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Roof Repair in Harriston

The real estate market is hot and you want to get into the market before you are priced out of the market and you have been looking for a house in your price range. That has proved to be a difficult task as it is a seller's market and everything you look at is beyond your capacity. But, you stumble upon a handyman’s delight, a real fixer-upper, and you made an offer and it closed. You are chomping at the bit to get started and you are filled with excitement knowing that you are going be able to test your skills and get the house just the way you want it. As you delve into the projects, you realize that your skills are no match for the work required to turn the house into a home and you need help with all the repairs. Locating individual contractors for the work has been a difficult task, they all need access to the house at different times so not to be in conflict with each and tripping over each other. The ordeal has been like herding cats and you wonder why you made the offer to purchase in the first place. After a few thousand of dollars in renovation bills, lesson learned, and the interior of the house is sparkling with the new accents and additions to the house.

Next in the list of repairs is the outside of the house, and first that needs to happen is a roof repair in Harriston, because the shingles look like they were the ones installed when the house was built back in the stone age. You resist the urge to climb the ladder and do the roof repair in Harriston yourself because your wife has threatened to divorce you if so much as think about any more DIY projects. Back to the lessoned learned for a moment and you think the best course of action is hiring a contractor for that roof repair in Harriston that you need, but you remember what it took to hire a contractor or five the last time. A friend tells you about the roofing contractor he hired for a roof repair in Harriston, and you are set. A quick call to AM Roofing Solutions and the project is off the ground. Your friend told you that AM had great installers who struck him as extremely experienced, had great skill and their staff was compromised of journeymen tradespeople that completed his roof repair in Harriston in no time.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we leave that kind of impression with all of our customers when we supply them with a roof repair in Harriston because we have been fixing roofing problems for over 60-years. Our installers are master tradesmen, who are the cream of the crop in our industry, and their work is right the first and within the estimate, we provide when we look at your roofing problems. Starting out, our family was a big part of the equation for all the work we did and it has continued. For the three generations, our family has been the guiding light for any roof repair we provide and their efforts have been the word of mouth advertising that is the best marketing tool a company can have. Once the roof repair in Harriston has been concluded, a 10-year warranty for workmanship is the final detail to address before we depart and is our seal of approval for our work.

Roof repair in Harriston, look and learn

  • The eye test is one of the best was to determine if you need a roof repair in Harriston because physical the appearance of your roofing system will help you with the information you need to form an opinion. Look at your shingles, do they tell you something; they should if they are old or tired or worn. What they will say without uttering a word is via the condition they appear in – cracked, missing curling at the corners are all signs that a roof repair in Harriston has come to your door and water will be the uninvited guest in the roofing system if the repair isn’t made.
  • The next problem to identify is a little trickier to see, but you will know it right off. Take a look at the valleys that are in the different sections of your roof, they are there to drive water across the shingles to the rain gutters. You have to look at this during a rainstorm to see if the water is moving if so, all is well with the valleys. If not, the water will cease to move at a flat spot and then that uninvited guest we know, as water will look for an opening to get into your home.
  • Next stop on the troubleshooting mission is the rain gutters, they should be inspected when it is raining and when it is dry because there are two problems that affect the flow of water. If water is spilling over the gutters during a storm, you can count on a clog being situated somewhere along the gutter system. When it isn’t raining, you can check the blockage and look for holes and cracks in the rain gutter system. They will be easy to pick out, as you will see daylight where you should see a gutter. The holes and cracks that appear along the channels are the leaks of tomorrow, and your foundation will pay the price for the water leaks.
  • When you bought the fixer-upper, you had intentions of installing a skylight on the roof to open a room with more natural light. But you need to know that is a water leak looking for a place to happen. The caulking you use to seal the skylight to the roof is prone to failure and that means openings in the seal and water in the roofing system. The chimney should be checked regularly, especially if it is aged because the mortar and brickwork can erode creating more openings for water to enter through.

Harriston is well known for its community service organizations and they date back over 150 years. The Freemasons, the Orange Order, the Oddfellows and the Good Templars have been more than a presence in the community serving the needs of the less fortunate.

To get your home ship-shape, you need to reach out to the best organization in the area and that is AM Roofing Solutions. When you call us for a no-cost consultation, we will send out a service technician to apprise you of your needs with a free inspection and free estimate when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Harriston

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