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Roof Repair in Palmerston

You have moved into your dream home but there are a few things you want to add to it to make it the ultimate in comfort and recreation. A man-cave, a new set of kitchen cabinets and add some additions to the back patio and you should be all finished. You have been eying a new hot tub, you always enjoyed sitting in one on vacation and you think that the family will love it, so you take the plunge and the purchase is yours. Set-up went smoothly and now you can sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the warm water and the jets that are relaxing for your muscles. The hot tub you purchased is a hedonistic retreat, and you spend lots of time just soaking up the comfort that it provides, but you have noticed that there a couple of things are starting to happen. Dials on the motor for the jets are becoming stripped and at one corner of the hot tub the plastic is starting to lift just a touch – it looks like it might just a tad warped and the lifting is creating some anxiety for you. Back to point of purchase, and you find out the store has a mobile repair team ready and available for just such an emergency and the service call is set. The team attends your house, replaces the dials and installs a new corner on the hot tub and best part of all of it was covered under warranty. Like they say in the commercial, ‘it was repaired no charge,’ and you smile knowing this time it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get a repair done. Sure, making a repair the ‘toy’ was important to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, and we should approach home repairs with the same level of importance if not more so.

Take a roof repair in Palmerston as an example; you need to have a secure, watertight roof to protect your investment and family. So, when problems arise with your roofing system, a roof repair in Palmerston will be the only way to prevent the situation from escalating, and chances are you don’t have a warranty to cover the costs for a roof repair in Palmerston. So, you will have to bite the bullet and pay up.  A roof repair in Palmerston shouldn’t be about the costs, but about the results, the reality of the situation is we are talking about asset management. The better you protect your assets the greater the payout will be when it comes to cash out when you sell your home. That roof repair in Palmerston you make today could be saving in costs versus a larger repair later and how much value you can add to the house with a roof repair in Palmerston, just by maintaining the roof in good condition. A roof repair in Palmerston needs to be carried out by a certified professional contractor, and look no further than AM Roofing Solutions to get the job done. Our track record in the roofing business is a long one, predicated on more than 60-years experience as roofing concern and you don’t find many roofing companies stating that fact. It is no secret why we enjoy the success we do, we use only the best master craftsmen we can find and work is never substandard. The quality work our trades team does is supported by our family – for three generations they have taken up the family trade and made it theirs. When our strong team of tradesmen has completed their appointed tasks they will proffer a warranty for a 10-year period as a token of our commitment to quality workmanship.

Roof repair in Palmerston, treat the causes not the symptoms

  • Water can cause a lot of problems that will require a roof repair in Palmerston, but it generally isn’t the problem – it is the result of problems that require a roof repair in Palmerston. When the shingles are starting to fail, they can be the conduits for water to enter your roofing system, when you look at the roof and see damage like missing shingles, or curled or cracked shingles, they become openings for water to enter the roofing system.
  • Another trouble spot on the roof is the valleys that move water to the rain gutters. Their function is to gather water and channel it to the gutters and it should move at a fair rate of speed in accordance with the water that is hitting the roof. If rain is coming down in sheets and moving slowly or not at all along the valleys, structural problems could the source of the problem inside the attic. If water has already entered the attic the beams or the trusses could be adversely affected and they have sagged – this results in flat spots where water sits and then slowly works its way in the roofing system.
  • Accepting runoff water and getting it to the ground is what we expect our rain gutters to do through downspouts that are connected to the rain gutters. To maximize the value of the value of the work that the rain gutters do they need to be kept clean to move high volumes of water in the event they are needed too. The problem there is you can’t stop the wind from blowing or the trees from shedding their leaves so it is constant battle to keep the gutters clear. The second consideration you need to evaluate is the damage that flying debris can do to the channels. Branches and twigs will drop in the gutters and they can create holes and cracks along the system and that will allow water free rein to drain down the side of the house. It is the same problem that clogged gutters create and it needs to be solved to prevent water leaking in through the foundation or basement windows.
  • The last stop on your damage inspection tour should be at the skylights and chimneys that are attached to the roofing system. Both are great to have – who doesn’t want more natural light or a fire in the den – but they need to be sealed tightly to avoid leaks. Both units are joined with a caulking seal and it has been known to shrink or crack after years of service. The cracks and shrinkage are an opening that water will use to find a way to enter the roofing system – with a skylight you will know right away, with a chimney it could be years before you find out.

Palmerston was a town that benefitted from the railroad – like many others - when tracks were laid across southwestern Ontario over 200 years ago. As a tribute to the past, they have converted the old train station into the Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum and it has been hit with visitors ever since.

Roof repairs will see the town’s residents reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions for good counsel and excellent workmanship that will solve the problems, not treat the symptoms. A free estimate, a no-cost meeting, and free roofing system inspection can be yours when calling us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Palmerston

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