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Roof Replacement in Cambridge

Entrusting the most precious asset you own to contractors can be a scary proposition. Soliciting quotes from contractors on the Internet or phone book is one thing, but establishing a rapport is quite another. Our family business – three generations and going strong – has been building and maintaining relationships with our customers with strong attention to detail, quality materials and expert workmanship. We don’t just say we are the best – we guarantee it – with our 10-workmanship warranty on all roofing work we perform. Our 10-year warranty is one of things that sets us apart from the competition, most companies offer a one to three year workmanship warranty.

When you choose a contractor to perform work on your home, you should develop a checklist to use a roadmap to guide you to an effective choice for a roof replacement in Cambridge. When researching potential contractors, find out if the contractor is local and has local references from work he has done in your community. Are they insured, do they use qualified roofing technicians to remove and replace your roof? Is the contractor a ‘licensed’ contractor, who will replace the roof their company or a subcontractor to complete the project? What if any type of warranty does the company offer to guarantee their work and materials, is a written estimate part of the service the roofing contractor provides?

With our company, a roof replacement in Cambridge is a process that unfolds in stages and begins with an inspection of the exterior of the roof. When our expert arrives, he will take the initiative and examine the external covering of the roof to start the process of a full roofing system inspection to determine what needs to be done. After the external review of the shingles, fascia and eavestroughing, our expert will inspect the attic looking for water stains on the underside of the roof and check the insulation to see if it is up to code.

If the insulation in your attic is adequate, the temperature inside your attic and the outside temperature will be the same. If the temperature isn’t consistent it could cause the shingles to absorb too much internal heat creating damage to the shingles and reducing their life span.

If granules are missing from the shingles or the shingles are cracking or curling it is an indication that the outside surface of your roof will need to be replaced. If water stains are present on the fascia or the eavestroughs aren’t capable of draining water away from the roof or the foundation it is another indication that the roofing system isn’t working at peak efficiency.

When our inspector completes his review of the roofing system, he explain the nature of the problems encountered, the work that will need to be done to correct the problems and options available to for your roofing system replacement. We have many types of shingles available and you can choose from fibreglass or asphalt shingles, cedar shingles or shakes or a metal roofing system based on your roofing needs.

With all the experience we have accumulated over the 60 years, we can say without a doubt that we can tackle any type of roof whether it be flat, or sloped to provide the best roof replacement in Cambridge.

Our company is a four-seasons roofing company that uses only the best local roofing technicians to provide the highest quality in workmanship that can be assembled for a roof replacement in Cambridge. To obtain a roofing consultation and free no obligation estimate from the best in the Tri-City area, call AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.289.6900.

The city of Cambridge may be relatively new, formed in an amalgamation in mid-1970’s, but they have a storied history that dates back to the early 1800’s when three small communities of Galt, Preston and Hespeler where neighbours nestled at the confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers. A modern roofing replacement in Cambridge can be had from the impresarios of roofing AM Roofing Solutions. We have extensive experience working with century homes, mid-modernist homes of the 1950’s to the designs of raised ranch style and back split style homes that dot the landscape in subdivisions throughout Cambridge. For the past five decades we have been creating satisfied customers with quality roofing system replacements with craftsmanship and honest values.


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