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Roof Repair in Elora

As time has past and technology has improved the quality of our lives, we have made lifestyle changes accordingly. We seldom go to the drive-in for a double feature on the weekend because we prefer the comfort of our home and the 1000 channel universe that we can view on our 60” television. In the summer, we spent many weekends at the beach soaking up sunshine and taking a dip in the water to cool off before we head back to the warm sunshine and beach activities. Now, rather than make the trip to the lake or the pond, or the ocean, we look at our options an install a pool, saves traveling and we can always take a dip when we want. But a pool is a lot of work, keeping the water clean and the filters free of leaves, but the work is worth it for the on-demand service a pool provides. Having a pool is one thing, maintaining it is quite another – so we keep a vigilant eye on the pool. We didn’t install it on the cheap – no, a pool was a big investment that needs to be protected. But, the pump on the pool had failed and the pool is temporarily out of action until the pool repairman can get to the house for the repair. In life, stuff breaks or systems fail, and at our homes, a roof repair in Elora can become the bane of a homeowner.

A roof repair in Elora will come without warning, if you wondered why you found a piece of shingle on the lawn when you were cutting it, a roof repair in Elora is in your future. Maintaining a roofing system to provide the on-demand service that protection from the elements requires is a roofing system’s sole purpose. When one or more of the systems are impacted by outside interference and can’t meet the obligations they were designed to do a roof repair in Elora is the end game. A roof repair in Elora is just like a pool repair, you need the services of an expert in the field and that is why you will call us at AM Roofing Solutions for the roof repair in Elora that home needs. We don’t do good roof repairs Elora, we do great roof repairs in Elora, and our 60-years plus experience is what separates our services from the from the good contractors in this world. We can certainly say we do great roof repairs because we have the staff to back-up our facts on the ground. Our technicians are the crème de la crème of the industry and they seek us out based on our reputation in the roofing business. Ably assisting the technicians and working side by side with them is our family – for three generations they have extended the family name to the work we provide and it has been an unqualified success. Based on founding principles, we provide the best work we can, for a fair price and we ensure it with a 10-year labour warranty, something our company founder insisted upon.

Roof repair in Elora; know what you up against

  • A roof repair in Elora doesn’t come to like a premonition, it comes to you as the results of problems that have opened your eyes to the trouble on the roof. The first problem a roofing system can encounter is shingles that have failed or reached the end of their lifecycle. The identifiers for shingle problems are the physical features of the shingles – cracks, chips or curls of individual shingles indicates that they are failing. Failing shingles will let water get into the roofing system because they can’t move water across them in watertight manner. Water will stream across the shingles and will enter gaps that are created by damaged shingles and makes the repair that much more expensive because you two problems to solve not one. If you can’t get to your roofing system because your ladder won’t reach or the pitch of the roof is too steep, look at the decking, the rafters or trusses in your attic. If you see water stains, you should call a contractor for closer look at the shingles.
  • Valleys are the start of the roofing systems drainage system, the valleys receive water when it hits the roof and sends across the shingles to the rain gutters to the downspouts. Primarily, water should move an accelerated speed across the valleys and then on down through the drainage system, but there are times when they don’t move the water at all. If water damage has occurred within your roofing system, it could have a big impact on the supports of the roofing system – rafters and trusses. If they have been soaked repeatedly by leaks on the exterior of the roofing system, they are prone to warping when they dry. That will start a flat spot that will only get worse as more and more water gets in the roofing system and eventually you could be dealing with black mold in your attic if the wetness problem isn’t addressed.
  • The rain gutters are the doorman of the roofing system they steer  the water that comes across the shingles along the gutters’ passages to the downspouts to be dispensed at ground level. Directing water traffic is the key function of the gutters and they need to be clean and puncture-free to make the most of the value they provide to the roofing system. Collecting water with an open face channel is a problem for the gutters because other items or material can find their way into the channels. When too much debris fills the gutters they cease to move water to the downspouts and in most cases, the water simply flows over the top of the channel and onto the ground. If holes have been created by sticks or other items that have been plunged into the channels water freely runs out those holes and to the ground. As a homeowner, you schedule a regular cleaning of the rain gutters of your house and it will provide an opportunity to inspect them also.
  • If you have pre-existing attachments on your roof it could be another source for water entry. Attachments like chimneys or skylights have a propensity to leak due to the nature in which they are sealed to the roofing system. Less than two-and-a-half centimetres of caulking is all that stands between water and entry into your roofing system and the caulking needs to be checked regularly to make sure it is still intact. Water leaks in a skylight will be seen as soon as they happen, a water leak in the chimney may be identified when it is too late and a major repair is called for. When cleaning the gutters and inspecting them, take a look at the attachments to make sure the caulking is still in place.

Elora is just south of the Elora Gorge, a diving paradise for the scuba diver in you. They are many underwater wrecks to explore and the caves under water have many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Keeping water from leaking into your home is as easy as A-B-C when you make arrangements to meet with us at AM Roofing Solutions. A no-cost meeting, free roof inspection, and free estimate are waiting for you when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900

Roof Repair in Elora

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