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Roof Replacement in Erin

Erin, like many communities in southern Ontario found its’ community roots in agriculture and its’ proximity to the Credit River made shipping livestock and vegetables to major centres an easy task. Now the community is still agrarian-based, but it has become a bedroom community for residents who work in larger cities that surround Erin.

When the local commuters and townsfolk need a roof replacement in Erin, they contact us at AM Roofingfor the work. When the rubber hits the road for a roof replacement in Erin, the homeowners know that they won’t get a ‘lemon’ for materials and the work will be done by our skilled roofing ‘mechanics’ to ensure quality.

It has been said a good mechanic for auto repairs is hard to find, roofing contractors aren’t as hard to find, but to get the right one for your roof replacement in Erin can be difficult. You don’t get your car repaired two towns over, so why would you look outside of your community for a qualified contractor for a roof replacement in Erin? A community contractor will have provided a roof replacement in Erin and networking with former customers is way to validate previous efforts.

Mechanics go through years of training and need provincial certification before they can ply their trade. In the roofing business, skilled and trained professionals hold two types of accreditation to provide a roof replacement in Erin. A business license combined with insurance will suffice for a contractors bona fides for a roof replacement in Erin and ask to see proof of both is you are unsure about the contractor.

A repair shop will employ a team of mechanics to fix cars; contractors work on another that is a two-track system. One, finds a contracting hiring out for the labour for a roof replacement in Erin, and the other has a crew ready to provide a roof replacement in Erin. Stay with the contractor who keeps a crew working regularly to avoid problems later if something needs to fixed or adjusted.

Mechanics and roofing contractors have one thing in common and that is warranties for the work they do. For a roof replacement in Erin, the contractor will guarantee the work of his crew and the supplier of the materials he uses will guarantee the shingles and tar paper. When assessing a contractor the warranty will be the tell for the work and materials you will receive. If the warranties are for five-years or more, you know quality work will be backing the job.

Before you head on down the road for your roof replacement in Erin, make sure you have a written estimate in hand before you speed away. Without an estimate, all cost incurred – discussed or not – will become the responsibility of the homeowner and that can have catastrophic consequences.

At AM Roofing Solutions, you can set all your concerns on cruise control because we have been keeping the car of the road for 60 years and our family – three generations and counting – has been the driving force. You know when your car is running poorly because it may not perform as it had in the past or making noises you have never heard. With roofing problems you don’t get those kinds of indications that there are problems. It takes a visual assessment to see what is wrong and to identify what is wrong some things will come into focus.

A roof that has shingles that are missing or askew says there is something wrong, leak in the attic or puddles at the base of downspouts also mean there are problems that need to be corrected. When you send for one of our ‘roof mechanics,’ he will give your roofing system the once over to find the faults and flaws and come back with a written estimate that explains the nature of the problems and costs involved.

With that aside, the final question to answer is what type of covering do you want, the style and in what colour. We carry composite, cedar (shakes/shingles), asphalt and metal products for your roofing solution.

To book a service call for your roofing system, call AM Roofing Solutions today for a free inspection and no cost meeting at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Erin

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