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Roof Repair in Listowel

You made a New Year’s resolution this year, and this time you are hell bent and determined to keep it. It was the kind of aspirational resolution that would unleash life-changing events and set you on a course to a better life. And that resolution, to lose 20lbs from your mid rift and get into the kind of shape you haven’t been in since you were in college. Plenty of fad diets were examined, gym tours were a dime a dozen and everybody had a great deal available to help you lose the weight you are carrying, but the appeal to be a ‘gym rat’ just wasn’t there. It didn’t discourage you because you thought there a number ways I can accomplish my goals without having to commit to a gym membership, the time and trouble it would take to go to the gym three to four times a week and the re-arranging of life as you know it to accommodate your time at the gym. Instead, you purchased a treadmill to help you with the exercise kick you are on and it seemed to work out well. You have been able to get the exercise you desperately wanted and the pounds are melting away and your overall health is improving. One thing, though, the treadmill you purchased second-hand on the Internet has come up lame and it will affect your ability to exercise. After the positive experience with your treadmill, you seek a repairman to find the problem and take care of it. After a couple of false starts, you get someone over who can fix the treadmill, but it’ll be a week in the shop and a couple of hundred bucks to get it running again. Disappointment is your to discover at this point as you miss your workout sessions, but you buoyed by the fact it will be a short time before you are back walking your way to better health. A story with a happy ending, in most cases, our home repairs come in waves that stem from necessity rather than prudent planning because you can never plan for a mechanical breakdown.

When we have a problem that starts on our roof and we need a roof repair in Listowel; it comes from a position of need. We can’t let small inconveniences become huge nightmares and that is why we engage in a roof repair in Listowel to keep the financial costs down, but also to give us a piece of mind because we are facing the problem that needs a roof repair in Listowel. When our treadmill stopped working we didn’t get our tools out to fix it, no, we called a repairman, and when you need a roof repair in Listowel that should be the first thing to do. Get an expert, and your roof repair in Listowel will be smooth sailing. To ride calm waters, call AM Roofing Solutions for a roof repair in Listowel and leave the heavy lifting of the work to the experts. Since our inception, over 60-years ago, we have provided excellent workmanship to many homeowners and our work is spoken of with reverence when the topic of a roof repair in Listowel is raised. We have skilled and reliable tradesmen executing the work that it takes to provide a roof repair in Listowel, and their work is done right, on time and on budget. For three generations, our family has been part of the team that has left many satisfied customers with a quality- roofing job. Once the hard work is done and cleanup is finished, our job site foreman will provide a homeowner with a 10-year labour warranty to guarantee our workmanship.

Roof repair in Listowel, what you need to know and why

  • We recognize rotting produce when we see it, it will have a pungent odor and it will be soft and have blemishes. A roof repair in Listowel won’t give you those indications but there are signs that you need a roof repair that parallel rotting produce. Shingles will behave poorly when they start to decay from old age or wear and tear from the weather. The appearance of the shingles will be telling, if you have them with rounded corners, missing in some places or lifting off the roof, it is time to get some help to get the problem under control. Once you have these problems, you have another problem that is bigger than a few missing shingles – a potential water leak. Water is the enemy of a roofing system and the damage it can cause if not dealt with is extremely expensive. You can go from replacing a few sheets of shingles to an entire roof replacement because water got into the roofing system and wrecked havoc with the top of your house.
  • When you are moving water, you need to give a path or create one to get it moving in the direction you intend the water to go. On a roof, this is done through the use of valleys as a driver for the water you want to exit the roofing system. The interconnected areas of the roofing system have a seam and that seam is the valley that will channel the water to the rain gutters and away from the house. The valleys need to be kept at a slight angle to ensure runoff and if they aren’t it means a flat spot is forming and water will sit in a flat area until it can drain to somewhere, usually into the attic.
  • When the valleys are functioning effectively they are filling the rain gutters to capacity with water for release at ground level through the downspout system. Gutters work well with the valleys until they don’t and it means some type of blockage is interrupting the water flow. The blockage can be any number of things like leaves, or debris or tree branches or bark that has fallen from trees in your yard. Once this situation takes root, you will see water run over the channels and down the side of the wall – leaks in siding aren’t uncommon when a problem like this occurs. Another thing to take into account is what weight that the debris on the gutters will do to the supports that keep the gutters attached to the house. Gutters can become dislodged by the added weight and water will stream from the shingles straight down the side of the house – not a good problem to have.
  •  If you engage in regular maintenance for your rain gutters, it is as good a time as any to check on the condition of your skylight and chimney that you have on the roof. Both pieces can have problems keeping a watertight seal because they are attached to the roof with caulking and caulking has been known to fail after many years of use. You’ll see problems with a skylight – leaks running down the wall or drips from the glass will be all you need to see when it happens. But, a chimney doesn’t provide that sort advance warning – water can creep in the chimney and you won’t know it until the water problem turns up in another place in the roofing system.

The town of Listowel might be small in size, just over 7500 residents in the town, but it has a thriving visual arts community. The town holds an Arts' Studio Tour every year where local artists can show off their creations and the tour draws many residents from around the area. Listowel is also home to a movie studio that has won international acclaim in Europe and North America.

Problems on the roof in Listowel are no sweat for the artists and creators of the community. They make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions for help and we would like to let everyone know we have a free estimate, free roof inspection, and free estimate for them when they call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Listowel 


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