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Roof Replacement in Bolton

The town of Bolton, in an earlier incarnation was Bolton Mills. When the town was founded, it was a flour mill that was its’ anchor and rural agriculture its’ economic base. Fast-forward to the 1970’s and 1980’s and Bolton experienced a building boom that encompassed an industrial park and many residential homes. When those homes need a roof replacement in Bolton, AM Roofing Solutions is on call for all types of roofing system replacements.

When we provide a roof replacement in Bolton our reputation precedes us. We have many years as the only roof replacement specialists in Bolton with 50 years and counting delivering quality service and excellence in workmanship for a roof replacement in Bolton. Our crews has been trained are certified in the newest techniques for a roof replacement in Bolton and all are local to the town.

When we entrust our home to contractors for any type of repair it is important to know who we are dealing with. As roofing contractors go, locate local roofing contractors who have a track record in the community and local reputation that stands in good stead. Meeting requirements for municipal licensing and insurance standards are key ingredients when choosing a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Bolton. Depending on the roofing contractor, who will he use as a crew is as important as the work itself. Does the roofing contractor have a crew assembled and working on roofing replacements or does he use a subcontractor to complete contracted work on his behalf. Find out what route he will take and what follow-up will be available should your roof replacement in Bolton require after the fact maintenance.

All reputable roofing contractors have some type of guarantee for their work that they provide in the form of a workmanship warranty for a roof replacement in Bolton. The materials that the roofing contractor will install during your roof replacement in Bolton will come with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover any defects in the materials and may be as long as 25 years in length.

To hammer out the final agreement for your roof replacement in Bolton means putting pen to paper for a written estimate that covers all the details involved in your roof replacement in Bolton.

Taking time to look over your roof for defects is the first step to determining if you require a roof replacement in Bolton by AM Roofing Solutions. If the outer shell – the shingles – are compromised due to age, or material failure or weather damage it could a be signal that there is more wrong than meets the eye. Problems with rain gutters or downspouts not functioning at full capacity could mean water leakage and subsequent damage to the fascia or pooling on the roof that could drain to the inside of the house. Attic insulation is the sentinel that protects the exterior through temperature regulation in the attic. If the attic insulation meets the standard building code the attic temperature and outside temperature will be the same give or take a few degrees. If the insulation isn’t maintained, the temperature could be higher than the shingles are rated for and damage will occur due to the constant heat causing the shingles to deteriorate faster than they were designed to. Water stains indicate leaks from the outside and wood rot to the rafters could have a huge impact on the breadth of the roof replacement in Bolton if a beam of two needs to be replaced.

Our inspector will visually examine all the inner working of your roofing system and devise a plan for a roof replacement in Bolton that is flexible and has options.

Our selection of Owens Corning shingles come in asphalt and fiberglass with a kaleidoscope of colours to mix and match with your home’s outer design. Rustic charm is but a choice away with cedar shingles of shakes for your roof replacement in Bolton. We are also well versed in the installation of metal roofing systems that are as economical as they are durable.

AM Roofing Solutions is a roof replacement in Bolton’s best friend, call us today 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Bolton

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