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Why Roof Repair Services Are Important For Casinos? Casinos have extensive roofs, with many lower roof surfaces visible to guests. This multiple use of the roof adds extra wear and tear to the materials and structure of the building. In addition, casinos require massive ventilation and air purification systems and often have heavy equipment located on the roof. If you have a casino, the last thing you want is a leaky roof. A roof repair service will ensure that the TerraСasinonz building's roof is safe and secure. When it comes to a casino, a quality roof is crucial. Many casino buildings have multiple levels, which means there are many parts of the roof that guests can see. This means that the roof structure and materials get a lot of wear and tear from multiple uses. Additionally, casinos require enormous ventilation and air purification systems. Many roofs also house heavy equipment that can put an extra strain on the structure.

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Welcome to AM Roofing Solutions London! We are a family owned and operated roofing company located at 207 Exeter Road in London Ontario. We are one of South Western Ontario’s largest roofing companies, and one of five locations. Not only are we one of the largest roofing companies in South Western Ontario, but we have also been in business for over 63 years. AM Roofing Solutions was founded in 1956, and from our inception, it was important to us that the company offered not only high quality workmanship, but to support to the community around it. Using only high quality installers, products and customer service, AM Roofing Solutions London is proud to offer worry free projects from start to finish.


As one of the largest roofing companies in the London area we offer a plethora of different roofing services and installations from repairs and maintenance to full replacement roofs on existing homes. No matter what material you have on your home, or are looking at doing on your home, our trained installers have expertise in multiple roofing systems ranging from asphalt fibreglass shingles, metal roofing systems, cedar shakes, composite slate, flat roofing

In addition to experienced installers, AM Roofing Solutions approaches the quotation process differently. While many roofing companies offer mailbox quotes based on volume, AM Roofing Solutions believes our customers deserve the very best, and that’s why we offer comprehensive quotes for all of our potential customers. Our certified consultants are heavily trained to assess all sorts of roofing systems and problems by using cutting edge technology to assess your home. With any quote we deliver, AM Roofing Solutions believes in educating all of our potential customers on their home and helping them find a solution that works best for them.  

With over 63 years of having been in business, many customers enjoy the piece of mind that comes with choosing a company that is going to be there to service them long after their job is completed. With many construction companies disappearing yearly, the warranties offered are only as good as the company that installs it. So because of our strong legacy in this industry, we offer true workmanship warranties for up to 50 years. However, part of the reason we are willing to offer such substantial warranties is not only because of the high quality materials we use, but because of the highly skilled installers we use. Unlike many roofing companies that train their installers on site, we train all of our installers in a classroom before they ever step foot on your project. 

Not only do we believe in offering the highest quality warranties and installations, we also believe in offering the best in customer service. With dedicated customer service staff we can answer any inquiries you have during your project and keep in touch with you every step of the way. Not only do we have active staff ready to address your inquiries at our offices, we also use a communication portal where you can conveniently text any questions or concerns to us during your project, and have around the clock support from our staff.

Due to our strong legacy, quality installers and excellent customer service, we have been directly recognized by Owens Corning as the only Platinum Preferred Contractor in all of Canada; this is a prestigious title that gives us personal backing from one of the highest quality building material suppliers in the world. In addition to this prestigious backing from Owens Corning, AM Roofing Solutions London is proud to have been a top finalist for the BBB Integrity Award and Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. AM Roofing Solutions London is also proud to have won the Top Choice award multiple years in a row, and the best of HomeStars award - both are highly competitive awards voted on by consumers.

One of the reasons we’ve been able to grow as a company and offer such excellent service is because of the communities that have rallied around us, and as a result the bloodline of our company is giving back to the community. Not only giving back to the community is the right thing to do, but as a company we’ve been personally touched by some of the incredible acts within our communities. Roger Haviland, current president of AM Roofing Solutions, had been personally touched by how incredible the staff at the London Children’s Hospital was in treating his diabetic son when he contracted the e.coli bacteria. As a result AM Roofing Solutions donates tens of thousands of dollars yearly to the Children’s Health Foundation, and does a lot of fundraising events around London for organizations like the Ronald McDonald House. In addition to these organizations AM Roofing Solutions has made it it’s mission to help those less fortunate by offering time, materials and labor free of charge to local organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

We are providing all types of roofing services as well as attic insulation, windows and doors replacement, siding replacement, eavestrough, soffit, fascia and much more.

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