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Roof Repair in Guelph

Many homeowners spend a lot of time tinkering with things around their homes. From the simple and easy to do – like change out a screen in a window, to replacing a hook for a coat to be hung up on – there are little chores that need attention, and they don’t fix themselves. Other times we have to make small repairs to our appliances and essential services, like installing a new dial on the washing machine because the old has become stripped, from constant use, a handyman’s work is never done. Another common problem around our homes is in the bathroom; the handle on the toilet can become ‘unchained’ and it won't flush because the mechanism isn’t connected. It might take a moment or two to reconnect the chain to the handle and then it is happy flushing and order is restored. But, there are times when a simple fix isn’t in the cards, the mechanism that flushed the toilet might need to be replaced because the plastic components have cracked or have broken and you need a plumber to come in and change out the guts in the toilet tank to get it back in operation. If you aren’t a plumber or understand how the mechanism works, you really can’t administer the fix you need, hence the call to a professional for help in getting the equipment operational again. A lot of home repairs are like this, we need help from a professional to keep our assets working, as we need them too.

For a roof repair in Guelph, you need a skilled tradesman to affect the roof repair in Guelph for no other reason than as a homeowner, you just don’t have the experience or the ability to accept the challenges that a roof repair in Guelph might be. Once you climb the ladder you are committed to the roof repair in Guelph that could end costing more money in the long run than it does now because you didn’t know what to look for or how to fix it. A call to us at AM Roofing Solutions will solve a lot of the problems a homeowner will encounter when they need a roof repair in Guelph. Our company has a complement if highly-skilled staff with years of experience working with many different kinds of roofing systems and when they provide a roof repair in Guelph, you can rest assured that there is an experienced hand or two on the roof repairing any damage that has been sustained. For more than six decades our company has been in the roofing business and our experience in all things roof repair in Guelph and other communities in southwestern Ontario is what backstops our professional reputation. It helps to have the family around you when you are supplying a roof repair in Guelph – for the past three generations our family has entered the roofing trade and they work on your roof repair in Guelph like it is their own. Once your roof repair has been completed, we provide a warranty that is the envy of our industry – it is a 10-year labour warranty that covers everything we have done at your home and many roofing companies haven’t been in business for 10-years, so it is quite an asset to have.

Roof repair in Guelph; know when to get help

  • A roofing system is made up of a number of different systems to help manage the weather that will affect your home. The first place you will see trouble is with the shingles on the roof. They are a quickly and easily identified because when shingles start to degrade, it is noticeable if you know what to look for. Shingles can crack, curl or have corners that are rounded off due to lifespan expiration or weather wear. Another problem that can be seen with regularity is missing shingles, windstorms can lift shingles or take them right of the roof – if that happens, get help right away as water is your roof’s biggest enemy. Once water has penetrated the roofing system it will create hazards and risks for a homeowner that will result in major repairs bills to clean up the mess that a small repair would have satisfied if it were dealt with when discovered.
  • Working with the shingles, are the valleys that are placed across the entire roofing system to help with drainage to get the water to the ground. Water moves from high points on the roof to the rain gutters via the valleys and it is important that they have a slight pitch to get the water to channel to the gutters. If there is a flat spot or the valley is slightly askew, water won't move, or move to a place where it wasn’t intended to go. The flat spot you have on the roof means a puddle during a rainstorm and the water will get into the roofing system.
  • If the valley is working well, water will be sent to the rain gutters – the gutters will take the water to the ground through the downspout system and the water will be sent away from the house. It can’t be stressed enough that the gutters must be free of all impediments and clean to get the water moving. All kinds of things can impede the water’s travel in a rain gutter; bird nests are a frequent offender as are leaves and tree branches. When they are in your gutters, blockage of the gutter ensues and that means water will spill over the gutters to the ground or down the side of the house, bad on both counts. If the branches are big enough, they can create splits or cracks or holes in the gutters and then the water streams out rather than being drained to the ground. Again the water goes down the side of the house or straight to the ground, and the depressions form where the water has landed and is ready receive more water and the depression grows larger. 
  • Skylights are great for getting more light into our homes and chimneys are a mainstay for people who like to heat their homes with wood – but, and doesn’t it always come with a but – they can be a source for water entry into your home. Skylights and chimneys have to be sealed to the roofing system and most cases it is done with a line of caulking around the base of both articles. Caulking is an excellent material that has a variety of uses, but it doesn’t last forever. When the caulking starts to fail, you may notice a few small drips under the skylight – a clue to get a contractor on the roof to re-apply a new bead of caulking. And while the contractor is there, he will look at the chimney and add a new line of caulking there too – no point in climbing the ladder twice to solve a problem.

Guelph was the first community to have cable television and it was installed in time for the Queen Elizabeth’s II coronation in the 1950’s. Who would have thought that the basic introduction to improved television reception would have spawned the 1000 channel universe will live in now.

When you need a roof repair in Guelph, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today for a free consultation, roof inspection, and free estimate, at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Guelph

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