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Roof Replacement in Palmerston

Palmerston was a key railway junction in the 1800’s and was a crossroad for trade and commerce in the area that became a going concern when settlers started buying up property when the railroad decided to lay tracks through Palmerston. Palmerston is also famous for the role it played in the eradication of small pox in Ontario. A farm was created in Palmerston, the Ontario Vaccine Farm, to produce the plant materials needed to treat small pox.

When the town needs to heal a sick roofing system, they call us at AM Roofing Solutions for a roof replacement in Palmerston. When we treat roofing aliments with a roof replacement in Palmerston we use quality materials and the best installers who could be classified as ‘doctors’ in the field for a roof replacement in Palmerston. Finding a ‘roof doctor’ for a roof replacement in Palmerston doesn’t mean a never-ending journey to specialists far and wide for the cure for what is afflicting your roofing system, but it does mean a little research.

Like any medical practitioner, you want your contractor to be local for a roof replacement in Palmerston. A localized contractor can produce references for work done in the area and potential references from previous clients who have received a roof replacement in Palmerston from the contractor.

If you need a doctor, you want the physician to hold certification from an accredited medical school. If you want a contractor operating on roof replacement in Palmerston, you want him to hold credentials also. A business license to practice and insurance are the necessities for the contractor and they should be able to produce them upon request.

A roof replacement in Palmerston will require assistance, like a surgeon in an operating room for roof replacement in Palmerston. Some contractors employ crews, others use sub-contracting teams to achieve results for a roof replacement in Palmerston. A dedicated crew is the best choice as it shows a commitment by the contractor that his work is of high quality and trusts the crew to do the job.

Doctors can make no guarantees for the treatment they provide because the human condition is a complicated one, but roofing contractors can. The guarantee comes in the form of warranties for the products and work done by the contractor. The product warranties come from the producers of the materials and the contractor is responsible for the work. Both warranties should start at the five-year mark and if not, it may be a good idea to continue the search if you can’t get adequate warranty protection.

To complete the diagnosis, a written estimate is to be supplied by the contractor to the homeowner for any work required. It is essential that an estimate be provided to protect a homeowner from cost increases that could cause complications later.

At AM Roofing Solutions, our healing hands lend comfort to all areas of the process and after 60 years treating sick and diseased roofing systems we have all the experience we need to get your roof back to good health. The primary driver of the roofing healthcare we dispense comes from our family – three generations of roof doctors – administering all the medicine that is necessary to keep a homeowner warm and cozy.

Having an ailing roofing system is one thing, identifying the symptoms is quite another. Like the medical profession, we treat the causes not the symptoms of an ailing roofing system and you can identify the causes if you know the problems. Shingles that come away from the roof, leaky drainage systems of leaks in the attic are all problems that can be cured with call to AM Roofing Solutions.

When you do call, we send out one of ‘roof doctors’ to perform triage on the roofing system and come up with a plan to cure the ill areas. He will explain the problems in layman’s terms and provide a written estimate when he is finished. The last thing our ‘doctor’ will do is look into the attic as preventative medicine. He will want to assess the density of the insulation to determine if it is keeping heat in the house and away from the roofing system. This is important because heat works like and infection and when it afflicts your shingles it will cause the spread of ‘disease’ – meaning deterioration of the shingles. Shingles wilt under intense heat exposure and the damage will spread rapidly is left unchecked so it makes sense to have our ‘doctor’ provide a quick examination.

Once the problems have been localized on the roof, you can make a choice for coverings for your roofing system. In the inventory available are many styles and colours that come in composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles and shakes) and metallic materials to complete the operation.

To see a roofing specialist, contact us today at AM Roofing Solutions to make an appointment for a no cost consultation and free inspection when you call 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Palmerston

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