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Attic Insulation in Dutton

Homeowners face a financial squeeze of sorts, prices are rising, wages stagnating and new taxes are stifling household budgets with little recourse. Economizing has never been so important, and home renovation projects that promise savings in the short run and long run have become more practical than fashionable.

Many projects a homeowner can assume to save money down the road come with big price tags and that is a deterrent in some cases. The most economical project that will provide the biggest benefit to the homeowner and the environment is new attic insulation in Dutton.

Studies that have been tabled over the years draw a direct line to heat loss through the attic as a source for high costs in energy use. To obtain cost containment, new attic insulation in Dutton will help reduce the 40 per cent of wasted heat that escapes though our attics. This is due to the fact that many homes across the country have little or no attic insulation and that is creating unwanted greenhouse gas release through exorbitant use of fossil fuels

The savings that will be created by new attic insulation in Dutton will be tremendous over time. Imagine saving 20-30 per cent in heating and cooling costs every year for the one-time investment in new attic insulation in Dutton. The money that it takes up front for new attic insulation in Dutton will be returned in a 12-18 month span and the savings will roll year after year.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has been a guiding light in energy conservation through the installation of new attic insulation in Dutton and we can help you reduce your fossil fuel consumption through new attic insulation.

Attic insulation in Dutton:

  • As a roofing and attic insulation specialist we are a professional, certified attic insulation installer that has many years experience providing quality service for those seeking new attic insulation in Dutton. You can have anybody install your attic insulation in Dutton, but you may not receive the all the benefits associated with a professional installation.
  • Financial considerations for any homeowner are always in play, and new attic insulation in Dutton can produce the kind of savings that weren’t imaginable – thousands of dollars a year in some cases. Not to mention the contribution to the environment by reducing dependence on fossil fuels as an added benefit that will protect the air we breathe.
  • Having a professional install your attic retrofit comes with two benefits that aren’t commonly known and they can be very attractive for any homeowner. Shingles come with warranties for their potential lifespan and when you use a certified professional those warranties become active. The way it works is this: insulation installed in the attic prevents heat leakage to the roof and in turn the shingles. Prevention of heat leakage helps preserve the shingles because when they are exposed to heat from the home, over time they crack and degrade. The warranty period for some shingles is a 50-year proposition that will serve the homeowner for the life of ownership. Also, if the house is sold during the warranty period the warranty can be deeded to the new purchaser too.
  • A commitment to cleaner air though a reduction in fossil fuel use is on every government’s mind. In Ontario, new building code regulations are powering the province’s commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The government has decreed that the minimum density for any attic retrofit to be at R-60 for insulation. This is a step in the right direction, but it is best to let an expert help you decide how much insulation to purchase. Our consultants will take into consideration the nature of the house and its size, how you live and the regional climate as metrics for evaluation to make the best decision for new insulation. One more thing to keep in mind, using a little more insulation can never hurt as it only increases the savings you will experience.
  • Part of installing new insulation is removing existing product from the attic. Many homes may have insulation that was installed a decade or two ago and its usefulness is probably spent. Attic insulation has been known to settle over time and when it does it losses its ability to insulate because the air pockets that create the insulation have flattened out. What we do is bring in a vacuum system to remove all the insulation previously installed, then we can install blown in, loose fill fibreglass insulation that will improve the quality of life for the residents.

There are many insulation products on the market, but none can hold a candle to Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation. Owens Corning was the pioneer of fibreglass insulation – they discovered fibreglass in the 1930’s – and since, the product has become the most common insulation product in Canada. Over the 70 years Owens Corning has been producing products they have had two goals in mind. The first goal was to bring products to the market that will be effective and last for many years and to use recycled materials wherever possible. EcoTouch pink is highly durable and will provide R-value for many years and it is made with 73 per cent recycled materials to help green the environment.

Owens Corning’s prestige is industry wide and they have provided us with a highly sought after certification. We are certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and it is the only certification they awarded in Canada.

Three generations as a family business with 60 years time in, and you could say we are doing something right. Our commitment to excellence and quality workmanship is renown in Ontario because our greatest strength is the people who work for us.   

Elgin County residents in Dutton can call AM Roofing Solutions for any roofing or insulation work for their homes. To book an inspection that comes with a free estimate and no-obligation counseling session, call our office today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Dutton

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