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Roof Replacement in Drayton

The community of Drayton is a theatre’s lover paradise and is home to the Drayton Festival Theatre that has seen thespians from the top of the acting world grace the boards at the theatre. The theatre finds its roots in a 1902 opera house that was remodeled to accommodate theatric performances and has been a going concern every since.

For the fans the arts in the community and the regular Joe’s and Jane’s who need a roof replacement in Drayton, AM Roofing Solutions is there with an Academy Performance to make a dream a reality for a roof replacement in Drayton.

Our star shines brightly in the roofing industry because we use superior materials and our installers are all worthy of Oscar’s for the work they do for a roof replacement in Drayton.

Hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Drayton is lot like a ‘casting call,’ you may not put out notices to have actors come in and read for a part but the process is similar to find a contractor who can execute the role for a roof replacement in Drayton. 

To hit the marks on the stage of a roof replacement in Drayton, a local contractor should play a starring role in a roof replacement in Drayton. A contractor can evaluate a local contractor for past workmanship for a roof replacement in Drayton and previous customers can provide a rant or a rave when reviewing a performance.

Another detail that a contractor should have to his credit is insurance and licensing for the work they will supply. Reputable contractors have accreditation to work and will show their bona fides at a customer’s request to build confidence in their abilities.The next thing to consider is the labour question for a roof replacement in Drayton. Is the contractor going to use ‘extras’ meaning a subcontracting crew or will he use his own cast of characters to achieve the goal of a roof replacement in Drayton?Ask the contractor if his crew are prime time players or not and if they are ‘extras’ you might want to take your casting needs in another direction.

When you have work of this nature done at your home, you should be aware that warranties come as part of the arrangement. The warranties are two-fold, the first is for materials used on the job, always guaranteed by the manufacturer through the supplier and the workmanship is the contractor’s responsibility. A warranty is only as good as the duration of time it covers, and if you don’t get at least five year’s worth of coverage from either warranty, see what else is available.

The last item for a successful production for a roof replacement is the written estimate that should be issued by the contractor. Without an estimate you leave yourself open to all manner of financial increases for roofing work and it could run in the thousands of dollars if you aren’t protected.

Using AM Roofing Solutions for any roofing work and you will know we meet all the conditions for a starring role for roofing work because we have been plying trade for the past 60 years. Over that time, our family – three generations - have been playing leading roles in our business and they have brought us many accolades for our work.

In the business of roofing, you need to know what you are looking for when you launch an investigation into the condition of your roof. Shingles that aren’t in position, leaks in the attic or water stains on the side of the house are sure signs that problems are growing out of control.

When one of experts attend your residence to inspect your roofing system, he will look for problems like the ones just mentioned and after the inspection he will present a written estimate to cover all the work that has been identified as a need.

An attic inspection will part of your overall inspection because it is important to have enough attic insulation to prevent heat loss and heat leakage to the roof. When shingles are forced to absorb undue heat they will crack and wilt, causing the shingles to fail and jeopardize the roofing system through a lack of protection.

To get to the final credits that roofing work is, you need to select shingles that will cover the top of your home. Our inventory consists of rainbow of colours and styles to meet your needs. We have shingles that come in composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal sheets for your home.

To get a ticket for an appointment with us at AM Roofing Solutions for a no cost meeting and free inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Drayton

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