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Roof Repair in Fergus

The need for reliable transportation has been with us since cavemen and women roamed the earth. For them, it was all walking all the time until the wheel was invented and an animal harnessed to the front of a wagon was what provided transportation. Fast-forward 10,000-years and we drive cars, or take the bus, or ride share. But one mode of transportation from the past is making a comeback and it the bicycle. For kids that come from a time back in history, the bike was their ticket to independence; unfettered travel to and from wherever your heart desired and it became your most important possession. Now, the bike has taken on a green aura – riding to and from destinations is an energy saver and a reduction in pollution. The bike wasn’t intended to combat air pollution, but it has been a nice benefit for the mode of basic transportation that bicycle is. Bikes are like cars in one respect, they need repairs from time to time and not all the repairs can be done in the garage. If you have a level of manual dexterity, you might be able to fix a flat tire, but what happens when the gear system on 21-speed mountain bike needs adjusting, do you know how to adjust the tension for the brakes to be able to stop, probably not. When you are experiencing problems like those it is best to let a bike mechanic take of the problems because you don’t want to fly over the handlebars because you have the tension too tight on your braking system. The kind of problems we are talking about are problems that start out small and are noticeable, but what happens when we have problems at our homes that aren’t so noticeable, like a roof repair in Fergus.

A roofing system is only a top of mind problem when it isn’t functioning as necessary and that is when a roof repair in Fergus is the only thing that stands between you and major damage to your house. That’s why we hire a contractor for a roof repair in Fergus because we may not know what is wrong or how to fix it, but know we need a roof repair in Fergus just like we need bike repair to stay on the road. For a roof repair in Fergus, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to get your roofing system back to 100 per cent strength. Affecting a roof repair in Fergus will be a talented team of service technicians who have a lot of experience dealing with the intricacies of a roofing system. But, after 60-years in our trade, we wouldn’t use anybody less than the most qualified roofing technicians available for a roof repair in Fergus. Our family leads our roof repair warriors – for the last three generations they have been accepting the challenges of a roof repair in Fergus and other communities in southwestern Ontario and they put their shoulder to the wheel and nose to the grindstone to provide a quality roof repair in Fergus. Once the offending roof repair has been prosecuted, our crew will clean up the mess and leave a 10-year labour warranty to cover anything that happens beyond that point.

Roof repair in Fergus, look and see

  • A roof may be an out of sight out of mind proposition for many homeowners, they don’t pay any attention until it is too late and they have to spend an inordinate amount of money to repair it. Then they kick themselves and ask themselves why weren’t they paying attention. Don’t get caught up in self-flagellation, if you don’t know what you are looking for you, you won’t see it, right? A few, simple tips will help you keep your roofing expenses under control and it only takes a modicum of effort. The best place to start is with the shingles, damaged shingles will have a way of identifying themselves and all you have to do is look at the shingles. Worn out shingles will display the signs of age, curled corners, cracked shingles or missing shingles will need to be replaced before they become a bigger problem than they are now.
  • In areas where your roofing system converges at an angle is where your valleys are situated. The valleys get the water moving from the upper reaches of the roof to the rain gutters and then to the ground. The valleys will be sloped in accordance with the geometric angle of the roofing system to get water moving with the use of gravity. If the valleys aren’t sloped like the roof, water can accumulate in the area where a flat spot has developed and water will leak in the roofing system if allowed to sit and pool. 
  • The rain gutters sit at the edge of the roofing system and are a collective of channels that move water from the valleys and shingles to the ground through the spouts that are affixed to the side our your house. The gutters require seasonal maintenance to keep them clear of materials that could clog or block the channels reducing the flow of water from the roofing system to a trickle at the downspout. Generally, a good time for rain gutter cleaning is after the trees have shed their leaves, you get the debris out and have a nice clear channel for winter runoff when the snow melts. When cleaning the gutters, you have a chance to inspect them for cracks, or breaks in the channel that can allow water to leak into the ground and get a repair done immediately rather than waiting until you see water puddles around the corners of your house.
  • Skylights not only look great on a home, they add much needed natural light to any room, but they can be a problem for a homeowner. When skylights leak, you will see the water dripping down to the floor or running down the wall – that is a good and bad problem to have. The good part of it is you are catching the problem early; the bad part is you have a leak. Sometimes the leak comes from poorly sealed glass in the skylight, other times it is because the caulking is failing. Either way, it is a repair to be made and if caught early enough it will be small enough that you won't feel the pinch on the pocketbook. When the contractor is on the roof adding caulking or inspecting the skylight, get him to inspect the chimney also. The chimney needs to be re-caulked every couple of years and it is great opportunity to see if the brickwork is still in decent condition.

Fergus is a small city that sits on the banks of Grand River, just south of Belwood Lake where the headwaters for the river start. The community has been growing – some say by fits and starts – while others say that progress is just around the corner. Over 20,000 people call Fergus home and it hosts the Fergus Highland games every year, a tradition that dates back over 100 years.

When the residents need roofing work they take the time to make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions to solve their problems. For a free inspection, free estimate and no-obligation meeting call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900

Roof Repair in Fergus

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