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Roof Replacement in St. Jacobs

The town of St. Jacobs sits in the middle of southern Ontario and it takes its’ history from the original settlers in the area, the Mennonites. When you go to St. Jacobs, it is almost like stepping back in time as the Mennonites who still inhabit the area in great numbers still practice a traditional lifestyle. When going to the Mennonite market, you can still see wagons pulled by horses carrying the Mennonites and their wares to market.

When the townsfolk need a roof replacement in St Jacobs they call us at AM Roofing  for complete the work. We don’t arrive at your home in a covered wagon, but we do arrive with the best materials we can source and use quality installers to complete your roof replacement in St. Jacobs.

Hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in St. Jacobs doesn’t have to be a chore if you are informed about the process. Take a look locally for a contractor for your roof replacement in St. Jacobs; a local reputation goes a long way to instilling confidence for a homeowner who is purchasing a roof replacement in St Jacobs. Also, you can review any work tendered in the area and seek a reference for a contractor is you are so inclined.

A local contractor will have a professional profile and it starts with licensing and insurance for a roof replacement in St. Jacobs. If the contractor can’t produce relevant documents to verify his standing as a professional contractor, it should raise red flags about the contractor’s legitimacy.

The next thing to sort out is the labour question for your roof replacement in St Jacobs. There are two schools of thought on labour for a roof replacement in St. Jacobs. The first, some contractors will farm out the labour for a roof replacement in St. Jacobs, while others will have a crew ready and waiting. Lean towards the contractor who has a crew that is employed by the company as a means of protection from a seasonal operator who may not be there if things go wrong.

Warranties are important, full stop. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by when you are talking to a contractor – ask about the warranties he will provide and what the duration of the warranties are. There should be two warranties that accompany your roof replacement in St. Jacobs – one for labour supplied by the contractor and other for materials purchased from a roofing supplier. Both should be valid for the duration of a five-year period and if not you may not know what you are getting.

The last administrative item on the leger is a written estimate. Many contractors will offer one free of charge as a means to stand behind the things they say and build confidence with a customer. If a written estimate isn’t part of the contractor’s equation when evaluating your roofing work, exclusion from the process is the default position.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been satisfying details and customer concerns for over 60 years and our family – three generations – has been the impetus behind all our work.Finding faults in roofing system may not be easy, but if you look for inadequacies that are apparent, you can see when your roof needs work. Damaged shingles, leaks and poor water drainage are all clues that point to problems at the top f your home and when the problems are recognized they need to be dealt with.

Making contact with our company will get a certified inspector to your residence for an inspection of the roof and the attic to look for flaws and problems. Our inspector will spot trouble and provide a means to erase the problem with a cogent plan and a written estimate to support his conclusions. One of the key sources of protection for your roof is the insulation in your attic. If you have enough insulation density you are keeping the heat in the home and away from the roof. It is important to keep the heat from the shingles because heat destroys shingles due to exposure over time and it can lead to other problems that have gone unnoticed.

To complete the roof replacement task, you need to purchase a roof covering for your home. In our virtual inventory we can show you many styles and colours that can accentuate your home that come in composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal materials.

For a free consultation and home inspection, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in St. Jacobs

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