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Roof Repair in Drayton

As parents, we are concerned with our children’s welfare and we take great care to protect them from threats, risks and hazardous they might experience as children. Sure, we have our kids play sports – some contact sports like football or hockey come to mind as a sport that poses physical or health risks. But with proper protection and good coaching, injuries can be kept to a minimum. But we know in the back of minds that an injury is one turned ankle away and we plan for it emotionally. Many kids have played hockey or football and one of the biggest problems is a broken or chipped tooth due to an impact collision that has caught our child off guard. Off to the dentist to see if a repair to the tooth can be made, and thank goodness for the dental plan at work, otherwise, the cost to repair Jr.’s teeth would be greatly enhanced. After a couple of hours in the chair receiving treatment, your kid has a rebuilt mouth and all is well… except for all that smoke coming out of your wife’s ears because your kid got hurt playing football or hockey. Home repairs, generally, are the result of an unseen emergency and they have to deal with immediately or the consequences get worse with lack of initiative to solve the problem.

A roof repair in Drayton can be one of those emergencies that come up that have no recourse but to affect a roof repair in Drayton post haste. Apart from our kids and spouse, our home is probably the most important asset we own and we don’t want to expose it to risk or hazard because we haven’t instituted a roof repair in Drayton when it was a small problem to deal with. When you need a contractor for a roof repair in Drayton, look no further than AM Roofing Solutions for the answers to the problems that are affecting your roofing system. At AM Roofing Solutions, we have over 60-years experience solving roofing problems and our quality workmanship is the product of our experience. We have a great team of service technicians we employ to provide a roof repair in Drayton, and they have been in the trade many years. As a family-run business, we have a number of family members participating in the work that is required for a roof repair in Drayton – and it has been like that for the past three generations. Our approach to a roof repair in Drayton is the same as it is anywhere else; give our customers the best possible work, on time and on budget. One other thing we like to give our customers is a 10-year labour warranty, that was created by the company founder to differentiate us from seasonal roofing companies.

Roof repair in Drayton, when and why

  • If you have never looked at a shingle before it is installed, you may not know when it is damaged or failing. Shingles are square and if the corners you see on your shingles aren’t square it should tell you that the shingles are starting to decay from age or weather abuse. Other problems like cracked shingles or missing shingles mean you need a roof repair in Drayton ASAP. It is important that you maintain your shingles against the weather because they are that stands between you and torrential rainstorm and when water gets in the roofing system a roof repair in Drayton will be the only solution. 
  • Valleys are an important part of any roofing system and their contribution to the overall welfare of the roofing system can’t be taken for granted. What the valleys do is move water; they are the pathways along the seams of your roof that channel water from the top of the roof to the rain gutters and onto the ground through the downspouts. The biggest problem that a valley can experience is a flat spot – if one is created, water will pool in the area and is when not if water gets in the house. If you notice that water is moving quickly down the valleys to the rain gutters, get a contractor to come to your home for an assessment for your valleys. If water can penetrate the valleys it will cause problems with the trusses that support the roof and it is no easy repair to replace the trusses once they have been compromised.
  • Working hand in glove with the valleys are the rain gutters, water is transferred from the valleys to the gutters and then the gutters run the water away through the downspouts. You have to keep the gutters free of any buildup, otherwise, their ability to move water will be severely limited. Regular cleaning of rain gutters is a must – even a slight buildup of decaying leaves can hamper the gutters ability to drain water and when a small buildup starts it is only a matter of time before it grows. This is a cause for alarm because water can spill over the gutters, down the side of the house or straight to the ground. As the buildup becomes more acute in the rain gutters the extra weight from the debris poses another risk and that is the rain gutter pulling away from the side of the house. A small gap between the house and the gutters will permit a steady drizzle of water to run down the side of the house and we know how invasive water is.
  • We can have satellite dishes mounted on roofs or skylights or chimneys and all three are a hazard for a roofing system. Water leaks are common at the base of skylights because they are fixed to the roofing system with caulking and over time caulking can decay and lose its ability to hold a seal. A skylight will tell you right away if there are problems with the caulking because you will see water entering the room from the ceiling. Periodic inspections of the chimney and skylight will help you stay on top of any potential problems with the skylight and chimney and it is a great way to coordinate with gutter cleanings.

In June 2017, Drayton residents experienced one of the worst rainstorms in their history. They were under a deluge of water for three days and when the final totals came in they were hit with a 100mm of water. Many homeowners found out that they needed roof repairs after the storm and we were ready. For a no-cost meeting, free estimate, and free roof inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Drayton

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