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Roof Repair in St. Jacobs

When you were house hunting, you had a checklist of things that were necessary to have and some things that would be on the nice to have on the list. After viewing many different properties, you couldn’t seem to line everything up quite to your satisfaction. Some of the homes had the nice to haves but not the necessities, while others had all the necessities but no nice to haves. It put you in a bit of quandary when trying to make decisions about the house you wanted to buy. Then, you find it, the house that has the necessities and a few of the nice to haves on your list and you think that is now or never because you have grown tired of looking and it is time to buy. One of the nice to haves is in the backyard and it is a hot tub, you always wanted one from the time you attended your first hot tub party and now you are the proud owner of one. Once you have settled into your new home, you decide it is time to test out that bad boy in the backyard – so you go out back, armed with instructions from the Internet on how to fire up the hot tub. With anticipation, you approach and fire up the motor and nothing happens. You take another stab at it and still the same result, and you come to the conclusion that your hot tub is a dud. Undeterred, you call for a repair and you find out that the motor is shot and for a couple of hundred bucks you can have the hot tub repaired and ready to use in no time. Repair made, and pleasure is yours to enjoy under the stars relaxing and recreating in your hot tub. A minor home repair that will create major enjoyment for the family that creates a self-satisfied smile for dad and all is right with world – at least for today. Some home repairs don’t create major enjoyment for the family from a recreational standpoint; they are a necessity that comes with the territory as a homeowner.

A roof repair in St. Jacobs is a repair that could be termed joyless, but its importance can’t be taken for granted. A timely roof repair in St. Jacobs will prevent other repairs that can occur in conjunction with a roof repair in St. Jacobs. The realization that a roof repair in St. Jacobs needs to be made is sometimes a revelation because we just expect our roofing systems to last forever. You didn’t need to make a roof repair in St. Jacobs at the last house you lived in - lucky break maybe, but, when trouble visits your roof it is essential to deal with it on your terms. Catching trouble early when you discover you need a roof repair in St. Jacobs can be financial relief of a sort – instead of many thousands of dollars in repair bills, you might get off with a small cost that is easily assumed in your budget. But, first and foremost, you need to hire someone who has the ability and knowledge to handle a roof repair in St. Jacobs and AM Roofing Solutions is the company to get things done. Our company has a vast amount of experience – over 60-years in business – and we have the best journeymen trades to cover off the responsibilities of the work. Working in tandem with the best help in the region is our family – for the three generations, they have been the anchor that secures all the work we do in the field and they are well respected in our business. Completion of the roof repair in St. Jacobs means one thing, a 10-year warranty for the work that was accomplished on-site to cover the labour we invested in your roofing system.  

Roof repair in St. Jacobs, no time like the present

  • A roof repair in St Jacobs takes on the urgency of a right now initiative, and if you can identify the early warning signs you stand a better chance of getting a small repair to correct problems than sustaining a large repair later. If your shingles are a problem, here is how you will know: shingles crack, curl or left off over time and when they do, call a contractor. The openings created by damaged shingles are the portals that water will enter through. Once inside the roofing system water won’t stop until it is stopped, usually by some type of an absorbent like the wood decking or the insulation in your attic.
  • Dealing with your roofing system is a four-part equation, we mentioned the shingles, now working with the shingles to move water are the valleys that take water from the top of the roof to the gutters by way of the shingles. The valleys must move water – it is their function – and if water doesn’t move down the valleys it is sitting somewhere, like leaking into the attic through damaged shingles. Pooling water sends a bigger signal, though, it says that water damage has been sustained and it has affected the rafters or the trusses that support the roof. We know this because flat spots will hold water that they are supposed to be distributed by the valleys to the rain gutters and that creates bigger headaches.
  • The third stage of water drainage of roofing system comes in the form of the rain gutters that get the water to the ground through the downspouts. Rain gutters can be damaged or have material accumulate in channels and it is important to keep them debris-free in order to make water run to the downspouts. It doesn’t matter what is in the channels, whatever it is will impair the movement of water and bottlenecking along the channels will force water over the channels. The water will either drain down the side of your house or go straight to the ground, not something you want in any event.
  • Last on the list of the roofing system, are the design accents you have installed on your roof. Skylights and chimneys that have lost their watertight seal will draw water into your attic rather than have run around the attachments to the gutters. Both pieces are sealed to the roof with caulking, and many homeowners don’t check the caulking, as it is an out of sight, out mind proposition. If you have your gutters inspected regularly for buildup, checking the skylight and chimney should be a simple chore to fulfill. The best practice is to have a roofing contractor stop by periodically to conduct the inspections because repairs can be made on the spot.

The St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market has been a mainstay on Saturdays in St Jacobs for well over 100 years. Handmade crafts and quilts, a huge assortment of foodstuffs and livestock are for sale and it is the largest farmer’s market in a 100km radius.

Roofing problems are quickly dealt with when the residents touch on us at AM Roofing Solutions. Call us today to make arrangements for a free estimate, free roof inspection, and free consultation at 1.877.281.6900. 

Roof Repair in St. Jacobs

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