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Roof Repair in Mt. Forest

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like.” The words come from a song by Queen, a 1970’s-1980’s rock band that had a great deal of success and the line from the song was one of their massive hits on the radio. It was a song about cycling and it seems cycling has been making a comeback of sorts due to increased awareness of environmental stewardship. People are acting more responsibly and are looking at ways to reduce the size of their carbon footprints and it appears cycling is helping with that. It’s great to get out for a ride on Sunday afternoon with the family, a togetherness thing that encourages exercise, and a reduction in the emission of air pollution. Pedal power is great except when it isn’t and that is when a bike repair is necessary to keep the bike running on two wheels. Bikes are a little more complicated than they were in the 1950’s-1960’s when popularity was at an all-time high for bikes and that means those small repairs we could do as kids are now the purvey of a bicycle mechanic. Certainly, having your bicycle repaired is a task we would rather avoid from a financial standpoint and the fact that we will be separated from our bike until the repair is made. With the explosion of cycling, more bikes are on the road than ever, and when you need a bike repair it could be a long process. But home repairs have never been an easy chore to complete – think about all the time you needed a repairman for something and all the time it took to get someone to your house. When we need something repaired, we don’t want to wait for the work to be done – it is something needs to happen right away.

In the case of some repairs, time is of the essence – like a roof repair in Mt. Forest. When you have trouble with one of the systems that govern how your roof works, you need a roof repair in Mt. Forest right away to alleviate the strain that the problem is causing on other systems on the roof. What we don’t take care of today can come back to haunt us tomorrow, and if it is a roof repair in Mt. Forest that we are putting off, it could be thousands of dollars we are gambling with. Don’t roll the dice; call us at AM Roofing Solutions for a roof repair Mt. Forest to stay secure in your home with a leak-free roofing system. When we have been in contact with a homeowner for a roof repair in Mt. Forest, we get the team together to analyze the problem and form a solution that will provide the right roof repair in Mt. Forest. Our installers have the background and expertise to make a roof repair in Mt. Forest a problem-free experience, and the results will be a roof repair in Mt. Forest that can stand for many years. Our company is one of the few in the province with a history in the business that spans six decades, and as legacy roofing company we attract the best help for in the market for the work we do. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the top tradesmen in Ontario is our family – three generations have taken up the calling to work in the roofing business and their work has been well reviewed for many years. In keeping with quality standards, we established a 10-year warranty early on when we first got started as a roofing company and it still stands to this day.

Roof repair in Mt. Forest, solutions for problems

  • Due to the location of our roofing systems – at the top of our homes – many times it is hard to see problems when they are first starting to manifest themselves. One of the first signs a roof repair in Mt. Forest is imminent is the condition of the shingles. If you see that they have become a shell of their former selves – curling, cracked, or missing – it might be high time to call in a contractor for a roof repair in Mt. Forest. Making small repairs is a cost-effective way to maintain your roofing system and keep it working well long into the duration of your homeownership.
  • Your roofing system has at least one valley and probably a few more to get the water running from the shingles to the rain gutters. The valleys are placed in specific areas and they catch the rainwater that slides across the shingles and gets it moving in a stream to the gutters. If the valleys have flattened out it will cause pooling of water into the areas where the flat spots are and water accumulate in those spots. Once the water pools it looks for a place to run off to and in most cases, the water will find a way into the house through the decking and down to the attic. Water will harbor bacteria and create a culture for mold to grow – if that happens it could be black mold and that is highly toxic to humans.
  • Once the water is sent from the valleys to the rain gutters, the gutters will get the water to downspouts placed at intersections of the roofing system for drainage. Gutters have been known to become plugged by debris – bird’s nests are a common occurrence, as are leaves or branches from trees – these items stop the orderly flow of runoff from the roof. Then, a spillover will be the next thing; the gutters can’t get the water to the downspouts and away from the house. Cleaning gutters regularly will protect them from harm – tree branches will poke holes in the gutter or create unnecessary weight on the gutters and they could pull away from the house leaving an exposed area for water to drain down.
  • Some homeowners will have a skylight installed when they roofing work done to their homes and the result is more natural light inside the home. The big problem though, the skylight can leak – poorly sealed glass panes or caulking that is shrinking for cracking will let water pass through and into the house. You can catch this problem quickly and it can be fixed with little or no trouble when you hire a contractor to reseal the caulking or replace a glass pane. On the other hand, if you have a chimney that is taking in water through mortar loss between bricks or caulking that is failing, you won’t know until something serious happens. A routine check of both items every spring or fall will help keep any problems to a minimum and save a lot of money in the long run.

Mt. Forest has a motto that describes the town to a T, ‘High, Healthy, and Happy,’ as the community sits on the highest point of land in the area on the Saugeen River. In the area, the community’s first inhabitants, the Ojibway, have been in the area over 10,000 years and artifacts of the culture and civilization are uncovered in the area on a regular basis.

When a roof repair is unavoidable, the residents of Mt. Forest know that we at AM Roofing Solutions are at their beck and call. For a free estimate, free roofing system inspection and no-obligation consultation, call us today at AM at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Mt. Forest

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