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Roofing Company in Georgetown

Roofing Company in Georgetown 
Have you come to the conclusion that you may need a professional roofing company in Georgetown with your home's roof replacement or maybe a comprehensive attic inspection? Making an educated decision on which roofing company in Georgetown should receive your business is not always easy. At AM Roofing Solutions is a third generation, family owned and operated roofing company in Georgetown that has been providing outstanding and top rated customer service since 1956. AM Roofing Solutions stands by its promise of use of only top quality roofing materials, always installed by thoroughly trained roofing trades-people. Roofing materials, as well as, roof installation techniques have definitely improved in the past several decades, this roofing company in Georgetown is dedicated to supplying their employees with up to date training in order to keep a few steps ahead of the competition. AM Roofing Solutions stands behind all of the roofing renovations they are hired to complete. 


This Roofing Company in Georgetown offers: 

  • Roof Replacement 

If you have recently had your siding replaced and are now looking for a quality roof replacement to match, this roofing company in Georgetown can provide the right solution for you. Even if your roof replacement needs are of a more urgent variety, AM Roofing Solutions will you provide you with a timely solution to your roof replacement issues. Am Roofing Solutions, chooses to work with only the highest quality Owens Corning roofing products. From designer shingles and durable fiberglass shingles a variety of flat roofing and metal roofing applications, quality and functionality are the promises of this roofing company in Georgetown.

  • Attic Insulation 

30% of all heat loss in your home can be narrowed down to the under insulation of your attic space. That is a large amount of heat and cool air lost through your roof each year. Contacting a roofing company in Georgetown immediately, is the only way to ensure the under insulation in your attic space is corrected. Whether your home is in need of only a small attic insulation top up or a full attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement, this roofing company in Georgetown and their free comprehensive attic inspections can determine the specific needs of your homes attic space, quickly and efficiently. 

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair 

Your roof needs regular maintenance in order to ensure that it continues to function as needed and serves as protection from the elements, for your family and belongings. If you cannot, on your own, properly maintain your home's roofing system, it is imperative that you contact a roofing company in Georgetown in order to talk over all available options regarding your home's roof maintenance. AM Roofing Solutions employs insured and certified roofing solutions consultants and roof repair experts, able to determine your homes particular roof maintenance needs while also providing a free attic inspection to determine whether any roof repairs are in order. Do not procrastinate, should you become aware of an issue with your roofing system that may need to be repaired, call AM Roofing Solutions, as soon as possible. 

  • Eavestrough 

You cannot overlook the importance of a properly functioning eaves trough system. Should you notice any damage to your eaves trough, placing a call to a full-service roofing company in Georgetown is in order. Possible flooding to your basement is very likely should any damage, ice damming, or cracks and leaks, are not taken care of immediately. The chance of causing damage to your foundation increases every day that you allow your eavestrough to underperform. AM Roofing Solutions uses top of the line aluminum eavestrough material, machined at the home in order to ensure the homeowner receives the promised quality. This roofing company in Georgetown, will help to ensure that your home stays looking great, while making certain that the newly installed drainage system, does exactly what it’s been designed to do, and directs water from snow melts and heavy rain, away from your foundation, with efficiency. 

The choice to overlook any lack of insurance or certifications required for every roofing company in Georgetown could end up being a very costly mistake. Any roofing company in Georgetown that you choose to hire for the completion of your roofing project must have a sufficient liability insurance policy. This is mandatory in order to protect the homeowner, in the event of any damage that occurs in the process of your roofing renovations, to your property, home, or your neighbours’ homes. Any roofing company in Georgetown who steps onto a ladder in order to climb onto your roof, must be in good standing with the WSIB. In case of any injury to a member of the roofing crew while on your property, the liability is not on the homeowner. Working at heights training and certifications is mandatory for all roofing company in Georgetown, as well. WHIMAS training is also beneficial. AM Roofing Solutions always makes certain that all of their skilled employees possess the required training, certifications, and, insurance. 
Georgetown, Ontario is a community within the town of Halton Hills. Georgetown is located just west of Toronto, on the Credit River. This community is the birthplace of Canadian celebrity home improvement expert, Mike Holmes. Georgetown has many popular hangouts, such as, the Georgetown skate park, and the Gellert Community Center, on top of these gems, the town in currently in the process of developing an environmentally friendly trail system in Hungry Hollow, using the old rail systems among various other locations. 
For all of your roofing needs, call AM Roofing Solutions in Georgetown today, Toll Free , 1-877- 281-6900

Roofing Company in Georgetown

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