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Roofing Company in Rockwood

AM Roofing Solutions is highly dedicated to providing workmanship of only the highest of standard. Complete customer satisfaction is what this roofing company strives for in every roofing upgrade. This roofing company in Rockwood is BBB accredited, specialising in a variety of roofing materials such as, Owens Corning shingle products and high quality attic insulation, aluminum eaves troughs and high caliber metal roofing. This roofing company in Rockwood also provides quality services like, roofing repairs, thorough roof inspections and attic inspections, as well as, eaves trough replacement and quality skylight installations. AM Roofing Solutions, takes prides in their ability to go above and beyond in all aspects of their business, while retaining the ability to stay competitive with their variety of financial options. AM Roofing Solutions services all homes and businesses, whether your roof is big or small, with a flat, slight slope or steep composition, this roofing company in Rockwood, will find the best solution for you. This certified and insured roofing company in Rockwood has been providing their customers with quality roofing solutions for 60 years.

This Roofing Company in Rockwood offers the Following Services:

- Roof Replacement

The complete replacement of your existing roofing system can be expensive, which is why it is so important that you choose a reputable and established roofing company in Rockwood for all of your roof replacement needs. AM Roofing Solutions has, on many occasions, had the unsavory job of having to correct and replace the work of ‘fly by night’ roofing companies in Rockwood, after being called by extremely regretful homeowners. It is important to make the right choice, the first time, and save yourself the headache. All of the roof replacements done by this roofing company in Rockwood are backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty, alongside excellent manufacturer warranties. This roofing company in Rockwood will take the time needed to ensure that the property of its customers is kept in pristine condition throughout the roof installation process. AM Roofing Solutions, can offer many options in roofing material, from fiberglass shingles and designer shingles, to eco-friendly options. This roofing company in Rockwood is also skilled in the complete and proper installation of a variety of flat roofing applications and metal roofs.

- Attic Insulation

The newest standard amount of attic insulation, as of 2017, is just above 22 inches. Unfortunately, it appears many homes have far less than the recommended amount, which is about 6 inches. The older your home, the more likely that it is suffering from low attic insulation. That being said, it is also likely that the most recently built homes could be in use of an attic inspection and attic insulation top up. AM Roofing Solutions holds the proper insurance, to allow its attic insulation experts to enter your attic space by way of your roof, eliminating the need to bring all of that attic insulation equipment into your home. The attic insulation replacement or attic insulation top up you need can be done by this roofing company in Rockwood at the same time as your roof replacement, if applicable. AM Roofing Solutions chooses not to use any sub-contractor crews for any attic insulation replacements. Every attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement job this roofing company in Rockwood is hired to do, will be completed by only skilled AM Roofing Solutions employees. Contacting this roofing company in Rockwood today can start saving you money on your energy bills, right away!

- Roof Maintenance and Repair

Our weather here in Rockwood, Ontario, is constantly beating down on your roofing system. Your roof is the last line of defense from severe weather, and you want to make certain that it is performing at its very best. Deficiencies caused by the elements or damage caused by trees or other debris need to be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent them from escalating, do not postpone contacting a reputable roofing company in Rockwood for any of your roof repair needs. If you allow leaks, even tiny ones, to continue for an extended period of time, this can cause extensive and also expensive damage, to your attic space and the drywall inside your home. The most efficient way to protect your roofing system from large, costly repairs is by ensuring that it receives regular maintenance. Consistent roof maintenance is the recommended course of action, in order to keep your roof functioning to its full potential. The entire purpose of your roofing system is to provide you and your family with protection from the elements, AM Roofing solutions can help make sure your roof continues to properly do its job.

- Eaves Trough

During heavy rains, gallons of water can run down your roof, and without an eavestrough system that is functional, every ounce of that water will end up exactly where you don’t want it to, pooling around your foundation. This roofing company in Rockwood, uses a seamless, aluminum eaves trough system that is machined at your home to ensure a leak free, exact fit. AM Roofing Solutions, aluminum eaves troughs come in 20 different colour, so regardless of your colour preference this roofing company in Rockwood can provide the exterior of your home with its perfect match. It generally takes AM Roofing Solutions only one day to complete your eaves trough installation. Cracked or broken eaves trough systems that may be separating from the soffits or experiencing constant overflow, will need to be replaced as soon as possible, to prevent extensive foundation damage.

All established roofing companies in Rockwood have a huge responsibility, to their hard working customers, to be properly trained, sufficiently insured, and in possession of all necessary certifications. However the responsibility for choosing a roofing company in Rockwell that is in possession of all required documents, falls on the homeowner. Literally anyone can open a roofing company and call themselves a roofer, unfortunately this is the case more often than not, which is why it is so important to ask for references and proof of promised insurance and certifications to ensure a roofing company in Rockwood is, in fact, as professional as they claim. So what are the insurances or certifications required for roofing companies in Rockwood? Liability insurance is probably the most important, in the event that any accidental damage is caused by the professional roofing company in Rockwood that you have hired, you will not be held accountable. Making absolutely certain that the roofing company in Rockwood that you’ve chosen, and its skilled employees, are in the best possible standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, will ensure that in case of an accidental injury to the roofing crew, you will not suffer any repercussions. AM Roofing Solutions provides sufficient WHIMAS training to all of their employees, in addition to the above insurances. This roofing company in Rockwell also guarantees that all employees have taken Working at Heights training and have earned their certification.

Rockwood, Ontario is the main community in the township of Guelph/Eramosa. This community is home to the Rockwood Conservation area, or, Rockwood Park. This conservation area is extremely popular with the residents of Rockwood, boasting an extensive cave system full of geological wonders, for people to enjoy, as well as, glacier bluffs that offer amazing views of the area. Rockwood is also home to some of the oldest trees in Ontario. With its close proximity to highway 401, Rockwood Park is easily accessible from most southern Ontario cities, including Toronto.

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Roofing Company in Rockwood

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