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Roof Repair in Kitchener

You decided to get out of the rat race and start a home-based business and after some growing pains, the business has taken root and is a going concern. With the growing pains came the need for more space, and an addition to your home is in the cards as the most economically feasible solution. With the addition added to your home, the business is thriving but you noticed that older part of your roofing isn’t in good shape. At this point a roof repair in Kitchener in the best way to protect the investment you just made in your business and your home. To correct any problems with your roofing system, AM Roofing Solutions has a dearth of expertise that over 60 years in the business provides. Our work is guaranteed by a 10-year workmanship warranty and any roof repair in Kitchener will outlive the warranty. Our service staff is experienced, local roofers with industry certification that surpasses the competition and we are a four-seasons roofing company that is always at your back and call for a roof repair in Kitchener.

Problems on the roof

  • Your roof’s covering, the shingles is the first part of the roofing system to fail. Shingles take the brunt of abuse from the elements and damage can be seen in curling or cracking of shingles or shingles that are missing due to weather abuse. When we come to provide your roof repair in Kitchener, we will look into your attic to inspect your attic insulation. At first blush it sounds odd to look inside when you need a roof repair in Kitchener for your shingles, but the attic insulation is a protective barrier for your shingles. If the insulation in the attic is non-existent or less than industry standard, it could leave the shingles vulnerable to heat buildup that will crack the shingles or cause them to curl creating a roof repair in Kitchener to replace the shingles.
  • To stop water from pooling at the roof’s edge, a working drainage system in the form effective rain gutters and downspouts is imperative to protecting your home. If the gutters have blockage or the downspouts leak a small roof repair in Kitchener can restore the integrity of the two complementary systems that are integral to your home’s protection.
  • Valleys in your roofing system are created when attaching two different areas of the house to the top of it. If the valleys are poorly constructed they won’t run water away from the roof to the gutters and downspouts and roof repair in Kitchener is required to keep the water flowing.
  • If your roof has a skylight or a chimney extending from the roof surface, one or both items could be a potential hazard for a roofing system. Chimneys and skylights are sealed with caulking to prevent water leakage into that roofing system and if the caulking has aged or cracked it could provide a potential entry point for water to invade your roof system. A roof repair in Kitchener can eliminate this potential hazard by providing a watertight seal to the areas around the chimney and skylights.

In the home of Oktoberfest, a roof repair in Kitchener is a snap when you call AM Roofing Solutions. Call us today at 1.877.289.6900 for a free estimate and no obligation consultation.

Roof Repair in Kitchener

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