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Roofing Company in Listowel

If you’ve been searching for a reliable roofing company in Listowel, look no further than AM Roofing Solutions. This roofing company in Listowel has been providing its customers with quality roofing system renovations since 1956. AM Roofing Solutions has been a family run roofing renovation business for three decades, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is ever growing. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, this roofing company in Listowel is able to offer tremendously valuable manufacturer warranties, on top of their reliable workmanship guarantees. Hiring only the most qualified and professional roofing trades-people, capable of installing a variety of roof materials with precision, ensures that this roofing company in Listowel can deliver on the quality of roofing upgrade that their customers have come to expect.

The Services This Roofing Company in Listowel Offer Are:

  • Roof Replacement

 Having your roof replaced is going to be a costly upgrade no matter which way you slice it, if it’s to be done correctly that is. Don’t throw your money away to the lowest bidder, make sure your home is receiving the best possible care by a qualified roofing company in Listowel. AM Roofing Solutions offers only the best in Owens Corning roofing products, from designer shingles to fiberglass shingles and every protective layer in between. If you are looking for something a bit different for your home, this roofing company in Listowel is also highly proficient in the installation of metal roofing, as well as, eco-friendly and flat roofing options. AM Roofing Solutions can provide financial solutions to fit any budget, so don’t sacrifice the quality of roof your home deserves in an attempt to save a dollar, contact this roofing company in Listowel today.

  • Attic Insulation

The vast majority of homes, old and new, suffer from inadequate attic insulation levels. This under insulation can cause you to receive higher than average heating and cooling bills, regularly. Upwards of 30% of all heat, or cool air, loss in your home is through your roof, aided of course by the lack of attic insulation. This roofing company in Listowel can provide a comprehensive and honest attic inspection to determine the best attic insulation solution for your home. Whether your attic space is in need of a complete attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement, or perhaps only an attic insulation top-up, AM Roofing Solutions has certified and insured, attic insulation solutions professionals ready to assist you in making the best possible decision that will suit both you,  and your attic space.

  • Roof Repair

If your roofing system suffers damage caused by a summer, or winter, storm, or should you discover a leak of any size, contacting a certified and insured roofing company in Listowel is the only way to ensure that the damage stays as localized as possible. Leaks that are left to seep into your home, can cause significant damage to its structure, including your walls and ceilings. This roofing company in Listowel is able to make the proper repairs, both efficiently and in a timely manner. In the event of more serious issues with your roofing system, like penetration from branches or other debris, it is important that you do not try to assess the damage yourself and instead call AM Roofing solutions right away. With over 6 decades worth of roof repair experience, there is no better roofing company in Listowel for any of your homes roof repair needs.

  • Eaves Trough

Eaves trough, is the drainage system on your home that helps to direct the gallons of water produced heavy rains, and spring snow melts, away from your home, in order to keep both your basement, and foundation, as dry as possible. Some signs that your eaves trough may need an immediate replacement are, leaks behind or at the corners of your eaves trough, constant clogging and overflow, or icicle build up in the winter months, just to name a few. If this is the case for you, a call to a reliable, full-service roofing company in Listowel is in order. AM Roofing Solutions uses a high quality aluminum, with a baked on enamel finish, available in a variety of colours, for all of their eaves trough installations. All eaves trough systems are machined on site by qualified eaves trough professionals to ensure correct length and a functional design, free from any damage that may be caused by the shipping process.

Ensuring that a roofing company in Listowel is properly insured and certified, before the hiring process in complete, is one of the most vital pieces of information a homeowner should obtain. Making certain that the roofing company in Listowel that you choose to hire has sufficient liability insurance is far more important than even the price of your roofing upgrade. A minimum policy of 1-2 million, should be sufficient, however, a larger policy would of course, be more beneficial in the event of accidental damage caused in the process of your roof replacement.  All roofing companies in Listowel should also ensure that their employees are in excellent standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, this protects everyone in the case of an accidental injury. Fall Arrest, as well as Working at Heights, training is mandatory and must be provided, by every quality roofing company in Listowel, to their employees and certifications should be earned. WHIMAS training and certifications, are also beneficial.

Listowel is a small community located in Ontario, Canada. Sharing its name with a town in County Kerry, Ireland, Listowel is well known for its long running, annual St. Patricks’ Day festival, Paddy fest. Acclaimed Canadian artist Horatio Walker, known mostly for his depictions of farm life in Quebec, was born in Listowel. This community offers a historic tour of the town, with Mr. Walkers’ home being one of the stops. A town full of beauty and history, Listowel is a wonderful place to reside or visit.

If you’re looking for a qualified roofing company in Listowel, contact AM Roofing Solutions, right away! Toll free at 1-877-281-6900

Roofing Company in Listowel

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