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Roof Replacement in Waterloo

The city of Waterloo takes its’ name from one of the great battles of Europe, the Battle of Waterloo that saw the end to the Napoleonic wars in Europe in 1816. As the region developed, it became known as the ‘Golden Triangle,’ because it was associated with Kitchener and Cambridge and their economies that were entwined to produce wealth for the region.

In the ‘Golden Triangle,’ residents know that a roof replacement in Waterloo will have the Midas touch when AM Roofing does the work. A roof replacement in Waterloo will meet the Gold Standard when we do the work, because the materials we use are worth their weight in gold and our installers are best that money can buy.

To get on the golden road for a roof replacement in Waterloo, you need to make a plan that will help illuminate some of the darken areas of information for a roof replacement in Waterloo.

The first thing you need is a reputable contractor for your roof replacement in Waterloo and the first place to look for one is locally. A local contractor will have local work for a roof replacement in Waterloo and that will provide a template for review of his work.

The next set on the road to a roof replacement in Waterloo is licensing and insurance for the contractor who will provide your roof replacement in Waterloo. Credentials meaning everything in trades work and you don’t want someone who is unqualified of lacking in registration to provide your roof replacement in Waterloo because it can create hardships later.

Staffing a roof replacement in Waterloo can be done a number of ways, but for safety’s sake, you want a contractor that has a crew assembled to work regularly rather than a sub-contracting crew because the third party is just an employ and not the party that will stand behind the work. Once the labour issued has been ironed out, warranties for the work and the materials need to be brought into the light of day. The contractor will guarantee the labour of his crew and the supplier will guarantee the materials and both should be at least five years in duration.

Everything is moving along to a successful interview for a contractor and the last thing a homeowner needs is a written estimate for the work. The estimate is an insurance policy for the homeowner as a form of protection from costs that weren’t discussed in the run up to the job.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we meet all these conditions and more when you sign with us for a roof replacement. In 60 years of work we have provided exemplary service to all our customers and the work has been provided by three-generations of family to achieve quality results. When the job is done, a homeowner will get a 10-year warranty for workmanship along with an excellent roof replacement for their hard-earned dollars.

Detecting problems and future problems on a roofing system comes with years of experience and when you contact us to investigate your roofing system know we bring an abundance of experience.

Our expert will look for things like loose or missing shingles, water stains that indicate leaks in the roofing skin and puddles at the base of downspouts that indicate problems with the drainage system. Once he has identified the problems and potential problems he will assemble a written estimate for your review with the costs solidified for the work. A quick look into the attic to verify your insulation density will complete our inspection of your roofing system. It is a well-known fact that insulation keeps heat in the house and protects the shingles from unwanted heat radiation. If shingles are forced to absorb too much heat they will decay and create breaches in your roofing system that could lead to water damage if not checked and remediated immediately.

To make the most of roof replacement, shingles in different styles and colours can be purchased to provide an accent on the outside of the home that bring its’ lustre to the forefront and gives it a profile it never had. We have cedar (shingles/shakes), asphalt, composite and metal coverings for home that are pocketbook-priced to fit every budget.

Follow the yellow brick road to a roof replacement and call us at today AM Roofing Solutions for a free consultation and home inspection at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Waterloo

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