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Roofing Company in Kitchener

Homeownership is a lifelong goal for most of us and when we are finally lucky enough to accomplish it, it is a dream come true. Although owning a home is bound to come with some headaches along with a necessary upgrade or two, or three. Chances are new build or rustic older home, it will need a roof replacement or roof repairs at the very least, at some point. This is when the need to call an established roofing company in Kitchener comes in. AM Roofing Solutions is a roofing company in Kitchener, that specializes in various forms of roof replacement techniques, including all forms of flat roofing. This roofing company in Kitchener offers only the best in designer shingles as well as the newest eco-friendly shingle options. AM roofing Solutions has access to most roofing materials available today to fit with their customers unique needs. Everything roofing system related from custom eaves troughs to attic insulation, AM Roofing Solutions is the best choice for any of your roofing needs.

The Services This Roofing Company in Kitchener Offer Are:

- Roof Replacement

There are many different ways you could find yourself in need of a roof replacement. Irreparable damage caused by falling tree limbs or blowing debris? Simply looking for a colour change? Or in the market for a roof upgrade? This roofing company in Kitchener has the right solution to suit you and your home. AM Roofing Solutions uses only shingle products of the highest quality. With a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from. This roofing company in Kitchener has intelligent and certified solutions consultants ready to help you make the right choice, and ensure their workmanship meets all of your expectations.

- Attic Insulation

The recommended amount of attic insulation in your home has changed, it is important to keep up with current standards. If you’ve noticed yourself receiving higher than average heating or perhaps cooling bills, under insulation of your attic space could be the cause. Older homes are notorious for having very this layers of attic insulation. However, even newer homes can generally benefit from an attic insulation top up. This roofing company in Kitchener offers free, comprehensive attic inspections by trained professionals. Regardless of whether your home needs a complete attic insulation removal and insulation replacement, or just a slight insulation top up, AM Roofing Solutions can lend a hand with all of your attic insulation needs.

- Roof Maintenance and Roof Repair

Having your roof maintained by a certified and insured roofing company in Kitchener is a wise and incredibly cost effective decision. If you are unable, or believe you may be less than qualified to perform regular roof maintenance on your home, AM Roofing Solutions can help. This roofing company in Kitchener has many experienced roofing solution consultants who come highly recommended for all of your roof maintenance needs. Preforming routine maintenance on your roof, will alleviate the likelihood of costly repairs, preventing a little issue from becoming a large one, by assessing small deficiencies in your roof and repairing them in a timely manner. Sometime over the course of your roofs life time, a repair will of course be necessary, AM Roofing Solutions will be by your side to assess those needs when they come.

- Eaves Trough

AM Roofing Solutions provides competent on site machining of your new trough system as well as safe removal or repair of your existing

eaves trough, soffit and fascia. Rusted, or corroded trough systems need to be replaced. If you have a problem with ice damming causing damage to your trough during the winter and spring months, or leaks in your eaves trough during heavy rains in the spring or summer, an eaves trough replacement is probably in order. This roofing company in Kitchener can provide a thorough inspection of your homes drainage system and recommend the proper course of action to prevent any further issues.

It is vital, for your safety and peace of mind, to understand what types of insurance and certifications a roofing company in Kitchener must possess. Liability insurance is an absolute must for and roofing crew doing any roof replacement or roof repair work on your home. If a roofing company in Kitchener cannot provide proof of this, it is time to walk away. Many people make the choice to hire roofing tradespeople on the basis of cost alone, this is an unwise and generally costly practise. Every employee of every roofing company in Kitchener must keep in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. This will help to protect you, the homeowner, from suffering any accountability should an accidental injury occur during your roofing renovations. It is mandatory for all roofing companies in Kitchener to supply their employees who work at heights, Working at Heights training, and certifications upon completion. Fall arrest and standard WHIMIS training would also be beneficial for a roofing company in Kitchener to have. AM Roofing Solutions holds its employees to the highest standards and ensures that all required training is completed prior to roof installation.

Kitchener is the largest city in the region of Waterloo. It is also the birthplace of many NHL greats including Todd Bertuzzi, and Mark Scheifele, 7th overall draft pick of the Winnipeg Jets. Kitchener is home to an extensive, well maintained trail system, some of which run alongside the Grand River. These trails help to draw in tourists from all over looking for an escape into nature, close to the city. Along with numerous clean parks, Kitchener remains both a tourist destination and a wonderful place to raise a family.

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Roofing Company in Kitchener

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