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Attic Insulation in Fingal

A drive through farm country in Ontario can be an eye-opener for those who haven’t been out that way recently. Wind turbines and solar panels dot the landscape to produce alternate energy that helps save the planet from the ravages of fossil fuels. While most of us don’t have acres upon acres to install solar panels or turbines, we can do our part in a small way with new attic insulation in Fingal.

Inadequate or no attic insulation in Fingal can have a tremendous impact on a home heating and cooling bills due to heat leakage. An astounding 40 per cent of all heat loss is directly attributed to a lack of attic insulation in Fingal and that created environmental problems too. Burning excess fossil fuels created unnecessary greenhouse gases to be emitted into the atmosphere and that can create respiratory problems for people who are forced to breathe that air. Reducing your carbon emissions with new attic insulation in Fingal with provide a healthier environment to pass on to future generations as will the influence of environmental stewardship on our kids.

New attic insulation in Fingal isn’t just a feel good project, it has financial rewards that can be measured and be advantageous to those who have new attic insulation in Fingal installed.

For a one-time outlay of precious dollars, a savings of 20-30 per cent can be had on your home’s heating and cooling bills - depending how you live – and those savings roll over year after year. The best part of new attic insulation in Fingal is it requires no energy sources to power it, keeping a home’s emissions in check.

To solve all your energy conservation challenges, make arrangements to meet with us at AM Roofing Solutions. We have many years experience and all the expertise and advice you will need to embark on your personal energy conservation journey and we have many satisfied customers who have taken that journey before you. 

Attic insulation in Fingal, a buyer’s guide for energy efficiency through conservation

  • To make the most of your new attic insulation in Fingal, it is important to use a certified professional contractor to complete the project. The expert will see things that don’t appear in DIY videos and will be able to address problems as they arise without having to run to the Internet for information regarding any situation.
  • Adding new attic insulation in Fingal is like stuffing wads of cash in your wallet through the savings it creates. Thousands of potential dollars are at stake if you don’t retrofit your attic and is incumbent on the homeowner to access this windfall for greater financial security.
  • Attic insulation is an insurance plan for your shingles; once the installation is installed it will trigger warranties that are available to come into force when a certified professional installs it. Shingles will burn up if too much heat is released through the attic and an improper installation by someone who isn’t certified could nullify the warranty. Some may say that warranties aren’t that big a deal, but when your dealing with a term of 50-years in some cases it becomes a big deal. If you sell your home during the warranty period, the warranty can be used as a selling point because the warranty stays with the shingles and new owner can reap the benefits.
  • Mitigating the effects of climate changes starts with the reduction of greenhouse gases that are emitted in our society. One way that the government of Ontario has chosen to mitigate the effects of climate change is through changes to the building code. The bare minimum for attic insulation retrofits now stands at a density rating of R-60, and that is a start but not the be all, end all. Consult with us to meet your density needs – we can look at your home’s area, how your lifestyle impacts your energy use and what the nature of the climate is in your region to provide the best results for your retrofit. Now after the consultation, you can add more insulation than we recommend because in the longer run it just increases the savings you will enjoy over time.
  • When a home has a level of attic insulation that has been in the attic awhile, it will need to be removed before we install new insulation. This process is relatively painless and involves an industrial-sized vacuum that will draw out all the old insulation before we install the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation that complete the work.

Our knowledgeable, educated customers deserve only the best insulation available and it comes from Owens Corning, they are leading insulation and roofing supply manufacturer in North America. Their EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation has no parallel because it holds it R-value longer and is made with the most recycled materials of any insulation available. A full 73 per cent of the fibres comes from remanufactured glass for the greenest insulation money can buy.

Working with Owens Corning for what seems like an eternity has produced a certification from them that speaks volumes about ability and expertise in our business, They have certified us a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all their materials and it is unique in that we are the only Canadian company to hold the certification.

After six decades and counting with three generations of family powering our business, we have enjoyed a great deal of success in our industry. Our perseverance and drive to provide quality-workmanship that is based on our commitment to excellence is what drives us to be the best.

On the north shore of Lake Erie in Elgin County, residents in the bucolic community of Fingal have assigned all their roofing and insulation work to us at AM Roofing Solutions. Call us today to make arrangements for a free inspection, consultation and estimate at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Fingal

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