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Roof Repair in Elmira

One of the things that you have always wanted was a swimming pool in the backyard, a place to cool off after a hot day and place to just lounge around when the spirit moved you. You discover that you can have the pool of your dreams for a modest investment and a number of small, easy payments spread out over a few years and the pool will be installed come spring. Everything is going along swimmingly for a few years and the pool is everything you thought it would be and more. But over time, use has led to some things that you are starting to become aware. The usage of the pool has created some signs of wear and tear, and while the pool isn’t in imminent danger of failure, you decide that the best course of action is to get the pool repairman over for a visit to insect the problems and provide solutions to keep your pool in great shape for another few years. Inspection complete, a few small details to address and your pool is just like new and you couldn’t be happier. If only all home repairs could be this easy and go this smoothly – most of the time a home repair is forced on us by necessity, like a roof repair in Elmira.

You seldom notice when your roof is in trouble and a roof repair in Elmira is the only way out of the problem because you never get on your roof for inspection. Not every roof repair in Elmira is an emergency but it should be treated as such because of the nature of the risk to home and family that is prevalent when your roofing system has problems. We like to think that we are masters of our domain, but a roof repair in Elmira can let the air out that balloon in a hurry. A roofing system has interconnected systems that work like an assembly line of sorts that move water from the roof to the ground. If the roofing system isn’t fulfilling that requirement a roof repair in Elmira will get all systems go and bring your roof back to good health. The importance of your roofing system isn’t something to be trifled with, and a roof repair in Elmira needs a roofing contractor to carry out the work.

AM Roofing Solutions will swan dive into the pool of your roofing problems and we will complete your roof repair in Elmira that won’t soak you in high costs. We have more than 60-years experience executing repairs for homeowners and our work is some of the best you will find anywhere. We have some of the best tradesmen in the industry in our employ and their experience and ability are what makes the difference between a good roof repair in Elmira and a great roof repair in Elmira. Working with the some of the best service techs in Ontario is our family, for the past three generations members of our family have taken up the family business and their contributions are highly valued. When the work has met the requirements for the repair, our company provides a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover anything that can go wrong with the repair.

Roof repair in Elmira, what you need to know and why

  • Sadly, a roof repair for our homes will sneak up on us, we don’t generally spend a great deal of time on the roof, and so we don’t know when problems are starting. But the high costs of home repairs - when they are major repairs - have served as a wake-up call for homeowners and more and more of them are taking their roofing problems a lot more seriously. It takes but a half hour to conduct a preliminary roofing system inspection, and your shingles will be the first element of roofing system you will encounter. When you see the shingles, they should be uniform in size and have squared corners, if they don’t, it could be trouble for your roofing system. Cracked shingles or other damage like curling or shingle erosion will let water make its way into the roofing system and increased costs for repairs is the net result. 
  • Your roofing system contains a network of valleys to help drive water over the shingles and off the roof via the rain gutters and downspouts. The valleys are located at specific places in the roofing system so they can produce the results they were designed to provide – if water isn’t moving or is moving a slow pace it means that the valleys are no longer aligned and a flat spot has developed. Flat spots are created when the supports for the roofing system – trusses and rafters have become wet due to water leaks. Once the rafters and trusses dry, they will warp and that is what produces the flat spot n the roof and a huge repair bill to fix the sags and the leaks that caused them.
  • The rain gutters are the recipients of the water runoff from the valleys via the shingles and in turn, direct the water to the downspouts for release on the ground. The gutters have to be free of anything that can stop the flow of water and they need to be maintained so no holes or cracks will let water drain down the side of your home. Gutters are an open face operating system – they need to be to catch the water to distribution to other places – but the problem is they don’t catch just water. All kinds of impediments can be lodged in the gutters that will slow the flow or stop the flow of water. Water then runs over the gutters to the side of the house and possibly in the house if the siding isn’t properly sealed. A regular roofing system inspection will curtail this problem when combined with a thorough gutter cleaning.
  • If we install a satellite dish on our roof or skylight or have a pre-existing chimney, they can be sources of water leaks into our roofing system. In the main, all three attachments are sealed with a caulking solution to keep them watertight. Caulking has a shelf life like anything else in life and it will fail when it reaches its shelf life. A caulking failure can take many forms, splits, cracks, and shrinkage are common symptoms for caulking failure and when that happens leaks will be the results. If you have your gutters and roofing system inspected on a regular basis, it only takes minutes to look at the attachments to ensure that the caulking is still holding.

Elmira residents like to think of themselves as some of the sweetest Ontarians around.  They hold the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival every year and by all accounts, it is the largest one-day maple syrup festival in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

When a roof repair is keeping Elmira residents from tapping maple trees they tap into to us at AM Roofing Solutions for the solutions they need to cure the problem.

For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate, and roof inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Elmira

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