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Roof Replacement in Mt. Forest

The motto for the town of Mt. Forest is, ‘High, Happy, Healthy,’ because they are a sitting on quite an elevation of land on the banks of the Saugeen River that produced an abundance of food that sustained the local community when it was first founded.

Healthy, happy residents need a roof replacement in Mt. Forest and they know we, at AM Roofing, will go to any height to provide an excellent roof replacement in Mt Forest to protect their homes. Our team is made up of skilled professionals and we use the best products that the market can provide for a roof replacement in Mt Forest and our results speak volumes. In order to hire a qualified roofing contractor for your roof replacement in Mt Forest, you need to amass some information that will make the decision an easy one. If all politics is local so is hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Mt Forest.

Start with a tight local circle to help identify potential candidates for roof replacement in Mt Forest as it provided a chance to look over previous efforts that have been tendered for a roof replacement in Mt Forest.

Once a local profile has been established, it is time to establish a contractor’s professional bona fides. It starts with insurance and finishes with municipal licensing to provide a roof replacement in Mt Forest. Reputable contractors will provide their credentials upon request to provide a piece of mind to perspective customers.

Labour is a key issue for a roof replacement in Mt Forest, and you need to ask the contractor if he keeps a standing crew for the work or hires out to complete the job. A third party might not provide the level of reliability that a standing crew will provide and it is important to understand this detail to the fullest for a roof replacement in Mt Forest.

For a job that will be a large home renovation project like a roof replacement, you want to be sure that you are getting a warranty for materials and a warranty from the contractor for the work. Both warranties should a term of at least five years and anything less should set off alarm bells for a homeowner.

When you have come to the end of the assessment of your roofing work, the contractor should provide a written estimate to cover all the costs associated with the work. Don’t sign anything until the costs are broken out in black and white for your protection.

Our company has been on top of all the details that a homeowner could think of and then some. For the past 60 years, we have been supplying excellent work to all our customers and our family – three generations – have been supplying the effort to make work something to be proud of. After we have completed the roof replacement, we issue a 10-year workmanship warranty to the homeowner to cover any eventualities.

Identifying roofing problems can be as simple as seeing missing shingles or as difficult as trying to determine the origin of a leak in the attic from your roof. But, in either case, you need to know what you’re looking for to identify the problem.

After a brief conversation with us, one of service techs will come to your address for an inspection to determine the nature of the problems and solutions for the problems. He will present a written estimate when he is outlining the work required and explain the necessity of the work in no uncertain terms. Last thing our tech will do is look in the attic to see what level of insulation is present. You need attic insulation for a couple of reasons, apart from keeping heat in the house and reducing you heating bill is one important area of insulation. The second reason is insulation keeps the shingles protected from the heat emitting from your attic. Shingles will crumble if they are exposed to excess heat and wear out quickly if not protected.

Shopping for shingles means you can choose from a variety of colours, styles and materials for your covering. We have composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal sheets and shingles for you to evaluate for your home’s needs.

In Mt. Forest, call AM Roofing Solutions today for a free inspection and no cost consultation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Mt. Forest

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