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Roofing Company in Milton

Searching for a properly certified and insured roofing company in Milton is not an easy task. Research is key, in this case, to be positive that the roofing company in Milton that you hire for your roofing upgrade is an honest and reliable one. AM Roofing Solutions is a highly reputable roofing company in Milton. In the business of quality roofing improvement for 6 decades, this roofing company in Milton knows what it take to keep their customers happy, as evident in their incredible reputation and unwavering customer loyalty. AM Roofing Solutions is the first in Canada to be named Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors, gaining the ability to offer their customers the most valuable of manufacturer warranties. AM Roofing Solutions hires only the most skilled and knowledgeable of roofing trades-people, well versed in the application of various roofing materials, ensuring a perfect fit for your home, every time. AM Roofing Solutions takes the time to get to know their customers as more than just an address, and will stick around to address any concerns or answer any question long after your roofing project is complete.

This Roofing Company in Milton offers the following services:

- Roof Replacement

Roof replacement are costly investments, it will probably be one of the most expensive upgrades you have done to your home. So ensuring that it is done properly the first time, is vital. Whatever your reason for needing a full roof replacement done, the fact remains that you need your roofing replacement done by a certified and professional roofing company in Milton. AM Roofing Solutions provides quality roofing installations angled toward a variety of budgets, while still offering durable, top rate and long lasting roofing materials. This roofing company in Milton offers designer shingles, and fiberglass shingles, both available in a variety of colours. AM Roofing Solutions will send qualified solutions consultants to your home for a comprehensive roof inspection and they will be able to help you choose the colour that will create a perfect contrast between your homes exterior and its roofing system.

- Attic Insulation

Having attic insulation that is up to standard is important for your home and your bank account. Too many homes are lacking the proper amount of attic insulation, with the majority of homes having less than 6 inches worth of attic insulation, when the new standard is 22inches, that’s quite the difference. Over 30% of the heat loss in your home is through your roof. The only efficient way to rectify this is by calling an honest roofing company in Milton for a comprehensive attic inspection, AM Roofing Solutions, attic insulation experts can provide a competent inspection of your attic space and inform you of your best course of action. Be it a complete attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement, which is typical for older homes, or an attic insulation top up, typical of newer homes, AM Roofing Solutions can assist you with all of your attic insulation needs.

- Eaves Trough

While that strip of metal wrapping around your roof may not seem too important, a deficient eaves trough can cause irreparable damage to your foundation, if left to fester, over time. Your eaves trough is responsible for the proper drainage of water caused by snow melts or torrential downpours, sending that water in the opposite direction of your home. Any signs of damage to your eaves trough like, cracks or leaks, or your trough pulling away from your soffit, even slightly, need to be adequately assessed by a qualified roofing company in Milton. AM Roofing Solutions uses only high quality seamless aluminum for their eaves trough systems.

- Roof Repairs

The occasional repair of your roofing system, flat roof or sloped shingle roof, over the course of your roofs lifetime, is inevitable. Hiring a properly insured and certified roofing company in Milton for your roof repair is important in ensuring that the roof repair job is done right, the first time. Broken, missing or curling shingles, if left without timely repair, can cause leaks and allow water to damage your attic space and attic insulation. Any exposed plywood or leaks need to be addressed as quickly as possible in order to prevent a larger issue. AM Roofing Solutions can provide you with the most efficient solution for you roof repair.

Any Roofing project you have done on your roofing system is going to cost you few dollars. Don’t throw your money at just any roofing company in Milton. Make certain that whoever you choose for your roofing needs has a sufficient amount of insurance and all proper certifications in hand. Also note that these roofing companies in Milton cannot refuse to provide a homeowner with the adequate proof they’ve requested. Go with your gut, if it seems shady, or too good to be true, move on. AM Roofing Solutions holds a liability insurance policy in the amount of 5 million dollars. This covers both, homeowner and business from liability in the event of any damage to the home or surrounding property while roof work is being done. WSIB requires all roofing companies in Milton and their tradesmen to be in good standing at all times. WHIMAS and Working at Heights training are two courses that should be supplied and passed before the beginning of any roof installation. Fall Arrest certifications are also required. Don’t be taken advantage of, ask the right questions and make sure your roofing system upgrade is done by the actual professionals.

The ever growing town of Milton, Ontario is located about 5 minutes from downtown Toronto. Milton is home to many trails, campgrounds and conservation areas open to the public. In Milton, you can take in the relaxing beauty of the Niagara Escarpment from Rattlesnake Point or enjoy getting active at the many sports and community centers, in the city. With such a short commute to the city of Toronto, Milton is a wonderful place to live, for both working professionals and those on the look-out for a picturesque place to raise a family. 

Roofing Company in Milton

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