Our attics are our most neglected area in our homes, we seldom go up there and often times when we do, it is for a limited visit and we don’t really look at the condition of the attic. This means that most of us don’t know we have inadequate attic insulation in Forest and are money is going up in smoke.

Many studies have been released that says home’s heat loss – 40 per cent -is directly related to a lack of adequate attic insulation in Forest. Many homeowners can’t be faulted for this situation, attic insulation and density ratings have been changing over the years and what was once a good cover of insulation is now outdated.

When you have a inkling that new attic insulation in Forest will help with energy conservation and reduce your carbon footprint a consultation with an expert in attic insulation should be the first thing you want to engage. For us, at AM Roofing Solutions, we have been counseling potential customers with good advice and services that will help reduce their heating and cooling through green solutions.

The way the process works is it starts with an investigation to determine the level of insulation there is and what condition it maybe in. Old insulation losses its R-value as it settles in your attic and causes excess energy use due to insulation failure. If no insulation exists, the job becomes very simple, vapour and moisture barriers are applied and loose fill fiberglass insulation is blown in and a blanket of protection is assured.

If old insulation is present and it isn’t functional, we will remove it and provide an assessment of the state of your attic. If your attic has had damage or has been infested by vermin or birds a small roof repair may be needed before we install new attic insulation in Forest to create the confortable environment we all want.

Our experts have been helping people for many years with their energy needs and how to reduce those needs through the installation of attic insulation in Forest.

The hidden benefits of attic insulation in Forest

  • Heat loss through the roof is an expensive proposition but it also causes problems for other aspects of the roofing system that sustain damage due to unwanted heat escaping through the decking to the shingles. Heat causes shingles to crack, curl and chip and that reduces their effectiveness to move water. When too much heat is released through the shingles their life expectancy is greatly reduced causing added expenses for a homeowner. Adequate attic insulation in Forest acts like an insurance plan for your shingles that will help them survive the elements and meets the life span that they were designed for.
  • When you use professionals to install your new attic insulation in Forest, a feature of the shingles can be beneficial for the homeowner. Shingles come with warranties like many products and when professionals install attic insulation in Forest, the shingle warranty comes into force. Some warranties can be 50 years long and can be transferable should the home’s title change hands.
  • Attic ventilation works with the insulation to keep temperatures relative with the outdoors and when you have a professional installation of attic insulation, the installers will take precautions to ensure that the soffit and the vents are in working order to help the new insulation keep heat in the house.
  • The Ontario government has responded to the challenges that climate changes poses by mandating changes to the building code to reflect their commitment to energy conservation. They initiated changes that require any attic retrofit be brought to a level of R-50 for insulation density. The level the province has established is a blanket for all Ontario and it only encompasses a minimum of insulation. Before any decisions are taken, some pre-qualifiers should be reviewed. First, where you live, is the climate harsher than other areas, your lifestyle will have a big impact on the amount of insulation you will have installed and size of your home will be a factor up for consideration when you make any decisions, too.
  • Many of our customers have expressed reservations with regard to the removal of old attic insulation before we install new attic insulation. They are concerned about the health hazards that may arise when we disturb old insulation. We advise our customers to rest easy as we employ equipment designed for the purpose and the vacuum system we use leaves no residue or sediment in the attic before we install your loose fill fiberglass insulation.  

Purchasing insulation is a lot buying any other product, we want the best we can buy on the budget we have available. Our attic insulation comes from the industry leader in roofing products, Owens Corning. They have over 70 years bringing quality roofing materials and insulation to the market and they discovered fibreglass back in the 1930’s. Their EcoTouch Pink insulation is head and shoulders above the rest in market place and is made with the highest concentration of recycled material on the retail market. A full 73 per cent of the loose fill fiberglass insulation that will be installed in your home is recycled material, another facet of the product that is good for the environment.

Over time, Owens Corning recognized our contributions to the industry and they certified us a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their materials and we are the only Canadian company to hold the certification.  

When you buy a roofing solution, the price should be the last consideration that affects your decision. The solution should be about problem solving and not economizing, and when insulation is installed, more is better.

You can be confident that our 60 years as a going concern in the roofing business will provide the results you seek when you hire us as your contractor for your attic insulation.

Lambton County citizens residing in Forest have long reached out to us at AM Roofing Solutions for their insulation and roofing needs. Call us today at 1.877.281.6900 for a no-cost consultation and free attic inspection. 

Attic Insulation in Forest, ON

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