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Roof Repair in Georgetown

The invitations have been sent, the food has been purchased, and you have picked up an extra propane tank for the big, backyard barbeque bash you are planning for Saturday. You got the lawn cut early, set out the patio furniture, got a couple of speakers wired up so music can waft through the air as easily as the good conversation that will be the byproduct of the camaraderie that the fraternal get-together will foster. You’ve got most of your checklist for the big event covered, but one thing is nagging at you in the back of your mind, you can’t remember the last time you used the barbeque and you think it might be time to fire it up to make sure it all systems go for the bash. Tank connected, lid open and you hit the igniter…. and, nothing. You try it a couple of more times, same result. Next up you get a lighter to try to fire up the barbeque and still nothing and it is a crisis of epic proportions. As your mind races, a trip to the store for a replacement barbeque is all that your thoughts are focused on, but the cost could put the replacement barbeque on ice. As you search the Internet for solutions, you find a company that specializes in barbeque repairs and you might just be saved if you can get the repair done before the Saturday extravaganza. You explain the problem to the agent over the phone and they diagnose the problem and send out the appropriate part with simple instructions to install it. Once you completed the repair, it is the moment of truth, you hit the igniter and you smell the gas burning and see the blue flame to indicate you have a functioning barbeque.

If only everything in life was so simple when we need a repair done at home. Some repairs are the type that requires a major outlay of money and a good investment of time to complete, but that is what happens when we procrastinate. When we recognize the symptoms of a roof repair in Georgetown, we act on the dilemma right away to prevent a major headache and major costs associated with a roof repair in Georgetown. The drips we see now are the puddles of tomorrow and when water is leaking from the eavestrough or pooling at the base of your home’s foundation, get help from a contractor right away for a roof repair in Georgetown.

AM Roofing Solutions is the contractor you can depend on when you need a roof repair in Georgetown and we are always ready to step into the breach to provide a roof repair in Georgetown. We are part of small group of roofing companies that have a long tenure in our profession, not many can say they have worked in our business for over 60-years, but that is a benchmark that few will ever achieve. To provide a great roof repair in Georgetown, you need great service technicians for the work and we have them. Our company reputation attracts the best tradesmen in southwestern Ontario, and when you need a roof repair in Georgetown, you can count on the best and the brightest to be there in your time of need. A critical part of the team is our family – for three generations they have lent their efforts to our work and the work they provide is what makes our company so successful. Once the work is done for a roof repair in Georgetown, a 10-year warranty for labour is provided and it was a creation of founder to protect his customers from shoddy workmanship.

Roof repair in Georgetown, when to intervene

  • A roof repair isn’t something that comes up very often, but it can be a problem if you don’t pay attention to the condition of your roof. The shingles are the first thing to go on a roofing system and are the cause of a roof repair in Georgetown when it isn't addressed. Shingles can break down and when they start to curl, crack or erode, they aren’t performing their job and that is to keep the house dry. Once gaps have been established between shingles they are like an open door inviting water into the roofing system. The water will hit the decking first, then through to the attic. Insulation only works if it has air pockets to hold in air and if the insulation gets wet it will go from a big puffy pile of insulation to a flat mess of fibreglass strands that aren't doing anything.
  •  To move water from the roof to the ground, you need a highly functional series of valleys to transport water across the shingles to the rain gutters. If a valley has been subject to water damage through a leak in another part of the roofing system it will sag or flatten, at that point water will able to pool and when it does it is only a matter of time before it gets into the house. When water invades the decking it can cause structural problems, how many homes in your neighbourhood looks like there is a sag in the middle of the roof. In some neighbourhoods that have older homes, it can be a great many and the sag is caused by invasive water damage to the trusses.
  • When the valleys capture the water; it is sent to the rain gutters for removal from the roofing system. The gutters need to remain free of any buildup that can prevent water from flowing freely along the channels to the downspouts. Anything that the wind can pick up, it can set down in your rain gutters. If you clean your gutters every year, you might find wax paper wrappers, leaves, bark or branches from trees and anything under the sun for that matter. The clogs will act like a dam for the water and it drains over the side of the channel if the clogs aren’t removed. Another fact, damage can occur if tree branches hit the rain gutters with any degree of force and the holes it will create are the leaks you are hoping to prevent.
  •  To install a skylight or not install a skylight? That is the question, do you want more natural light in your home with the risk of water leaks or do you make do with the way things are? You can have the best of both worlds, install a skylight and keep up with regular checks on the caulking that seal it in and you can prevent leaks into your home through a little proactive investigative work. When checking on the skylight, a quick look at the chimney doesn’t hurt – when examining the chimney look to see if the mortar joints between the bricks are still solid and check the flashing and caulking for integrity.

Georgetown sits in the northwest corner of the Greater Toronto Area and when the town was established it was on the banks of the Credit River. Many residents are commuters that work in the GTA and they have to bank of good traffic to get home at a decent time most nights.

But what they don’t have to worry about is quality roof repair from us at AM Roofing Solutions. They know they can call us today for a free estimate, roof inspection and free estimate at 1.877.281.6900 and we will be there in the blink of an eye.

Roof Repair in Georgetown

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