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Roof Replacement in Georgetown

Canada has a long and storied history as a humanitarian country and a little town in southwestern Ontario may have provided the first act of humanitarianism. The town of Georgetown set the tone back in 1925 when they took in a group of children that had been displaced during fighting in Western Europe and provided them a safe secure home where they could prosper and flourish.

When the good neighbours with big hearts need a roof replacement in Georgetown they know that AM Roofing Solutions will be behind them 100 per cent. For all the work we do we use the best products we can buy and the installers we use for any roof replacement in Georgetown are the best tradesmen in the industry to provide your roof replacement in Georgetown. 

Like the journey the kids went on in 1925, a successful voyage that will achieve a successful roof replacement in Georgetown can be filled with rough waters, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you chart a course a roof replacement in Georgetown, know that are ‘ports of call’ to dock in for information that will make the decision an easy one. The first pier to tie up to is a local one – meaning that you should find a local contractor for roof replacement in Georgetown. It affords the advantage of an inspection of previous work tendered by the contractor for a roof replacement in Georgetown and chance to ask former customers for an opinion on the work they received.

Back on the high seas of contractor evaluation, sees the captain of the roof replacement in Georgetown ship docking at the pier of accreditation. Contractors will hold insurance and a license to operate as roofing contractor and it more than OK to ask for validation of credentials.

You leave port and set sail for the next destination and that is the staffing issue that will surround your roof replacement in Georgetown. Most contractors will maintain a contingent of crewmembers to fulfill any roof replacement in Georgetown, while others use independent sub-contractors. You want to shy away from sub-contracting teams; as they don’t inspire the same type of confidence a regular crew does when they come to provide a roof replacement in Georgetown.

Departing the port of labour, you head for the island of warranties where there are some shoals to navigate before you can land. The first stop on Warranty Island is at the products dock. Roofing products come with a warranty from the manufacturer and the contractor for the roofing work supplies the labour warranty. Both warranties are contingent of details and conditions being met – so know your rights before you engage a contractor.

The seafaring voyage is going swimmingly and the last port of call is the written estimate. All contractors who hold themselves out as ‘Honest Johns,’ will have an estimate in hand ready to present to a potential customer at the conclusion of any consultation. It essential to get the costs in writing to protect you from future cost increases that weren’t covered at the time the arrangements were made.

When you choose AM for any roofing work you should know it is smooth sailing because we have a captain at the tiller that has a firm hand to navigate the waters and our 60 years in business say we have survived rough waters. The crew that runs the good ship AM Roofing Solutions is our family, three generations have manned the roofing ladders to create many a successful journeys across roofing waters.

Sailors instinctively know when a storm is coming, but most homeowners don’t know when problems on the roof could sink their investment. If you can identify the early warning signs, you can avoid the rocks, and protect your home and its’ inhabitants.

Things like shingles that are cracked or missing is an early warning sign as are water stains inside and outside the home, while poor drainage from the roof is another hint that all is not right topside.

Taking a cruise with us will have on of our ‘First Mate’s’ attend your home for routine inspection tour of your roofing system to find the faults and flaws that are keeping it from being the protective shell that you need for your home. After he has seen to his duties, he will present a plan to rectify the problems that will be highlighted in a written estimate. Before he leaves your home, our ‘First Mate’ will look into the attic to determine if you have enough insulation to protect your roofing system. Attic insulation is the anchor that holds heat in the house while protecting the shingles from unwanted heat leakage through the attic. Heat release will hamper the shingles ability to work because the heat will dry out the shingles and they will crack and split leaving cavities for water to seep in and you don’t want your roof taking on water, now do you?

To top off a successful trip around the Cape of Good Roofing, shingles to cover the decking are the required. We have many styles and colours in our inventory for you to review that come in composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal liners to seal your home with.

For a no-obligation evaluation and free home inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Georgetown

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