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Roof Repair in Erin

Beat the feet is a slang term for walking, just like kicking stones, you are engaged in stone-age tactics for transportation. Good thing man invented the wheel because we all would have the agony of de-feet and our range of movement would drastically reduce. Rail transport in the 1700-1800’s changed humanity’s worldview because far-flung locations were now accessible and it was an enlightening period for humanity. Encountering new cultures in distant lands improved understanding and created tolerance for differences that were inherent among humans. Cars were the great equalizer for many, they provided freedom of movement and a car in every driveway was the goal of the auto industry from the time the first cars rolled off the assembly line. Our desire for motorized transportation has been insatiable, we built bigger, faster cars, more luxurious than last year’s model and chrome was king.

But for those who were still outside the motorized transportation sphere, there was an alternative, a motor scooter. It was the equivalent of a small motorcycle and a great thing to have for short trips around the town as a primary source of transportation. The motor scooter has morphed from a gas-powered, two-wheel transportation source to an electric one. The advent of the e-bike has been one of the biggest surprises in transportation; you see them everywhere and if you drive a car, occasionally, you curse them because they dart in and out of traffic. But, they are good for the environment, a cheap and easy source of transportation. But, like any bike, the electrically powered bike needs to be maintained to keep it running and when a systems failure occurs a repair is necessary to get the rider back on their trusty e-bike.

A roofing system is a stationary system, but a roof repair in Erin will need to make from time to time, like the e-bike because systems fail and they need to be dealt with. Your home’s roof is made up of a number of different systems to help with cover for your home and water drainage and when water isn’t moving off the roof a roof repair in Erin is the only thing you can do. You take your e-bike to a mechanical expert to provide the necessary repairs, so it is only logical that you would call a roofing contractor for a roof repair in Erin. The company to call is AM Roofing Solutions when you need a roof repair in Erin and that phone call is a no-brainer. When you choose a contractor, you are looking for experience, expertise and institutional knowledge and a degree of longevity to help build confidence when you are going to have a roof repair in Erin executed. At AM Roofing Solutions, we have all those qualities and then some. We have been in the roofing business for over 60-years, our knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry and we employ some of the best tradesmen in the business to provide a roof repair in Erin. Over the years, 60 for that matter, our family has made an integral contribution to everything we do when we execute a roof repair in Erin. When we finish the roof repair in Erin that will secure your home from the elements, we have a 10-year labour warranty to issue to a homeowner to cover all our activities repairing your roofing system.

Roof repair in Erin, the reasons are in front of you

  • Take a look at your roof and what do you see, the shingles, of course, they are the first thing that will be damaged, and they will be the cause for a roof repair in Erin. Shingles will degrade, crack, curl or become loose and when that happens a contractor’s deft touch will be what you need to solve the problem. Once openings appear due to problem shingles, water has an open invitation to enter the roofing system and when it does, your problems become compounded.
  • Some of the subtle problems on a roofing system are a little harder to identify, but problems nonetheless. The valleys are can harbor a problem without your knowledge unless you know what to look for. Valleys should be channeling water to the rain gutters, if water isn’t freely moving down the valleys, across the shingles to the gutters, it means it is sitting somewhere on the roofing system. This is a flat spot that you can’t have on the roofing system because water will make its way into the roofing system. But when the flat spot is evident, water has already entered the decking and the trusses have borne the brunt of the damage. The flat spot is the creation of a sag in the roofing system that is the direct result of warped trusses.
  • If the valleys are working okay and they are moving water, the recipient of the water is the rain gutters, and they, in turn, move the water to the ground through a series of downspouts. Gutters are like highways when a highway has a traffic jam, cars back up and travel comes to a stop. If your gutters experience bottlenecking due to debris in the channels, the same thing happens, but instead of coming to stop, the water will spill over the sides and water will run down the side of your house. Gutters can be damaged when they are hit by flying objects like broken trees branches – the branches create holes in the channels where water can escape from and your foundation is left as the last line of defense from the invasive water leaking from the channels.
  • Do you have a skylight or chimney on your roof? If you do, know that these two attachments can be hazardous to your roof’s health. They are a source for water to leak into the roofing system due to the nature that they joined to the roofing system. Caulking is used as the sealer for these attachments to your roofing system, and while caulking is a great waterproof sealer, it can be the problem. Caulking will crack, or shrink, that will cause openings around the base of each attachment and then it is a slow leak that will end up as a large one if not treated immediately. Many roofing contractors offer seasonal maintenance packages that include an inspection of the skylight and chimney and it is never a bad idea to get them checked out.

Erin is a community that has the best of both worlds; they sit in an area just to the west of the Greater Toronto Area and just east of Guelph and London and are a bedroom community for commuters who work in either direction.

To get a quality roof repair, town residents will make arrangements with us for their roof’s rehabilitation. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and free roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Erin

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