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In 1956, Harold Pearce founded AM Roofing Solutions and we have been providing roofing solutions in London, St. Thomas, Sarnia, Windsor, and Stratford ever since.

Our business was founded on integrity, pride in workmanship, quality materials and the drive to be the best roofing company in Southwestern and Central Ontario.

As the business and the family grew so to did the participation of Pearce’s children and grandchildren and we are a true Canadian success story. We prescribe roofing solutions that seamlessly protect your roofing system to maintain maximum performance of all the components involved.

The bedrock that our company was founded on comes from our work in residential, commercial and industrial roofing solutions and systems that have yielded positive results across London and surrounding areas.

A list of our services includes: roof maintenanceroof repair, and roof replacement. If your roof is sloped or flat, we can design a roofing system that will provide longevity and stand up to the test of the elements where other roofing can’t.

At AM Roofing Solutions in London we have provided eavestroughs, attic insulation, and skylights to complement our core services with the same attention to detail and pride in workmanship as our roofing solutions. If you are faced with a roofing emergency, we can get our crews out to your location in a timely manner that is based on a high degree of reliability to address the crisis at hand.

To get the most out of the investment you know as your roofing system, regular maintenance can mitigate major problems through timely inspections. An AM Roofing Solutions service technician will attend your home and complete an interior and exterior investigation of your roofing system to find any problems.

If problems are found in the system or structure of the roof, the service technician will explain the type of problems, the solutions and the costs that come with repairing your roof. The problem might require a few new shingles to be affixed to the roof or the problem could run deeper than that and could lead to a larger repair.

If a repair can’t satisfy the problem a complete replacement roof might be the order of the day. The most important factor in determining whether to replace your is roof the age of the roof itself. If the roof has aged over time, a prudent decision to replace it could provide financial savings. Doing minimal repair work will cost more in the long run than a replacement. When the time comes to replace the roof the costs will be higher because the damage more extensive. In the end, it is best to replace your roof with cutting edge materials to improve your roof’s ability to protect your structure.

If you are replacing your roof and it has been re-shingled, the roofing materials will have to be peeled off to expose the roof decking due to regulations established in the building code. At this time a visual inspection can take place to see if there is any wood rot in the decking sheets or other problems that can be corrected before shingling starts.

Different types of roofs pose different challenges, whether the roofing solution is for a sloped roof or a flat roof, AM Roofing Solutions in London and surrounding areas is up to the challenge. We have installed 1000’s of flat and sloped roofs that are as durable as they are visually pleasing. Our methods are far and away beyond industry standards that raise the bar for best roof practices that our customers have come to depend on.

Commercial and industrial roofing solutions in London and surrounding areas have taken a great leap forward with the development of new technology. Using a rubber membrane developed by the Firestone Rubber Company, small commercial roofing replacements have a black membrane sheet stretched across the surface area and a layer of gravel ballast is applied to create a drainage system to the run off pipes on the roof. When we engage in a larger industrial roofing solution we use a white membrane sheet that is attached to the roofing structure with heat to bond the rubber to the roof. We are fully trained and certified in this type of application and carry special insurance to engage in this type of roofing system solution. Using a white membrane can help defray the costs of cooling the building due to the reflective nature of the white colour of the membrane.

Recent studies have indicated that 40 per cent of heat loss come from an under insulated attic and that costs $100’s dollars for no result. At AM Roofing Solutions we have an attic insulation top-up program that can help eliminate heat loss by bringing your attic insulation up to R50. The best time to increase your attic insulation is when you are having a replacement roof installed. Insulation can be blown in through the top of the house when decking is exposed. If the roof is in good working order an insulation top-up can be done through interior access to your attic.

Adding a skylight to your roofing system can provide natural light into your home and enhance the appeal of your home if you are going to be selling in the near future. If a skylight is already adorning your roof, replacing it when you have your roof replaced is a sensible course of action. Over time, the caulking around the skylight shrinks when it is exposed the sun and is the number one cause of leaks from your skylight.

Running water away from your roof and foundation is the primary function of your eavestrough and if it isn’t working to the max all kinds of problems can occur. Pooling water on the roof or the ground at the foundation are problems waiting to happen and we have installed many different types of eavestroughs to meet the needs of the buildings and roofing systems they serve.

A major weather system has blown through your region and caused damage to your roof that can’t wait to be fixed. AM Roofing Solutions has been extending emergency service to London and surrounding areas with reliable, fast service that can contain most problems that arise.

In London, we are located at 207 Exeter Rd. Unit C, please stop by our showroom today to see the latest in roofing technology and materials. Or you can call us at 519-668-1555 and talk to one of our professional consultants about your roofing needs. We offer a no obligation, free estimate and in-house consultation.


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