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Roof Replacement in Orangeville

The town of Orangeville has a historical lineage that few communities can match. As with most villages and small communities in the area, they grew with the times attaining village status in the mid-1800’s. Previous to the settlements that sprang up through the area, a thriving Native community inhabited the area 8000 years ago. Since the village’s incorporation, the town has grown is now the seat of Dufferin County and the economic hub for the region. When residents of the community require a roof replacement in Orangeville, they call AM Roofing Solutions.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have enjoyed the longevity that success has provided – over five decades – based on a commitment to quality and service that is second none when a you require a roof replacement in Orangeville. All of our installers are local, they have been formally trained and professionally certified as roofing technicians and their craftsmanship is the bedrock of our business. We have a deep reservoir of experience providing roof replacement in Orangeville for homes and businesses that were built at the turn of the century right up to the present day.

Selecting a contractor for a roof replacement in Orangeville is the first step to replacing your roofing system and getting off on the right foot increases the chances of success. When evaluating potential contractors, take a shop local approach for a roof replacement in Orangeville. If a contractor has a local profile, it is likely he has done local work that can be reviewed and the homeowner contacted for information and a possible reference.

Once you have secured positive feedback from some of the previous work the contractor has done, determine if the roofing contractor has valid insurance to work as contractor, most contractors will provide proof of insurance upon request. Is the contractor who will provide the roof replacement in Orangeville going to use a crew that he employs or will he farm out the roof replacement in Orangeville to a sub contractor.

The last item on the agenda for a roof replacement in Orangeville is a written estimate from the contractor who will provide the roof replacement in Orangeville. The estimate is a binding contract that provides for cost certainty and a guarantee that the services to be provided for a roof replacement in Orangeville are as discussed.

Contacting us at AM Roofing Solutions for a roof replacement in Orangeville will alleviate all concerns and meet any and all pre-conditions that are relevant to a roof replacement in Orangeville. One of professional consultants, with years of experience, will be happy to come to your residence for a no cost, no obligation estimate to determine the condition of the current roofing system.

A roofing system consists of three parts that work in conjunction to maintain a watertight seal at the top of your home. If shingles are eroding, loosing granules or are missing or are curling or cracking, it means that the roofing system is becoming compromised. Rain gutters that have pulled away from the fascia, or down spouts that are leaking can cause damage to your home’s structure that can lead to increased costs for a roof replacement in Orangeville. If water stains are present in the attic – either on the decking of the roof or the rafters – the shingles have lost their ability to maintain the watertight seal they were designed to provide. Also, attic insulation is an important component to the overall health of a roofing system. If the insulation is of poor quality or is inadequate, the shingles will feel the effects of overheating due to trapped heat that creates a frying effect underneath the shingles.

Our consultant will take an extensive look at all these components and evaluate potential solutions. Once he has taken stock of the situation, our consultant will explain what work is required and why it is required and provide a written estimate.

Our selections of shingles – in asphalt and fiberglass – come in varying designs and colour schemes for a roof replacement in Orangeville. Cedar shingles and shakes make a roof a conversation piece with their elegance and style. Metal roofing systems are enjoying popularity due to the cost of the roofing system and duration it will last, and we have many different varieties to choose from.

A roof replacement with the best materials and a 10-year workmanship warranty is waiting for you at AM Roofing Solutions. Call us toll-free at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Orangeville

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