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Roof Replacement in Minto

Minto is a community that sits on the banks of the Maitland River and has been a prosperous community since the 1850’s when European settlers migrated to the area to set down stakes in their new home. Once trade and commerce took root the railway came through the town and afforded the community a chance to be in touch with the wider world of Upper Canada in pre-Confederation times.

The area is steeped in early history and when residents of the community need a roof replacement in Minto, they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. Like the community of Minto, we are steeped in the history of the roofing industry in Ontario. Our company can say that many materials we use for a roof replacement in Minto is of the highest quality and all of our installers are experienced in the best industry practices when it comes time for a roof replacement in Minto.

Those who don’t learn form history are doomed to repeat, so the old saying goes. And you don’t want a substandard roof replacement in Minto because you didn’t do any research for a contractor for a roof replacement in Minto. To start your search for a suitable contractor for a roof replacement in Minto, look locally for potential contractors. It will provide a historical view of previous work and you can take to previous customers to get a feel for the work the contractor will provide for a roof replacement in Minto.

You have developed a list of contractors to talk to and the next thing to determine is the professionalism that the contractors on the list hold. For a roof replacement in Minto, a contractor should hold a license to conduct business and insurance for the crew he will employ for a roof replacement in Minto.

Another point of order when hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Minto is the crew who supply the work to complete the replacement. There are two ways to go for a contractor, use a crew of their own creation or hire out to a third party. Stay with the contractor that has a crew at his disposal as it sends a message that there is a commitment to job and adds piece of mind for the homeowner.

As an adjunct factor to the disposition of labour is a warranty for the work that will be provided by the contractor’s crew. Most contractor warranties’ are five-year cycles and depending on the contractor it could be less. Check with the contractor to find out about materials warranties that come from the manufacturer, most materials will have at five-year warranties and depending on the price of the materials it could be longer, don’t leave this up in the air because you could be disappointed later.

To complete your contractor screening, any contractor bidding for you roof replacement will provide a written estimate for the job they will perform at your home. Don’t approve any work until you see the price in writing because you inviting cost overruns if you don’t.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have decades of meeting the challenges that comes with any roof replacement and in 60 years of work our commitment to quality and honesty is the bedrock of our success. Entrenched in the bedrock is our family – three generations of roofers who have provided the glue that holds our company together.

Finding roofing problems means you need to have a keen eye and know exactly what you are looking for. If you see that shingles are misaligned, exposed decking, or water stains in the attic this should be a subtle clue that you need a contractor right away.

Contacting us will see and expert come to your home for home inspection that will see a written estimate provided for the problems that have been identified and contain the solutions necessary to protect the roofing system.

With technological advances, roof coverings now come in many colours and styles that will satisfy the most discerning tastes. We have asphalt, composite, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing products for your roofing covering that will last for many years.

To get a your free estimate that comes with a no-obligation consultation, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Minto

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