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Roofing Company in Minto

AM Roofing Solutions, is a certified, insured and charitable roofing company in Minto. Along with their dedication to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, AM Roofing Solutions, also regularly donates their time to the communities they service, and the people who live there. A consistent donor to charities such as the Ronald McDonald house, you can’t help but admire the selflessness of this roofing company in Minto and its employees. Family owned and operated for an incredible three generations, makes it no wonder why this company has such a caring and compassionate nature. Their integrity, workmanship, and dedication to remaining a leader in the roofing industry are just a few of the reasons why AM Roofing Solutions deserves consideration for your next roof renovation or attic insulation project.

This Roofing Company in Minto Offers the Following Services:

  • Roof Replacement

Making certain that your choice of roofing company in Minto is a good one, can be the difference between an incredible roof replacement experience and an absolute nightmare. AM Roofing Solutions, is a fully certified and insured roofing company in Minto, who offers both 10year workmanship warranties on every roof replacement, as well as outstanding manufacturer warranties. So, regardless of which roofing application or roof material you are in the market for, sloped shingle roof or flat roof, cedar shingle or metal roof, this established roofing company in Minto will stand behind not only the workmanship but also the product quality.

  • Attic Insulation

If you are the proud owner of a rustic older home, it may be in your best interests to call a full-service roofing company in Minto to perform a complimentary attic inspection. Older homes are notorious for their lack of attic insulation, this generally causes temperature variations throughout your home, along with higher than average energy bills. AM Roofing Solutions, has the equipment necessary to do a complete attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement, and the skilled workers capable of getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Although it is easiest to have your attic insulation taken care of during your roof replacement, this is not a necessary requirement. Even if you are the owner of a new home, it is still recommended that you take advantage of a free attic inspection, to ensure that your insulation levels are up to the most recent standards.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

The roofing system on your home requires regular maintenance to ensure that it can function as intended, providing your family and the inside of your home with protection from the worst of mother nature. Contacting a skilled roofing company in Minto immediately for a roof inspection, is a good idea, should you be unable to provide the proper roof maintenance your home needs or if you spot a problem area on your roofing system. Regular roof maintenance such as, snow or ice removal, trough cleaning, and caulking of slightly lifted flashings are only few of the roof maintenance services that AM Roofing can provide. In order to ensure that your home receives the timely roof repairs it needs, while cutting down on the severity, consider contacting this roofing company in Minto immediately.

  • Eaves Trough

If you’ve started to notice wear on your eaves trough system, of any kind, it is important that you have a qualified roofing company in Minto come out to perform a quality inspection of your trough, soffit and fascia to determine whether an eaves trough replacement or eaves trough repair, is in order. Allowing a deficient eaves trough system to remain in place, can result in rain water, and snow melts, pooling around your foundation, this is often the cause of flooding to your homes basement. Prolonged pooling can also cause costly damage to your foundation.  AM Roofing Solutions, uses an aluminum eaves trough system, seamless and machined on site to ensure leak free quality. This trough system comes in a variety of colours, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your home.

If you decide that the low price of your roof renovation is worth more than making sure the required insurance and certifications are in place, then you are bound to be seriously disappointed with your service. Any roofing company in Minto that you choose to hire should have a sufficient liability insurance policy, and also be able to provide proof of such. WSIB Coverage is another insurance that is mandatory for every employee of every roofing company in Minto. It cannot be stressed enough, how much of a mistake it would be to hire a roofing company in Minto, who does not possess either of those insurances. These roofing professionals must also be properly trained to work at heights and have the required Fall prevention training and certifications. AM Roofing Solutions, is in possession of a 5 million dollar liability insurance policy at all times and ensures that its employees are in good standing with the WSIB.

Minto, Ontario is a town located on the Maitland River. The town of Minto is a community geared towards families with a variety of different events and attractions year round. With multiple arenas, swimming pools, sports fields and parks, the motto of this small town   “Where Your Family Belongs”, certainly rings true. For a free attic inspection, give AM Roofing Solutions a call today! Toll free, 1-877-281-6900

Roofing Company in Minto

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