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Attic Insulation in Exeter

Climate change affects every area of our life, from the air we breathe to the choices we make for our lifestyles, it has an influence that is being felt everywhere. Most if not all of us want to mitigate climate change, and many ingenious ideas over the last few years have provided us with vehicles to stem the problem. For homeowners, many different projects have been developed to help stretch energy dollars and in the process reduce our consumption of fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases.

One project that produces results beyond expectations is new attic insulation in Exeter. One of the biggest problems with energy use and excessive use is waste, in our homes we have poor or no attic insulation in Exeter and that is where the problem lies.

Over 40 per cent of all heat loss is through the attic according studies released by many experts across many scientific disciplines. What that means, inadvertently we are all polluting our environment due to poor or no attic insulation in Exeter. The extra fossil fuels we burn contribute to greenhouse gases that cause climate change and in order to get a handle on the problem we need to beef up our attic insulation in Exeter.

When you make the decision to upgrade your attic insulation in Exeter be aware that there is a silver lining to the grey clouds on the horizon. When you retrofit your attic with attic insulation in Exeter you can expect a cost savings of 20-30 per cent on heating bills due to the reduction of heat escaping your attic. The costs are readily recoverable in a period of 12-18 months depending how much energy you use. A crucial benefit to energy efficiency through new attic insulation Exeter is cleaner air that reduces respiratory disease and that helps our healthcare industry.

Our company, AM Roofing, has been working with Ontarians for many years to help achieve energy efficiency though the installation of new attic insulation in Exeter and to enjoy all the benefits inherent with energy conservation.

Attic insulation in Exeter, news and notes

  • Major cost savings can be achieved when new attic insulation is installed in your home. Many thousands of dollars can be saved with an upgrade and those savings roll over year after year. The best part of attic insulation is it works without the need for power supplied by fossil fuels or alternative sources and that has environmental benefits that can’t be measured in dollars and cents.
  • A professional installation for new attic insulation is a must when you retrofit your attic to obtain the best results. Certified installers have all the necessary expertise and knowledge to achieve your goal of energy efficiency through the experience they have accumulated doing the work to obtain certification.
  • There are many other benefits for a homeowner who uses a skilled tradesman to install their new attic insulation in Exeter and one comes in the form of a warranty for the shingles. When a skilled professional installs you new insulation you can expect that a warranty for the shingles becomes active. When heat is released through the home and to the attic, it vents to the shingles causing heat searing. This problem reduces the life expectancy of the shingles and reduces their ability to move water and protect the home form the weather. A professional installation will assure that the insulation is installed and spread to all areas of the attic protecting the roof from damage. Also, the warranty – 50-years – in some cases can be title transferred if the house is sold during the time of warranty coverage and that is a bonus for any purchaser.
  • To encourage energy conservation efforts across the province, the government of Ontario has made changes to the building code that will help reduce emissions through a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Attic upgrades for insulation will be required to a have minimum of R-60 density for insulation. That is a uniform number but other factors need to be considered before you take the plunge and purchase insulation. Where you are located plays a role based on median temperatures, how you use energy and how big a home you have will have an impact on the insulation purchase. Let us guide along the way, and should you choose to add more insulation than recommended the costs would be returned through greater savings on heating bills down the line.
  • Before we install your new blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation we need to remove whatever insulation is in the attic. It is an easy process, the equivalent of vacuuming your living room and takes about the same time. The reason we remove old insulation is because it no longer provides any help. Over time, insulation will settle, what that means is the air pockets that create insulation have been collapsed and don’t provide protection.

Many insulation products make claims, but few live up to them like our supplier, Owens Corning. They make the most widely used insulation in the marketplace, EcoTouch Pink insulation. It is well known to hold its’ R-value and has the highest concentration of recycled materials – 73 per cent – that the industry provides. Owens Corning is famous for the invention of fibreglass insulation and they discovered back in the 1930’s in their R&D facility.

Our affiliation with Owens Corning goes back many years, and they have identified us a going concern in our business. They have awarded our company with a Platinum Preferred Contractor certification, and we are the only company in Canada to hold one.

Our family, three generations and still going strong, built our business and we have more than 60 years working on roofs and in attics all across Ontario. The secret to our success is simple really, we are dedicated to providing quality workmanship and we strive for excellence on every job we do.

In the Home of the White Squirrel, Exeter residents entrust all their roof and insulation work to us at AM Roofing Solutions.  To book a comprehensive free inspection and estimate, call our office today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Exeter

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