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Roofing Company in Arthur

Would you allow a shady mechanic replace the breaks on your family vehicle? Probably not. So why then, would you consider hiring an under qualified and uninsured roofing company in Arthur to complete your roofing project? The safety and security of your family is worth the proper investment. AM Roofing Solutions, is a roofing company in Arthur, worthy of your business. From residential and commercial flat roofing services, to large or small shingle roofing services, this certified roofing company in Arthur provides the quality workmanship and peace of mind that your home and family deserve. From your very first meeting with their capable solutions consultants, complete with a comprehensive roof inspection and attic inspection, to the completion of your roof installation AM Roofing Solutions will be by your side to ensure that you feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire roofing installation process.


The Services That This Roofing Company in Arthur offer are:

  • Roof Replacement

Is your existing roofing system on its last legs, so to speak? Have you now exhausted all roof repair options? Don’t fret, this roofing company in Arthur can help make your roof replacement as painless as possible. Offering a variety of payment options to suit your individual financial needs without sacrificing any quality. If you like the look of designer shingles, or would prefer more classic fiberglass shingles, AM Roofing Solutions has both in an array of colours to choose from. With ecofriendly roofing solutions also available upon request, this roofing company in Arthur has every option for your roof replacement that you could possibly want, always installed by only by skilled and certified trades-people.

  • Attic Insulation

If you’ve noticed that your home has been producing above normal heating costs, your attic insulation, or lack thereof, may be the problem. Have you noticed consistent icicles developing on your eaves trough or fascia in the cooler months? These are likely indications that your attic space may be under insulated. Your attic space might only need a slight attic insulation top up, to become level with the most recent standard, this is usually the case with newer homes. Older homes, however, do tend to be sufficiently lacking proper attic insulation, with only a quarter of the proper amount in most cases. The only way to determine this is to have an attic inspection done by a qualified roofing company in Arthur, AM Roofing Solutions is ready to provide you with whatever attic insulation services you require.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

Constant repairs to your roofing system will end up costing you a pretty penny over time. The best way to minimize the amount and severity of those roof repairs is to hire a roofing company in Arthur to assist you with the proper and consistent roof maintenance that your home needs. Heavy snow and ice accumulations, when left untreated, can cause your roofing system to be damaged, and while this may seem like a daunting task to the average homeowner, it is precisely the type of roof maintenance that AM Roofing Solutions trains its certified and insured roof maintenance and repair experts for. Consistent roof maintenance and inspections allows for the ability to repair small roof deficiencies in a timely manner, in turn preventing them from becoming large problems, while extending the life span of your roofing system.

  • Eavestrough

AM Roofing Solutions is proud to be a full-service roofing company in Arthur capable of removing and replacing every aspect of your roofing system with ease, eaves trough included. Cracks, icicle build up in cold weather, overflow or constant untreated clogs are fairly good signs that an eavestrough replacement is in order. This roofing company in Arthur uses only a quality aluminum eaves trough, finished with an enamel baked on, created at your home to ensure exact lengths, and a seamless design free of cracks.

Prior to the hiring of a roofing company in Arthur, it is important to be properly educated on how established, insured and certified, said roofing company in Arthur really is. If you, as the homeowner, do not ask the right questions, who will? AM Roofing Solutions has been in the roofing business for six decades. This roofing company in Arthur has a high end, five million dollar liability insurance policy. Every roofing company in Arthur should have at minimum, a one to two million dollar policy. Be it sales, or roof installation crew, every employee of AM Roofing Solutions is to be in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. This is in place, in case of any accidental injury or fall that may occur during your roof renovations. Fall Arrest certifications as well as the training and certifications required to Work at Heights, in Ontario, would also be beneficial.

The village of Arthur Ontario is a very small community known as the gateway to Wellington North. The pride of this community is the Arthur Cenotaph located in the heart of the village. In 1942, about 1/8 of the entire community had enlisted. Arthur is now officially recognized as “Canadas Most Patriotic Village”. Arthur is a popular place for both World War 2 enthusiasts and history buffs. There are also numerous murals throughout the community depicting different World War and Canadian history scenes. For a free roof inspection and quote, call AM Roofing Solutions, right away, toll free at 1-877-281-6900

Roofing Company in Arthur

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