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Roofing Company in Elora

Don’t waste your time searching for any other roofing company in Elora. AM Roofing Solutions is the only established and confident roofing company in Elora that you will ever need. If do choose, however, to sift through all of the under certified roofing companies in Elora it is necessary that you educate yourself on the things that you should to be looking out for in a quality roofing company in Elora. AM Roofing Solutions began to make a name for itself in 1956 with its incredible dedication to provide only the best in customer service. This roofing company in Elora can help to transform your home, into a thing of beauty, without sacrificing the functionality of your roofing system. If you’re looking for something slightly more designer, AM roofing Solutions can provide you with a variety of designer shingle colour options. Should you have a preference for something new, like a metal roofing application, or perhaps Cedar shingles, AM Roofing Solutions guarantees the quality will be unmatched and the workmanship will be beyond your every expectation. The incredible dedication to their customers, old and new, has allowed AM roofing Solutions to stay in the upper tiers of the roofing industry for 6 decades. This reliable full-service roofing company in Elora specializes in premium flat roofing applications, as well as roofing components including, Eaves Trough systems and attic insulation of the highest quality.

The Services That this Roofing Company in Elora Provide Are:

- Roof Replacement

In order to make good decisions when it comes to having your roof replaced you need a roofing company in Elora, who will help to honestly educate you on what your roofing needs really are. AM Roofing solutions offers budget friendly, quality shingle options. While the thought of having to endure a complete roof replacement for your home may seem like too much stress, this roofing company in Elora guarantees to make the process as simple and head ache free as possible. Through initial meeting, roof inspection and roofing quote, provided by one of their competent solutions consultants, to roofing contract completion, AM Roofing Solutions will always be available to address any of the homeowners concerns that may arise. Ask this roofing company in Elora about their outstanding workmanship and manufacturer warranties.

- Attic Insulation

While older homes may be full of charm and history they usually suffer from under insulated Attic spaces. Inadequate attic insulation, is one of the largest contributing factors to the heat loss in your home. About 30%, actually. Don’t fret, this roofing company in Elora has the perfect attic insulation solution for you. Having a complete attic insulation removal and insulation replacement done can save you monthly on your heating bills. Sometimes, newer homes are only in need of a slight attic insulation top up, to bring it up to new standard. AM Roofing Solutions offers free attic inspections to assess the individual attic insulation needs of your home.

- Roof Maintenance and Repair

Roofing systems vary, and some will need more consistent maintenance, but the fact is, all roofing systems will need to be repaired at some point before the end of its life. The size and cost of those repairs will be largely dependent on the amount of roof maintenance your roofing system has been provided with. This roofing company in Elora hires only highly competent roofing repair and roof maintenance experts able to assist you with all of your roof maintenance needs. Like many homeowners, you may unable to provide regular maintenance to your roofing system, AM Roofing Solutions can help. It is of the utmost importance, should you become aware of a leak, or any other type of damage to your roofing system that you get in contact with a reputable roofing company in Elora immediately.

- Eaves trough

The eaves trough on your home is an integral part of the drainage system. Sending water from heavy spring and summer rains or melting snow in the opposite direction of your home, stopping water from pooling around the base of your home and preventing the possible flooding of your basement and damaging your foundation. Having your eaves trough system cleaned regularly, will aid in the discovery of any cracks or leaks that could cause these issues. If your eaves trough has started to show its age, it may be time to have it replaced. Call an insured and certified roofing company in Elora to help you understand your eaves trough needs. AM Roofing Solutions has capable trough experts, ready to assist you with any questions.

As a homeowner you have a responsibility to do proper and thorough research on any roofing company in Elora that you may hire for your roofing renovations. Neglecting this responsibility, can leave a sour taste in your mouth. You need to be aware of what types of insurance and certifications a roofing company in Elora needs. AM Roofing Solutions requires all of their employees to be in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. This roofing company in Elora also makes sure that all employees that may have a requirement in their position to climb onto any roof, flat or sloped, to either inspect, or repair will be in possession of Working at heights and Fall Arrest training. AM Roofing Solutions holds a 5 million dollar liability insurance policy, this will prevent any fall back on the homeowner in the event of damage being caused to your home or surrounding properties. All roofing companies in Elora must be in possession of a policy of at least 1-2 million dollars to ensure adequate protection. AM Roofing Solutions will provide the necessary proof of all mandatory insurance and certifications at the homeowners request.

The small community of Elora, is located in the township of Centre Wellington. This quaint community is well known for its historic 19th century limestone architecture as well as the breathtaking Elora Gorge. The Elora conservation area, formerly a limestone quarry, is now a popular swimming and paddle boating area. With an overwhelming amount of history, and incredible scenery, including a small waterfall, it is no wonder that the community of Elora attracts as many tourists as it does. For a free roof inspection, or attic inspection in Elora call us now at AM Roofing Solutions. Toll Free 1-877-281-6900

Roofing Company in Elora 


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