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Roof replacement in Guelph

It all started with the felling of a maple tree back in 1827 when the City of Guelph was born. The city was named after members of the Royal Family back in England and it was a staunchly British town. Over the years the city grew and prospered and was home to one first that launched the digital revolution. Guelph was the first city that had cable television, it was the creation of Ted Metcalfe the founder of McLean Hunter Television and the first broadcast, ironically enough, was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Guelph is home to trade and commerce and could be one of the most diversified cities in the region and hosts the of the area’s biggest universities, the University of Guelph. Home to many historic buildings, the city is a draw for history buffs and tourists who have an eye for period pieces of the architectural world.

Many residents will need a roof replacement in Guelph and the residents cede responsibility for the work to our company, AM Roofing Solutions. As a premier roofing firm, we attract the best installers for a roof replacement in Guelph and the materials we use come from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the roofing industry. We when engage you for a roof replacement in Guelph, you come to expect the best service that your hard-earned dollars can buy and accept no substitutes. 

To hire a quality contractor for a roof replacement in Guelph requires some diligence on the homeowner’s behalf to source out the right contractor for a roof replacement in Guelph. In the impetus of the search should fall on local establishments for a roof replacement in Guelph and you can line a number of contractors for review.

Once a local list has been created; you can start the process for selection of a contractor for a roof replacement in Guelph. One of the many details to look into is whether a contractor has insurance and a business license for a roof replacement in Guelph. This may seem benign on the surface, but it is important that the contractor is in compliance with all provincial and local regulations before his crew ascends your home for a roof replacement in Guelph.

Pursuant to registration, labour is just as important as verification for a roof replacement in Guelph. A contractor that farms out his work to a group of subcontractors has limited liability for the work and can pass any responsibilities onto someone else should there be problems. That creates difficulties in and of itself should you require a subcontractor to come back to repair any problems. If you use a contractor with a crew that he uses all the time, those concerns disappear.

Many people aren’t aware that warranties play a central role in roofing work and there are two warranties that can be accessed. Labour and materials are both guaranteed – labour by the contractor, and materials by the supplier for the manufacturer. Check the duration to get an idea of the quality of the materials and what you can expect from the crew. If the warranties run for a short period of time it is indicative that the work and materials won’t last.

Pricing in the roofing business is extremely competitive and all contractors who are bidding on roofing work know instinctively that will not get work if they don’t offer a written estimate. If you don’t get a written estimate for the work you need it should be a deal breaker with that contractor.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we shoulder all of those responsibilities and more when you deal with our firm for any roofing work you need. We have over 60-years experience providing quality-roofing work, and our family is a major part of everything we do. We have had three generations take the reins and their work in the industry is well known and highly regarded. We believe in old-fashioned business values, treat the customer fairly, price work according to need not profit and guarantee the work we do with a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

You don’t have to be a roofer to know when things are wrong topside, you will see clues that things aren’t right, like shingles that are damaged or missing. Water stains are the 911 of roofing problems because it means water is penetrating the roofing system and rain gutters that are blocked is another hint to get a roofing company to your home pronto.

We will respond to any roofing emergency at your home, and our service person will take a long look at the problems through our inspection to get to the root causes of the problems. Once they have been identified, he will draw up a plan to mitigate the effects of the problems and supply a written estimate to cover his recommendations.

You are in the home stretch for your roof replacement, the only left to do is decide what type of covering you want to complete the job. Our company has a wide array of materials that fall along the lines of asphalt, composite, cedar – shingles and shakes – and metal roofing systems as solutions for your home.

To get the best service money can buy contact us at AM Roofing Solutions with all your roofing questions. For a free estimate a professional roofing inspection and no cost meeting that is free of any obligation, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof replacement in Guelph

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