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Roof Repair in Waterloo

You have had many fits and starts in your plan to regain your good health and at times it has been discouraging, but you soldier on. You tried joining a walking group in the neighbourhood, but they always seemed to want to quit before you had got a good walk in. Next up was a gym membership, but it was cliquey kind of crowd and you just didn’t seem t fit in with the muscle-bound membership. Too, time management was a problem with a gym membership, you had to build in time in your day to go to the gym and after many visits to the gym, you became disheartened with the experience. Talking over the fence with a neighbour gave you the answer you were looking, you would buy a piece of exercise equipment to get your work in and the best part of it you wouldn’t have to leave the house to exercise. When you started your quest to purchase equipment, you were overwhelmed with all the different types of machines available and how they would help an individual in search of better health.

After a careful examination of many products you settled on a stationary bike for a couple of reasons: it didn’t take up too much space, it was a good form of exercise, and in comparison to other pieces of equipment it was the right price point. Your new bike, set-up and ready to go, you peddle your little heart out and over the course of time, you notice you have more energy, better mental acuity and overall feel better about yourself. After a few months and warranty expiration, you trusty stationary bike chain breaks – imagine that right after the warranty expires. A call to the vendor at the point of purchase gets their repair team to visit your home and bundle up the bike for a chain replacement at their shop. Not every repair we need can go this smoothly; when we have home repairs to make they generally sneak up on us and takes us by surprise, but the urgency to make the repair is what drives the need for it. A roof repair in Waterloo is one based on a sense of urgency; you can’t have water streaming into your home, nor can you have an arctic chill in your living room when entertaining guests. A roof repair in Waterloo is a 911 moment for a homeowner, the basic core of the family unit is in peril and the only thing to restore order is a roof repair in Waterloo to protect the cohesion of the family unit. When a roof repair in Waterloo is the only avenue you have between thousands of dollars in damage and an asset that is protected you need to get the best help available. That means hiring a professional contractor to provide a solution for your roof repair in Waterloo and quality contractors don’t grow on trees. You need to find one who can meet your expectations and has a good reputation for a timely roof repair in Waterloo and the people to contact is AM Roofing Solutions.

Our company has been working in the roofing business since the 1950’s, and over time as our company has grown so has our reputation for a roof repair in Waterloo or anywhere else in Ontario for that matter. In business, if you are consistent and continually deliver on the promise you have made to your clients, you will be very successful. One thing we learned is that our strength is our people and the installers who come to your house for a roof repair in Waterloo are some of the best service technicians in our area. Combined with great tradesmen is our family – they have taken up the cause of the family business for the past three generations and have excellent skills that translate into excellent workmanship on the job. Upon completion of your roof repair in Waterloo, there will be a 10-year labour warranty for the work we have provided and the warranty is as old as our business.

Roof repair in Waterloo, getting to the bottom of the problem

  • A roof repair in Waterloo can take many forms, it can be as different as the very systems that govern your roofing system and they all that need special attention when they fail. When you are looking for trouble on the roof, start your review with your shingles; they will give you a good indication of the situation. Shingles will wear out over time or will become ineffective due to prolonged exposure to the weather. The decay of the shingles will be apparent – you will notice that the corners of the shingles are gone, or the shingles have splits or cracks in them. Those splits and cracks are areas where water will leak into your home and if they aren’t fixed, it will be a chain reaction of repairs that will need to be made.
  • The valleys on the roof are the first stage of the drainage system that is part of the overall roofing system. Valleys collect water in a high volume and dispense it to the rain gutters during a rainstorm or a winter melt to get the water off the roof. Valleys need to maintain their integrity to be effective and they need to set on an angle to help get the water running to the rain gutters at the base of the roof. If a valley flattens out and water doesn’t run down to the gutters it will sit in the area that has flattened out and leach into the house through any opening that is available. If you notice flat spots on your roof – check inside the attic because it means that the roofing system is sagging and it is generally because the trusses have sustained heavy water damage.
  • At the edge of roofing system, we have rain gutters installed to move water from the valleys and shingles to the downspouts that will move the water away from the house. The biggest challenge for the gutters is to stay clear of anything that may stop the flow of water to the downspouts. All sorts of things can accumulate in the rain gutters, and when the gutters have too much junk in them, water will leak over the sides and that is the first stage of water damage for the home. Another thing to think about is the added weight that the gutters will have to support when debris builds up. Too much weight will force the gutter away from the house because the hardware used to install the gutters can’t support the weight of the debris. Once the gutter is pushed away from the house it will spill water in every direction, and calamitous consequences will be the result.
  • If you have a skylight, make regular checks of the caulking around the base of the skylight to see if the caulking is holding up. The layer of caulking around your skylight is the only thing keeping the water out and it is important to keep the caulking in good working order. Chimneys, on the other hand, represent a problem that can be undetectable unless you are on the roofing looking closely at the base of the chimney. The chimney is sealed with caulking to adhere to the roof and it has brickwork that needs to be maintained to prevent water entry higher up on the chimney stack.

Waterloo is home to the ‘Golden Triangle,’ Canada’s answer to Silicon Valley and many technological developments have come from the area. Waterloo hosts Waterloo University, one of the places where all the scientific discoveries have been made through research on campus and their reputation grows with every discovery.

The scientists are probably inventing new ways to affect a roof repair, but in the interim, they reach out to us for help. When you reach out us for help, we will provide a free inspection, no-cost consultation, and free estimate when you a call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Waterloo

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