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Roofing Company in Cambridge

So you’ve realized you may be in need of a roofing company in Cambridge to assist you with your roof replacement or attic inspection needs. Deciding on which roofing company in Cambridge should get your business is not a decision to be taken lightly. At AM Roofing Solutions we have been providing confident and top rated service for 60 years. This is a result of our unwavering promise to use only the highest quality roofing materials, Installed by highly skilled and thoroughly trained roofing professionals. While roofing products and roof installation techniques may have changed since 1956, this roofing company in Cambridge is still dedicated to providing our employees with constant training to keep up with the changing times while also holding onto the values we’ve had since inception. This ensures our customers will always receive the very best quality of service and can have peace of mind that AM Roofing Solutions will be here for them, long after their roofing project has been completed.

This Roofing Company in Cambridge offers:

- Roof Replacement

Have you recently changed the colour of your home and now need a quality roof to match? Or perhaps you’ve taken notice of some of your roof shingles curling, or have spied exposed wood or beams. Whatever your reason may be to have your roofing system replaced, this roofing company in Cambridge has the right solution for you. Am Roofing Solutions works only with the highest quality of designer shingles and fiberglass shingles, as well as, metal roofing, and a variety of flat roofing application, options. This roofing company in Cambridge, will help guide you through the roof installation process and advise you on which roof system will work and look the best on your home.

- Attic Insulation

Many homeowners may not even realize that the lack of sufficient insulation in their attic space may be contributing to those higher than average heating and cooling bills. Older homes are more likely to suffer from a lack of adequate attic insulation, however even newer homes can benefit from a thorough attic inspection and possible attic insulation top up. You can trust that AM Roofing Solutions, a roofing company in Cambridge, and their experienced attic insulation solutions experts can assess any attic insulation issues or deficiencies you may be experiencing and provide a quick and efficient solution to any problem.

- Roof Maintenance and Repair

Your roof, not unlike your vehicle, will need regular maintenance over its life time to ensure that it can continue to do its job properly and protect you and your family from our Canadian weather. If you are unable to properly maintain the roofing system on your home, on your own, it is important to call this roofing company in Cambridge to discuss your roof maintenance options. AM Roofing Solutions has certified and insured solutions consultants and roof repair experts, capable of determining stress free options to rectify any deficiency your roofing system may be experiencing. It is important that you contact a qualified roofing company in Cambridge without delay should you discover an issues with your roof.

- Eaves Trough

The importance of a properly functioning eaves trough system on your home cannot be overlooked. It is of great importance that you call a roofing company in Cambridge, should you notice any damage to your eaves trough. Costly issues like a damaged foundation, or possible basement flooding, are likely to arise if any damage such as, ice damming, or cracks and leaks, are not handled without delay. AM Roofing Solutions uses top of the line products, machined on site to ensure consistent and promised quality. This roofing company in Cambridge will leave your home looking great while ensuring that the drainage system installed on to your home does what it is designed to do, directing water away from your home with efficiency. Prior to making a final decision on which roofing company in Cambridge to allow on to the roof of your home, it is very important to make sure that they have all necessary certifications and insurances. Overlooking a lack of proper insurance by any roofing company in Cambridge could end up being an incredibly costly mistake. Any roofing company in Cambridge that you invite onto your roof must have sufficient liability insurance, in order to protect you, the homeowner, should there be any damage caused by the roofing crew, to your property, home, or your neighbours homes or property. Any roofing company in Cambridge who take even a step onto your roof must be in good standing with WSIB. In the event of an injury to any of the crew while on your property, the liability is not on the homeowner. Working at heights and Fall Arrest train and certifications are also mandatory for any roofing company in Cambridge. WHIMAS certifications would also be beneficial. AM Roofing Solutions will always ensure that every employee possesses the proper training, and certifications.

The beautiful city of Cambridge is located within the regional municipality of Waterloo. Cambridge has many annual festivals like the mill race festival, as well as, the Rock the Mill music festival, and local attractions for both residents and visitors to the city to enjoy. The popular Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is a public favorite, year round. Whether you’ve chosen to reside, or just visit the city, Cambridge, Ontario, is not a place easily forgotten.

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Roofing Company in Cambridge

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