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Roof Replacement in Elora

Elora is a community in southwestern Ontario that sits at the confluence of the Irving and Grand Rivers and provides beautiful vistas for tourists who visit the area. The vistas sit high atop sandstone banks that have been craved out over thousands of years of water flowing along the banks and the Elora Gorge is a favorite for divers who want to explore the caves and channel below.

For community members who need a roof replacement in Elora, they know AM Roofing, will go deep to achieve the best results. When we provide a roof replacement in Elora for many of the century homes and new homes that hold a place in the municipality, we use quality materials and the best installers that can be found in the community.

A roof replacement in Elora is a major job and one that you don’t want to trust it to just anybody, so you need a plan of attack to hire the best contractor available to install your roof replacement in Elora.

Start with a small circle that you can draw around the community in the hunt for a contractor for your roof replacement in Elora. The local contractor will have done local work that can be judged and a reference can be obtained from previous customers for satisfactory work.

Checking credentials is important for a roof replacement in Elora, you want to have a contractor who is licensed and carries insurance for any work they perform on your property when you have a roof replaced. Anybody can say they have registration, but don’t be afraid to ask for verification before you go any further with the potential contractor.

Next question to answer for your roof replacement in Elora is who is going to install the roof replacement in Elora?

Some contractors use the services of a third party to install a roof replacement in Elora, while contractors have a crew already assembled to provide a roof replacement in Elora. It is important to choose wisely, you don’t want after the fact problems to go unaddressed if you use a third party to install a roof replacement in Elora.

When the staffing issues are settled, warranties become the next topic of conversation. The contractor will give a labour warranty for his crew’s services and his materials supplier will provide one for shingles and other sundry products that used during the course of completion of the work. The warranties should – at a minimum – be five years long. Anything less and you maybe running into sub-standard materials or workmanship and that is a problem in and of itself.

To complete the consultation phase of the evaluation, a written estimate will be issued be the contractor to cover any and all costs required for a roof replacement. The estimate is the work plan that provides cost certainty for the job and defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Don’t sign anything until you have the estimate in hand as a form of insurance for your work.

As a quality contractor with over 60 years in the business, we at AM Roofing Solutions have been insuring that all the conditions of successful roofing replacement have been met and exceeded for our customers. The energy that drives our work comes from our family – three generations – and we treat our customers like family to provide the best results available for a roof replacement.

A lot of homeowners may not know when it is time to call a roofing contractor if there are problems on the roof, but there are subtle hints that can nudge a person in the right direction. If you see a shingle on the front lawn, it may not be your neighbour’s, puddles at the downspout or leaks in the eavestrough or attic mean that the a call should be made for professional advice to solve your roofing problems.

Booking a free inspection with us will get at the root of the problems, because our inspector, with a trained eye, will spot the deficiencies and make recommendations to clear up the problems. Once his inspection is complete a written estimate will be part of inspection for your review. Before he leaves your home, an inspection tour of the attic will be part of the process. What he will be looking for is whether your attic insulation is functioning at a peak level. Insulation will reduce heat leakage to virtually nil, keeping heat in the house and away from the shingles. Heat will terminate the shingles effectiveness through decay due to exposure to excess heat and that means money up in smoke.

As a one-stop shop, we carry a variety of roofing covering for you to choose from. Colours and styles are represented in a number of different materials like composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roofing products for a replacement of current covering.

Call AM Roofing Solutions today for no-obligation consultation and free estimate at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Elora


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